• 8 Things to Look for When Looking for CRM Implementation Consultant 

    | Updated on December 30, 2022

    Did you notice the pop-up window that suggests you accept its cookies every time you visit a website, especially when buying something? What kind of cookies? With chocolate chips? No. Those kinds of cookies gather your personal data, such as your activity on a website, your preferences, or the time you spend on the page. 

    Sounds creepy. Why does someone need my personal information? First of all, to make your experience personalized. The system will suggest stuff based on your interests. All your actions are remembered, so you don’t have to type your personal info again. Secondly, all this data is used for future product development. And that is what the CRM system is for. 

    Customer Relation Management (CRM) is used for all kinds of businesses, from enterprises to startups. CRM helps companies to make data-driven decisions and improve clients’ experience. In order not to insert all the data manually, sales, marketing, customer service, and IT departments use CRM systems. 

    Who is a CRM Consultant? 

    According to Capterra, 65% of companies implement a CRM within five years. As the business grows, it gets harder to personalize clients’ experiences and remember everything about them. Although people can’t store all that information in their minds, machines can! 

    If you just start the journey with CRM, it will be more beneficial to hire a CRM implementation consultant. This is an expert that assists you with both CRM implementation and improvement. 

    However, if you don’t insert the data efficiently, it may cause problems. To get rid of this problem, companies outsource data entry services with CRM systems. They hire professionals for every sector that you need. 

    How to Understand If Your Business Needs a CRM Consultant? 

    There are a few reasons to implement a CRM and hire a CRM expert for that: 

    • Your company doesn’t have enough time and expertise in CRM installation. Installing and especially transforming a CRM system is a highly time-consuming process that requires concentration. All the data can be lost if you do something wrong. According to Nucleus Research, using CRM systems helps to increase work efficiency by 16%.
    • Low-quality service and customer satisfaction.

    Sometimes companies face the problem of unorganized data, which leads to unclear sales strategies. Without precise data, the sales team doesn’t know where it heads to. So, as you can see, it is a total mess with no automated system.

    • You want to grow and maintain long-lasting relationships with your clients. 

     Ask yourself a question. Are my tools enough to protect and manage all the data? If the answer is “no”, consider hiring an IT service provider.

    CRM software automates all the routine duties: from analytics to email distribution. As a result, the less you focus on routine, the more you think about growth and development. 

    8 Things to Look For in a CRM Consultant  

    Certification and Expertise

    Different CRM applications propose partnerships and certification for companies and their employees. This is official proof of the company’s expertise. You can use the services of Salesforce, Adobe, or Microsoft Dynamics consultants. They are among the most popular. 

    Experience in the Required Industry

    Some of the industries are very peculiar, for example, the Health or Manufacturing industries. In all cases, you want to make sure that everything will be perfect. To check if the consultant has the experience, ask for a portfolio, solved cases, or maybe even some kind of recommendation or feedback from previous clients. 

    The Sales Knowledge

    Sales are the basics of the CRM system. We’ve created it to help us to keep people with us for as much as possible by making their experience comfortable and practical. Knowing how to implement sales strategies into a CRM system is a benefit that can help to increase the number of users and their quality.

    Time Zone Location

    8 hours difference can be crucial sometimes, especially when you need to solve the problem ASAP and your consultant is sleeping. The optimal difference is 2-3 hours.

    References and Feedback

    The best way to see if the person or a company has an experience is to check their website. The more they are transparent, the better for you. If the consultant doesn’t have a lot of references, you should consider the quality-price ratio. It always depends on what you want and what your company needs. 

    Clear Expectation Setting

    The consultants should know what they are doing and ask questions that will help you to increase the productivity of the product. Ask your employees to interview the consultant. Initially, they are going to work together, and they should be on the same page each other.

    Mandatory Training

    After the installation of a new CRM system or improvement of the old one, the implementation consultant should make sure that your employees know how to work with it. Training is a long-lasting investment in staff knowledge.

    Experience With Companies Like Yours

    We’ve already mentioned that the consultant should have experience in the industry your company works in. So what is the difference? The size of the company is also crucial. The bigger company, the more extensive the number of resources you invest. If the consultant doesn’t have any experience with big data, there is a higher chance of making a mistake and losing all the data. So, be careful.


    Nowadays, Customer Relation Management systems are the most usable among the companies that want to grow and develop. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle are among the most popular solutions that are used in marketing, sales, IT, and customer experience. 

    By hiring a CRM consultant, you’ll benefit from saving costs, smart decisions, best practices, and safety. Also, there are a few criteria you should pay attention to, such as expertise, official partnership with various CRM solutions, references, and feedback, sales knowledge, etc. Don’t forget that it should be a decision your company and employees will benefit from, so invite them to the interview and check if the consultant provides training.

    Janvi Panthri
    Senior Writer, Editor
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