What Does “NFS” Mean on Instagram – All Possible Meanings

| Updated on February 13, 2024

So, you’re scrolling your Instagram feed and suddenly come across a post that uses the phrase NFS. The first question on your mind would be, what does NFS mean on Instagram?

However, you’re not the only one, as many Instagram or social media users could be unaware of its meaning. The exciting part is there are multiple meanings behind it.

#NFS on Instagrams

Several Instagram posts and stories have acronyms like LOL, BTW, TBT, IDK, TGIF, WTH, etc. NFS is also one of them and is also used on other social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok.

This write-up is for you if you’re wondering about the question, “What does NFS mean?” It gives all the possible meanings of this acronym and helps you figure out its usage. So that the next time you come across this abbreviation, you can make a few guesses.

A Quick Overview on NFS – Where Does it Come From?

The abbreviation NFS may have several meanings today, but some users have been using it since the early days of Instagram. The term “NFS” was mostly used by artists who were showcasing their work on this social media platform but didn’t have the intention to sell it. So, they used to write NFS as “Not For Sale” to indicate that the item or piece of art was not for sale. 

Even today, you’ll find artists and other creators using NFS as not for sale. With time passing by, the hashtag NFS has been used for several purposes and has multiple meanings. 

15 Possible Meanings of NFS on Instagram

As a creator, you’ll find NFS used by different types of Instagram users and for different purposes. That said, let’s take a look at fifteen possible meanings of NFS on Instagram.

NFS – Not For Sale

As discussed earlier, NFS stands for Not For Sale. You’ll find most business pages using NFS for any item that’s not available for sale.

An NFS item on Instagram

Influencers and artists also use this acronym for their items to show that they’re not for sale and are only meant to grab viewers’ attention. For example, “Sorry, this shirt is NFS.”

NFS – No Filter Squad

You’ll find several social media influencers promoting no-filter posts on Instagram. Hence, such people use #nofiltersquad on their posts, which also creates another NFS meaning on Instagram.

So, you can also use this hashtag if you’re feeling confident about your appearance and would like to post a photo without any filters.

NFS – No Funny Stuff

NFS for Not Funny Stuff is usually used in DMs. So, if you read it somewhere, it means the person is serious regarding the use of illicit comments and other derogatory stuff. For example, if you find that your Instagram account has been hacked, you can share this and add no funny stuff to show that this issue is serious.

You can also use NFS (no funny stuff) when you need to reject someone’s opinion or proposal.

NFS – No Followers Syndrome

It is common to search for tips to grow your Instagram account, and you’ll find several people focused on that only. However, some Instagram users don’t intend to gain followers with their posts. And if you’re one of them, you can use #nofollowersyndrome (another NFS meaning on Instagram) for your picture or video that you posted for fun and not to gain followers.

NFS – Not For Sure

Short forms and abbreviations are common for most Instagram users. Whether you’re a funky teenager or a celebrity, you can always use them. So, what would be the meaning of NFS if you’re unsure about something? In that case, it means “not for sure,” and you can use it to express the feeling of doubt or if you don’t want to answer something controversial.

Use of #notforsure

For example, in the picture mentioned above, you’ll see a post in which the person is unsure if there’s a cat in it or not.

NFS – No Filter Sunday

People often use #nofiltersunday for the “filter-free” pictures that they post on Sunday. For example, you can see the image below in which a lady is posing, and #nofiltersunday and #nfs are mentioned in the caption. 

#nofiltersunday post

You can also use these hashtags for your regular Sunday posts that don’t have any filters!

NFS – No Filter Story

Pretty similar to the previous one, #nofilterstory is used for the stories that you share, but without using any filters. While posting a story on Instagram, you’ll find several filters for it. Either you can apply Instagram filters effectively to improve your photos and videos or post the content as it is. So, if you’re not using any filters, you can put your story #nofilterstory.

NFS – Not Following Specified

“Not following specified” is another NFS meaning on social media. You can use it to remind someone that they are not following you back after you started following them. For example, after you follow someone, you can send them a DM stating NFS (not following specified) as a reminder to follow you back.

NFS – Not Feeling Social

NFS also stands for “not feeling social,” and you can also use it when you don’t feel like talking to someone.

#notfeelingsocial on Instagrams

There are days when you don’t feel like replying to DMs, so you can simply share a story with NFS (not feeling social) to give a hint to your followers/friends.

NFS – Not Feeling Sober

There are times when you have too much to drink and lose your senses. In that case, “not feeling sober” is another NFS meaning on Instagram that you can use in your posts or stories to describe your condition.

For example, if you have plans to party all night or are currently enjoying a party overnight, you can use #notfeelingsober on your posts or stories.

NFS – Not For Sharing

It seems self-explanatory, “not for sharing” is another answer you can give to someone asking the meaning of NFS on Instagram.

