Are you also obsessed with the blue tick mark that you see on Instagram profiles? Because I have seen people whining about not getting that blue tick on their Insta profiles. If you are one of them going crazy to get your account verified, lucky you, as you have reached the right place.

Here I have provided every single detail about getting verified on Instagram. So let’s begin.

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What is meant by Instagram Verification?

“Instagram Verification implies to get your account verified and this feature is generally used to represent public figures, celebrities, famous brands and so on”

The Instagram account that gets verified represents a verified badge in the form of a blue seal with a little check mark that is shown next to your username. 

The blue tick is a sort of assurance to the people that the brands or public figures they are following are real accounts. With the help of the Instagram verification badge, you can easily identify that if you are following a celebrity account or a fan account. This badge is even helpful for brands so that someone impersonating you doesn’t steal your followers. 

These days the blue verification tick you see next to an influencer’s name has converted into a status symbol as getting the verification badge clearly means that you have been considered notable by Instagram.

However, social media has not designed the blue tick as a symbol of status; they are just there to represent authenticity; to ensure that you are who you say you are. 

Also, there is good news for Instagrammers that unlike earlier days they can now request Instagram for verification. But for that, keep on reading to know how to get verified on Instagram.

Requirements to Get Verified on Instagram

Obviously, there are requirements to get verified on Instagram that you need to fulfill first. It is not as simple for someone who is not as famous as the already established celebrities to get that verification badge. Instagram looks for a few key attributes to label a verified account and before you proceed to submit the request, be sure that you meet the criteria to get approved for a blue badge. 

Are you Eligible to Get Instagram Verified?

Now, this is the main concern whether you are eligible to get your Instagram verified; for that honestly answer the given questions and you will automatically get a clear picture if you are going to get the verification badge or not. 

Are you Authentic?

The most important step towards getting verified is to make sure you are being yourself on the social media platform and are not impersonating some brand or person. As long as you are representing a real person, registered business, or entity, you will be considered authentic and that means you are one step closer to getting verified. 

Is your Account Complete?

The next mandatory thing to do is to make sure your Instagram profile is complete in all senses. You cannot keep your profile private as the blue badge is for public figures and entities so you need to have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post in your feed.

Are you Unique?

You also need to be unique to get verified as Instagram only approves one account per person or business and if you run a fan account or meme account, you are not going to get verified. Also, they don’t verify general interest accounts.

Are you Notable?

To get verified, your Instagram account must demonstrate someone who is a well-known, popular, or highly searched person, entity, or brand, and only those accounts are considered that feature in news and not those who feature in paid or promotional content. 

Also, it is important to note that even Instagram is owned by Facebook now, it uses separate measures to define who can have the verified icon on their profile. So if someone is popular on Facebook, he may or may not be considered a celebrity on Instagram. 

How to Get Verified on Instagram?

Now, let’s get into the process that you have to follow to get verified on Instagram. Applying for verification takes only a few moments and here’s what you need to do:

  • Start by logging into your Instagram account or if you are already logged in, go to your profile. Now, tap on the ‘menu icon’ that is there in the top-right corner of the screen.
menu icon
  • Tap ‘Settings’
  • Tap ‘Account’ 
  • tap account
  • Then look for the ‘Request Verification’ option in the account section; tap on that option.
  • Tap ‘Request Verification’
    • This will direct you to a new page where you can apply for Instagram verification by filling up the form:

    STEP: 1 Confirm Authenticity

    To complete this step, you will need to provide an official document for yourself, if it is your personal account or if it is related to your business, then you will need to provide official documentation for your business. 

    With regard to documents, you can provide anything out of: Driving license, Passport, National identification card, tax filing, Recent utility bill, and Articles of incorporation.  

    • Firstly, enter your Instagram username
    • Then, type in your full name
    • And next, upload the required type
    enter username, full name and upload a document

    STEP-2 Confirm Notability

    The second step will confirm your notability; you have to prove that your account is in public interest, for that, you have to give in the following information:

    • Firstly, select a category out of News/media, Sports, Government and politics, Music, Fashion, Entertainment, Digital creator/blogger/influencer, Gamer, Global business/brand/organization, and other; choose the category that represents your account in the best way.
    • Next, you have to select your country or region.
    • After that, you can even describe your audience, i.e. people who follow your account. But that is optional. 
    • Next, you can give them all the names your account is known by. Here you can add different names and even the same name in different languages so that people can easily recognize you.
    enter a category, country/region and type of audience

    STEP-3 Links (Optional)

    The third step is optional; here you can add links to your articles that have been published in your name. Or you can add links to your other social media accounts, or you can even add those links that show your account is in public interest. Just mention the type of the links first and then past the URL.

    Once you are done with all the above steps, click on ‘Submit’.

    enter the links and tap submit

    Once you have submitted the verification request to Instagram, you will need to wait for up to 30 days to get the confirmation that your account has been verified or not. You can also read more about “What happens after you apply for a verified badge on Instagram?”

    If luckily you get verified, you will see a notification in your notifications tab on your Instagram account that will read something like this:

    “Your account was verified. You’ll now see a blue verified badge next to your username. To keep your verified status, you need to have a public account, a profile picture and at least one post. You can add extra security to your account by turning on two-factor authentication.”

    Your Instagram account was verified.

    And if unfortunately, your verification request gets denied by Instagram, you will receive a notification that will read:

    “Your account wasn’t verified because it doesn’t meet the criteria for verification. You can submit another request in 30 days.”

    Your Instagram account wasn’t verified.

    So make sure you keep an eye on your Instagram notifications but also remember that it can take a few days to get the response. 

    In case your request gets denied, you can apply again using the same process after 30 days or whenever you meet the verification criteria prescribed by Instagram.

