Top 10 Features of Gaming Laptops

| Updated on March 27, 2024

A gaming laptop is a mobile computer that has a built-in screen with upgraded features that makes it different from computers. The laptop has huge memory, high speed, great graphics, and fast processing that is very necessary to play games.

Choosing the right laptop is hard to identify from other standard laptops as it is necessary to check for all the features. Get a laptop that fulfills all the requirements of having a gaming laptop. To help you in choosing your laptop, here are the top ten features of the best gaming laptop that let you choose a laptop of your choice and play your favorite games.


The processor is one of the most important features of a gaming laptop. The processor can be also called a CPU as it is a key to delivering the right performance of the gaming computers. Using a Core i5 processor is the best choice when using a gaming laptop.

Graphics Card

A graphic card, also known as GPU is considered the heart of a gaming laptop. It lets the laptop beat and perform the desired activities that are required by the user.

The main goal of a graphic card is to use a discrete card that can easily deliver a perfect visual experience for the favorite game you are playing.


For a gaming laptop, there are mainly two types of storage- Hard disks that are also known as spinning disks, and non-moving solid-state drives (SSD). Hard drives have more capacity to store files such as videos, photos, and other applications.

SSDs use the same technology as RAM that makes them run faster. But, SSD is much more expensive resulting in a small capacity to store files.


RAM is an essential way to get the best gaming laptop as it includes the number of programs to run on the laptop without slow running. Random-access memory helps in determining the efficient work of the processor.

RAM is measured in GB size and MHz speed when someone uses a gaming laptop. The current RAM space filled by gaming laptops is 8GB that can easily be jumped to 16GB to keep applications open in the background.  

Battery Life

A gaming laptop is power-hungry as gaming is an intensive activity of the processor. The battery benchmark for a gaming laptop is about five to six hours, which is considered a decent battery life.

For a longer battery, it is advised to pick a small screen-size laptop with SSD storage and low performance of the GPU and CPU.


The display for a gaming laptop starts from 15 inches and ends up to 17 inches. With size, the actual resolution, quality, and refresh rate also matter. A full HD resolution is necessary to play games at high quality.

Choose a laptop with IPS and OLED technology as they help in maximizing the view through off-angle. Get an external gaming computer that offers a large screen, good brightness, and high resolution with contrast when playing.  


Mechanical keyboards are necessary in the laptop gaming world as they provide a clicky experience to the users. Choose keyboards with a high n-key roller and anti-ghosting feature.

Gaming laptops include a keyboard with a standard pitch and RGB backlighting that adds a wow factor to them.


Accessories for a gaming laptop must be added according to the desired goals. For instance- using a gaming mouse such as Legion M500 is investing your best to compete.

You can also spend on a high-quality headset that offers the best echo competition and keeps you aware.  

Operating System

There is no better operating system than Windows 10 for a gaming laptop. Using game mode in Windows 10 lets the operating system get the desired performance from the laptop. DirectX12, a very important part of Windows 10, built a high frame rate and reduced the latency of graphics.

Touch Screen

Gaming laptops are now available on the touch screen that is the best benefit if you are playing your favorite games. Touch screen laptops provide sense to several games and are considered by a lot of people who are fond of gaming.

So, these are the ten salient features of a gaming laptop. It is recommended to buy a gaming laptop giving importance to all the features discussed above and take your time to select the best gaming laptop.

Priyam Ghosh

Tech and Internet Writer

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