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| Updated on May 8, 2024
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HP gaming monitors always ensure impeccable performance and are highly desired among the masses for providing an immersive gaming experience. A good resolution, frame rate, pixel density, and brightness are some of the essential features considered to buy the best compatible gaming monitor. HP fulfills all of its gamer’s needs and tries to provide a joyful gaming experience. Also, one can consider LucidSound LS 31 as a great companion for providing the best sound performance too. 

Interestingly both Nvidia and AMD cards function well in a 27HP 27×q budget-friendly monitor with the best performance in 1440p resolution. Released in 2021, this model is appreciated for its fast refresh rate. 

Let’s watch the performance benchmarks of the gaming monitor and measure its efficiency through various means like pros and cons charts, specification tables, customer reviews, and much more. 

27HP 27×q Gaming Monitor Specification

Gaming monitors are highly preferred with a large screen, perfect resolutions, epic response rates, refresh rates, plus affordable prices. The features below of the gaming monitor 27HP 27xq will give crisp and clear workflow clarity.

Size27 inches
Pixel Density 109ppi
Maximum Refresh Rate144Hz
Minimum Refresh Rate50Hz
Maximum Resolution 2560×1440
Maximum Brightness 350 cd/m^2
Minimum Response Time1ms
Average Response Time 5ms

Discussed Features of Gaming Monitor 27HP 27×q 

The HP 27xq is called a budget gaming monitor with decent built quality, design, and versatile backlight strobing feature suitable for users who desire to play 1440p gaming. Ahead a brief discussion on features of the HP gaming monitor 27HP 27xq is provided; from appearance to port connectivity, we have left no stone unturned. 


27” HP 27xq

The display is an important feature for gaming in laptops and PCs. The look of this HP gaming monitor is good, with a simple design that fits every environment, like an office or home. The best part is the slim bezels (present on the three sides and bottom) which aren’t very thick to give a distracting look. The display with a housing width of 24.1″, a housing height of 14.4″, and a native resolution of 2560 x 1440 is perfect for having an exemplary gaming experience. 

Built-Quality and Ergonomics

The built quality is worth spending for, as it is made out of plastic and has manifests no significant issues. Computer ergonomics refers to the molding of computer stations to reduce specific vision or neck/back pain, and thankfully, 27HP 27xq has satisfactory ergonomics. One can bring it into an ideal-facing position and also rotate it in a portrait position but only in one direction. 

The major dissatisfying part is that there is no gaming aesthetic like 

RGB bias-lighting and no cable management source.


There are no controls in this HP gaming monitor; just the five fixed buttons on the back of the monitor to navigate the OSD, instead of having the joystick control. 

Picture Quality

picture quality of 27xq HP

There is a sub-par contrast level where the dimming feature is available only in HDR. The dimming feature is of low quality. The SDR brightness is quite impressive, providing an immersive experience in both dark and bright rooms. 

The picture quality is much better than expensive gaming laptops like ASUS ROG FX503 with an unsatisfactory resolution of 1920×1080 pixels; meanwhile, 27xq HP has a 2560×1440 resolution.

The horizontal viewing angle is also quite fascinating, enabling the users  to share the screen with a person beside them. Still, the vertical viewing angle is of mediocre quality as the colors shift quickly once the user moves off-center. The color displayed on the monitor is accurate and targets a wider color gamut.

The pixel density of 109ppi is not excessively noteworthy in comparison to the awesome Taiwanese technology of Clevo PA71, with a pixel density of 254.7ppi.

Refresh Rate

This HP PC delivers the best refreshing rate of 144Hz and thus ensures a responsive gaming experience as it is supported by FreeSync and G-SYNC variable refresh rate technology. Users with PS5 and Xbox series X cannot enjoy much due to 4k images. 

Text Quality

The HP 27xq has outstanding text quality; therefore sharper and easy to read. The gradient handling is also fantastic, turning no banding in similar colors. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 is also unimpressive.

Controls and Connectivity

Controls and connectivity at HP 27xq back.

This well-equipped budget monitor doesn’t have impressive port connectivity and controls. The connectivity support is limited to HDMI 2.0 bandwidth but lacks USB support. For OSD navigation, the monitor has a fixed button on the back instead of a much more comfortable joystick control system. 