    Note- Instagram never charges you for verification and never sends an email regarding verification requests, so if you are asked to pay or send any personal details, beware of getting scammed.

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    Tips to Obtain Instagram Verification

    After knowing how to get a blue check on Instagram, it is also important to know what to do if your verification request gets denied. It is easier to send a verification request but what is difficult is to get approved or verified. So for your next attempt, you can consider the following dos and don’ts to ensure complete chances of success:

    1. Be Clear About the Rules

    After releasing the option to request verification, Instagram has clearly mentioned what all it takes to verify an account. So make sure to visit the Instagram Help Centre to get all your doubts cleared and don’t leave any chance to face rejection. Also, make sure you are familiar with their Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    2. Be Genuine

    Your account must be of a real person, an established organization, or a registered business. So if you are running a fan account or inspirational account, you are not going to get the verification badge. Also, use the real name whether it’s yours or of your business’s, select the right category, and upload an original document with correct information.

    As per Instagram guidelines, they can also delete your account as a consequence of providing misleading or false information.

    3. Be Newsworthy

    If you want to get Instagram verified, you need to be someone who gets featured in multiple news resources and how to do that? You can try to be a part of press releases or reach out to local news organizations and provide some relevant stories. 

    But remember, ‘Instagram never verifies those who get featured in paid or promotional content’.

    Make sure you are highly searched or the general public knows you. 

    4. Be Active

    Although it is said that you need to have one post in order to get verified, it would be better if you have a strong Instagram presence. Being inactive on Instagram can also be one reason for rejection and if you are eager to get that blue check mark, post regularly, and build your audience with Instagram stories.

    5.Increase your Real Followers

    Although there is not a fixed number of followers required to get verified on Instagram, it is important to have more followers. To increase your Instagram followers, you need to have a proper promotion strategy in place. If you have a good number of followers, you will be automatically considered notable which is one of the important factors to get verified on Instagram.

    Consider it like this, as you or your brand start getting noticed on Instagram, you automatically see a rise in the number of followers, that is the reason, you should put effort into getting more followers on Instagram, that too real ones. Again, buying followers is not going to take you anywhere and there are chances you might get scammed. This can even get your Instagram account banned or shut down forever.

    Watch this video to know how you can get more followers on Instagram:

    6. Don’t Promote 

    Promoting your other social handles in your Instagram bio is a big no-no. Don’t use that section to put ‘add me’ links as Instagram won’t approve such profiles. However, you can add your website, or any other online properties, just don’t link your Instagram account to your YouTube channel or Twitter profile.

    But in case you are verified on Facebook but not on Instagram, you should link both these accounts as this will prove your authenticity, helping you in getting verified.

    7. Avoid Buying Verification Badge

    You must have noticed various spam comments on Instagram as well as YouTube videos with a guy promoting someone who can get you verified on Instagram. PLEASE DO NOT GET LURED. 

    There is no one other than Instagram who can help you get the verification badge. Similarly, you should not trust or install third-party apps that ask for money in return for Instagram verification. 

    Even I got a lot of spam comments under my YouTube video where I explained how to get verified on Instagram. Have a look:

    Spam comments on youtube video regarding Instagram verification

    Moreover, if someone is selling you a blue Instagram badge in your DMs, DO NOT TRUST THEM. The scammers know that some people are so keen to see the blue badge on their profile that they will get ready to pay them a good amount in return for getting verified on Instagram. No matter how trustworthy or legit they look, no one except Instagram can get you the blue badge. 

    Note- Instagram never asks you to pay any amount to get the blue verification badge; the only legit way to get verified is by filling up the official form that too when you fulfill the eligibility criteria. 

    8. Keep an Eye on Fake Accounts

    Have you been noticing Instagram users creating fake accounts in your name? Well! That is good news for you. Those who are suffering from fake, unauthorized or fan accounts impersonating them stand a good chance of getting verified on Instagram. 

    Instagram will never want its users to get fooled by fake accounts. To make it easy for them to detect the real account the users are looking for, Instagram will readily give you the blue verified badge. Just make sure you mention the same while sending the blue verification badge request to Instagram.

    Save Yourself from Getting Rigged- How Hackers Hack your Instagram through Verification Scam?

    I have already talked enough about the types of spam comments that you see on YouTube videos, messages that you receive through Instagram DMs and so on. Scammers are everywhere, you will not only find them in your DMs or comments section, they can even reach out to you via email posing to be from the official Instagram team. First, have a look at this email:

    Hacker’s email posing to be from official Instagram team

    If you read the above email carefully keeping all your senses active, you will realize that the address of the email says ‘1 Hacker way, Menlo Park, CA 94022’. This is one way you can check if the email is from official Instagram or not. Whenever you receive any email from any of the social media platforms, not just Instagram, you should verify the email carefully before you proceed towards logging into one of their untrusted portals. 

    Moreover, you should always remember that Instagram will never send you a random email telling you that you are eligible for verification and to log in on any third-party website. You always need to apply for the verification first and only then you will get a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the form of Instagram notification.

    The hackers keep on changing their ways to lure users into giving their Instagram details or money in return for Instagram’s blue verified badge. So, remember that you do not have to answer any email, give your Instagram login details to any unknown person or log in on any untrusted websites using your login credentials, if you want to save your Instagram from getting hacked.

    Final Words

    Getting verified on Instagram can be a tough task for those who are not a celebrity but have built their brand. You may need to go through a lot before you finally get that blue tick mark.

    So once you get yourself verified on Instagram, make sure you don’t see it taken away by not adhering to the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Instagram can take away your badge anytime and can also disable your account if you transfer or sell your badge. 

    Hope by the end of this guide, all your doubts regarding Instagram verification will vanish away.

    Happy Instagramming!