You can use #notforsharing on your photos if they contain any personal information or something that you don’t want others to share.

NFS – Need For Speed

Most gamers can relate to this acronym, as it is the name of a famous racing game called “Need For Speed.” Moreover, this hashtag is also popular among car enthusiasts, who often use it for their car pictures.

#needforspeed on Instagram

Hence, you can use #needforspeed or #nfs for the pictures of your car you post and reels as well to get some extra views!

NFS – Nice F**king Shot

Clearly expressing the feeling of excitement or achievement, you can use this NFS for Instagram, meaning “nice f**king shot” for some great pictures. As writing the slang word may put you in trouble because it is against Instagram’s community guidelines to use such terms. Hence, it is better to use the short form “NFS” for it.

NFS – No Filter Sky

Instagram users love to post pictures of clear skies, and most of them often contain #nofiltersky. 


So, the next time you feel like sharing a snap of a clear sky on your Instagram story or feed, you can add #nofiltersky to it.

NFS – New Fashion Style

Fashion influencers and creators sharing dressing tips love to share their posts with #newfashionstyle. You can also use this NFS meaning on Instagram if you need to succeed on Instagram as a fashion influencer.

So, when someone mentions “What does NFS mean on IG?” you can simply answer them with any of the meanings mentioned above. But why does “NFS” have too many different meanings on Instagram? Let’s find out.

Why do NFS have Different Meanings?

As an Instagram user, you can use NFS for several purposes mentioned above. But what is the reason behind having too many meanings that can be used for one hashtag? 

Different types of creators and users prefer to use NFS differently. From gamers to fashion influencers, the hashtag holds a different meaning. The use is not limited to the posts, as you’ll find most users using NFS in DMs to convey their thoughts. Similarly, other popular acronyms may deserve your attention.

Commonly Used Acronyms on Instagram

You might have heard the acronym NFS before, but it is hardly possible that you were aware of several meanings behind it. Whether it’s about Instagram or any other social media platform, using acronyms is one of the most popular trends on social media today.


Below are some of the other commonly used acronyms on Instagram that you might be unaware of

  • NGL – Not Gonna Lie
  • FR – For Real
  • ICYMI – In Case You Missed It
  • YKWIM – You Know What I Mean
  • IKYK – I Know You Know
  • AFAIK – As Far As I Know
  • FYI – For Your Information 
  • SML – So Much Love
  • RFS – Reason For Selling
  • FYA – For Your Approval
  • FYR – For Your Reference
  • WDYM – What Do You Mean
  • WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get

After finding out what does NFS mean on IG, you must also keep a tab on these trendy acronyms. Surprisingly, the use of the abbreviation NFS is not limited to Instagram!

Other Meanings of NFS

As mentioned earlier, NFS can have other meanings if not used on Instagram. So what does NFS mean on other platforms? Take a look.

NFS – National Food Safety

The abbreviation NFS is not only for creators or influencers on Instagram, as various food businesses can also use them. In that case, NFS stands for National Food Safety. However, if you have plans to promote your food business on Instagram, you can use NFS for your posts.

NFS – Network File System

NFS also means Network File System, which is used by working professionals. A network file system means sharing files on computers through a network.

Now you know about 17 full forms of the abbreviation NFS. However, there can be other similar ones that may sound or appear the same.


People often confuse NFS with NSFW, as both of the acronyms are pretty similar to each other. As you’ve already read examples of NFS, NFSW stands for “Not Safe For Work.” NFSW is used for sexually explicit posts, content depicting violence, or any type of inappropriate post.

With multiple meanings, NFS is surely a popular hashtag on Instagram and has an impact on people today as well.

The Impact of NFS Hashtags on Instagram Today

The hashtag NFS has had a great impact on Instagram users. #NFS can be used in posts and for interaction with other users. Instead of writing you won’t be able to sell an item, you can simply use #nfs (Not For Sale) on your post. In addition, there are over a million posts on Instagram containing #nfs at the moment.

Also, there can be 15 (or more than that) meanings for the acronym “NFS.” It totally depends on the type of content you’re about to post or the context of your post. Moreover, with the help of this article, the next time you see it on your feed, you’ll be able to figure out what exactly the user is trying to convey. For example, whether they’re talking about filters or being serious about something.

Also, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to give multiple answers to the question – what does NFS mean on Instagram?


What does TBT mean on Instagram?

TBT means Throwback Thursday on Instagram. It’s a trend followed by users to post
their old pictures on Thursdays with #tbt.

Is it possible to use #nfs on Facebook?

Yes, you can use #nfs on Facebook with proper post context.

What does PIJ mean on Instagram?

PIJ on Instagram means Pop Up. It can be used when you’re bored and want someone
to message you.

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