What Does ISO Mean on Facebook: Answered

| Updated on March 4, 2024

Like the NSF meaning on the Instagram query, there are quite a lot of abbreviations going around on social media these days.

And a similar one has now made its way to Facebook as well, that is, what does ISO mean on Facebook? 

So, having this trend or query join the club has got many users confused and scratching their heads as they search for ISO meaning. Look at this one from Facebook: 

What does ISO mean’ query on Facebook.1

Those 7 comments don’t exactly answer the question…

But one thing to know about what you sign up for while stepping into the social media world is that you will come across different slang. So this one is no different. 

However, to figure out ISO meaning slang in different categories, let’s kick off with what does ISO stand for on Facebook. 

What Does ISO Stand for on Facebook? 

In this fast-paced and digitally evolving era, socializing and connecting over the internet has brought about new standards of being cool. One of them is the use of slang. 

One of so many, which is also our today’s agenda, is ISO – what does ISO stand for on Facebook? Like many abbreviations on social media, this one is used a lot on Facebook. 

ISO stands for ‘In Search of’ on Facebook, but various similar acronyms are used as well. This may trigger confusion for many, and hence, we will clear the air about what does ISO mean on Facebook, starting with its origin.

The Origin of ‘ISO’ 

If we have to talk about the origin of the acronym ISO and go down the history lane, it goes way back to even before the 2000s. Yes, that’s correct (at least as far as our research is concerned). 

The abbreviation was quite common among the newspapers, particularly in advertisements. It was used to state the descriptions of various products. And so, cut to today, in the same manner, it is used on Facebook. 

While the times have changed, the motto of the acronym remains nearly the same – to quench the thirst of sellers and attract readers into buying their products. 

In the same way, Facebook uses it in advertising and helps its users buy and sell with Facebook Marketplace. ISO has gotten most of its popularity from Craigslist and is working as a boon in the Facebook Marketplace. Some examples of it are given in the next section. 

Examples of Using ISO on Facebook 

There are so many things that one can look for if they chime into the Facebook Marketplace. ISO works efficiently for both buyers and sellers.

As you know what is ISO on Facebook, let’s take a look at some examples of using the acronym on the mega social media platform:

  • “ISO: golden retriever pup, preferably female.”
    “ISO golden retriever puppy. If anyone knows of any local litters please let me know. Thanks!” 

Here, as you can see, two users are looking for a Golden Retriever breed puppy, and one has mentioned the specified gender. So, using the ISO acronym, they are making it clear what they are looking for exactly. 

Facebook posts using ISO acronym. 
  • “ISO PlayStation 5”

In this post, the user is looking for someone who can sell them a PlayStation 5. They have specified what they want and looking for a potential seller to get in contact with them.

Facebook posts using ISO acronym. 2

Similarly, other related searches pop up as well once you hit yours. As you can see in the following image, there are many queries that get posted on Facebook using the ISO abbreviation. 

Searches mentioning ISO on Facebook.

Moreover, if so many users are using this acronym, it has to be pretty helpful, right? Let’s find out some benefits of using it. 

Why One May Use ISO? — Count in Some Benefits 

Short forms or abbreviations like ISO can work as lifesavers if you are in a hurry or if you are a lazy one like me! But why really would one want to use them? And is there an issue with that? 

Well, fortunately, no. The use of acronyms like ISO comes with its own set of advantages, some of which are listed below: 

  • Ease in texting. 
  • Quickly finding something on Facebook. 
  • Facebook marketing is enhanced with business groups. 
  • Target audience is simpler to spot. 
  • Filtering out the categories easily. 
  • Makes advertising efficient. 

Other Meanings of ISO 

Apart from the use of ISO on Facebook, there are other queries as well that have many users wondering and more. One of them is what does ISO mean in text. So, we will cover a list of different meanings of ISO other than ISO meaning on FB. 

  • In Support Of
  • Instead Of
  • I’m Still Online
  • In Service Of 
  • Interactive Support Online
  • Isolated Power 
  • In Seeking Other
  • Isolation 

While it varies in different contexts depending on what a user is talking about when they use the ISO abbreviation, there are some others as well that are widely used on social media.

Different Acronyms like ISO on Social Media 

Now that you know the full form, history, and pretty much everything about ISO Facebook meaning, there are more abbreviations out there that might be of help in the quick and easy way out. 

Whether you are texting or simply surfing through social media platforms, being cool with different slang won’t hurt. So here is a list of some: 

  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out 
  • TBT: Throwback To  
  • GG: Good Game 
  • HMU: Hit Me Up 
  • IMO:  In My Opinion  
  • IRL:  In Real Life 
  • LOL: Laughing Out Loud 
  • JK: Just Kidding 
  • NSFW: Not Safe for Work 
  • OBV: Obviously  
  • TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday  
  • WFH: Work From Home 
  • TBH: To Be Honest 
  • AMA: Ask Me Anything 
  • WYD: What You Doing? 
  • YOLO: You Only Live Once 

Role of ISO in Facebook Online Selling 

As we approach the end of the article, there is a thing or two that you need to know before closing off. In case you are an avid user of Facebook Marketplace, it is possible that you may already have heard of ISO quite often. 

While this doesn’t change ISO meaning, here’s the catch – when someone adds ISO to their post, it helps the buyers and sellers to understand what the other is looking for. 

The ISO abbreviation can be credited for the jump in sales of Facebook Marketplace in the year 2020. So with the help of such short forms, in today’s fast-paced lives, it becomes easier to get going. 


What is ISO in text?

ISO is usually used on social media and texting, along with websites and online forums as well. It stands for ‘In Search of’.

Why has ISO become so popular?

ISO has gained popularity over the years just like various other short forms like OMW for ‘On My Way’, WYA for ‘Where You At?’, and IRL for ‘In Real Life’ since these acronyms make texting quicker.

What does ISO mean on Instagram?

Hashtags are pretty common on Instagram, and they often consist of short forms like TBT, TBH, SMT, TGIF, and ISO which stands for ‘In search Of.’

How does ISO help in searching on FB?

The use of ISO helps in filtering out unnecessary results from the search algorithm on Facebook. This helps the users in getting accurate results.

What does ISO mean on Facebook Marketplace?

When someone is looking for a particular item on Facebook Marketplace, they can write ISO before it, and Facebook will show the related results for it.

Why do people write ISO?

It is a no-brainer that short forms save up a lot of time, and the same is the case with ISO. One can quickly enter the name of what they are looking for without having to fully write ‘In Search Of.’

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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