Comparison of 27HP 27xq With Other Monitors

HP 27xq

To scale the benchmark performance of HP 27xq, it is imperative to watch if there are much better options in the market to choose from. 

  • Gigabyte M27Q: At a lower refresh rate, the Gigabyte M27Q performs much better than the 27HP 27xq. The motion quality in Giga M27Q is much clear, which will help successfully in portraying fast-moving objects. Also, gamers looking for 4k gaming quality in Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles should consider investing in the Gigabyte option.
  • Gigabyte M32Q: Faster response time than HP 27xq turns Gigabyte M32Q into a blessing for gamers due to better motion handling and therefore resulting in an unprecedented gaming experience. Also, the compatibility with this budget-friendly gaming monitor is fulfilling due to Xbox Series X and PS 5 console connectivity resulting in a better 4k gaming experience.
  • Dell S2722DGM: Well, in this case, the HP 27xq is a better budget gaming monitor as compared to Dell S2722DGM due to decent ergonomics and also a wider range of other features like gradient handling.
  • Dell S2721DGF: This Dell model provides an explicit gaming experience with a better refresh rate leading to less blur quality in fast-moving objects. Gaming users can easily adjust it to an ideal viewing position as compared to the weak ergonomics property in HP 27x q. Dell S2721DGF has much better connectivity with a USB hub also. 

After watching a comparison with other gaming monitors and their performance, let’s get back to the 27xq HP and look at its pros and cons chart displaying its strength and weakness. 

Pros and Cons Chart

The chart below will help you figure out if 27xq HP can become your next gaming companion. 

  • The display of 24.1’’ is perfect
  • Satisfactory ergonomics
  • Budget-friendly at a $400 price
  • The maximum refresh rate of 144Hz is suitable for 1440p performance
  • No Controls, just OSD navigation present on the back
  • Zero gaming aesthetics like RGB bias-lighting 
  • Picture quality is not much satisfying as black appears gray in the darkroom
  • Few Ports, No USB ports 
  • Monitor not suitable for Xbox Series X and PS 5 consoles.

Now, after the pros and cons table, let’s move to the customer reviews on the HP model.

Various Customer Reviews on 27HP 27×q

The customer reviews on 27HP 27xq are substantial and will provide a credible view and on-ground performance of this budget-friendly HP monitor.

  • “This laptop is an absolute steal, as the price is too tempting. For me, I got an absolutely immaculate BOE. Zero light bleeds. The colors look great, a feast for my eyes. Very happy with my supposedly inferior panel.” ~ Cobes in Amazon
  • “Personally, power button placement is no issue, but menu control is awful. My biggest issue is that sometimes if my PC goes to sleep when I wake it up, the display light will turn on, but the display will remain black till I turn it off and on (The monitor, not the PC).” ~ Riptire21 on Reddit
  • “Buttons in the back are just bad. Having a multi-monitor setup and needing to press any buttons to switch input or make any other adjustment means I have to keep pivoting away from my side monitor. I’m glad I have monitor arms. Just have the buttons come out the bottom of the bottom bezel.” ~ RT on Amazon
  • “It’s good for gaming, but if you watch a lot of TV/Movies on your PC, it might be worth going for a different monitor since, in my experience, this screen really struggles to display darks and greys well.” ~ Columbo9287s4 on Reddit
  • “When plugged into a PC/laptop as an external display, it runs games great at 1440p & 144hz (up to 165hz display port). It also runs certain PS5 games that have 120hz support at 1440p very nicely. The biggest drawback I have found is that console games capped at 60fps are a hit or miss on this monitor. This monitor does not do 60hz well for some reason” ~ Tom H on Google.

Closing Thoughts

The monitor HP 27xq is a perfect pocket-friendly gaming companion with exemplary 1400p gaming quality. Though there are other same-budget gaming monitors in companies like Dell with better refreshing rates, HP 27xq’s built quality, design, and pixel density is surely satisfying at the rate of $400.


What comes in the box of the HP gaming monitor?

Other than the monitor, one gets a power cable, DisplayPort cable, and documentation.

Is the backlight flicker-free in HP 27xq?

The backlight at all brightness levels in HP 27xq is flicker-free which helps in removing eye strain for the users.

Does 27″ HP 27xq has PS5 compatibility?

No, HP 27xq doesn’t provide better PS5 compatibility with 4k resolution. It doesn’t support an HDMI port and therefore doesn’t support PS5.


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