What’s the Meaning of o45 on Instagram Notes? Decoding the Instagram Notes Number Trend

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, boasting more than a billion monthly users. So, if you’re a regular Instagram user, you must have noticed that some of your friends are posting numbers in their Instagram Notes. The reason is the latest Instagram Notes number trend.

Now, like other users, you might also be wondering what does o45 mean on Instagram?

Instagram has been the reason for several unique and bizarre challenges, and people love to try them. It introduced the Notes feature in 2022, and since then, it has gone through several changes. Starting with users adding the best Instagram captions and even music in the notes section, now you’ll find random codes like “o45” on Instagram Notes.

So, if you’re curious about o45 meaning on Instagram Notes, this write-up will provide you with all the information you need to know.

First, let’s find out when it all began.

When Did the Notes Number Trend on Instagram Begin?

There’s no specific date or reason behind the Instagram Notes number trend, but the users began sharing the codes around April 2023. However, the trend came to light when several TikTokers started sharing stuff related to it.

Instagram Notes number trend

On April 7th, 2023, a TikToker @theyluv.qlf shared the decoder on their TikTok feed, which grabbed the attention of over 800,000 users within three days. Since then, users have begun to put numerical codings on their Instagram notes.

Why Did the Notes Number Trend Go Viral?

The Notes Number trend on Instagram first went viral on TikTok, when a post shared by the TikToker @04lbn started spreading to each user’s feed. There were just codes, all starting with “o” along with two random digits. This made people pretty curious to know what does o26 mean on Instagram?

Within April, other famous TikTokers shared similar videos of such Instagram Notes, which were enjoyed by several users.

However, these Notes, in a way, proved to be a huge help for Gen Z to express their feelings for a person. Some users shared a note with a code and a heart to show their emotions toward a special person. Soon, they made it their own secret language, and it became a trend. 

Meaning of o45 on Instagram Notes

So, if somebody asks, “What does o45 mean on Instagram?” The simplest answer would be that each code represents a letter, and o45 represents the letter “J.”

So, if you find a friend sharing the code o45 with a heart on their Notes, it is highly possible that they’re trying to express their feelings for a person whose name starts with J.

Similarly, every alphabet is denoted by a different code, which we’re about to discuss next.

Decoding the Instagram Notes Number Trend

Each Instagram letter/number code has its own meaning, which is the alphabetical initial that it represents. However, there’s no logic behind that, so you have to remember these like “cheat codes.”

So if you want to know what does o22 mean on Instagram and the meaning of other codes, refer to this table:


Now, if any person shares such codes on their Instagram Notes, you can easily decode the meaning. However, if your Instagram notes are not showing, you must find a solution.

So, this is all you need to know about the Instagram Notes number trend. Each code represents a letter, and, like other Instagram users, you can also share these codes to give a hint about your current crush.


Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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