Top 5 Best Features in a Custom CRM Software

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Do you need to upgrade your custom CRM software or get a new one for your business? CRM solutions help you to create an organized customer channel. It will enhance the automation and quick management of your clients according to sales and marketing. You can be sure to get fantastic results and the better future of the crm when you have the custom CRM software with the right features.

It would be best to have CRM software that boosts your sales and create a long-term connection with your customers. It is possible by generation and nurturing massive leads that enhance the loyalty of your clients. The best CRM software enables you to save time, and hence a lot of capital you would have otherwise used to keep track of your customers. Here are the top five features you should look for before you buy a CRM solution:

1. Tasks Automation

The best custom CRM software will automate your tasks and workflow. It makes work significantly more comfortable when you can provide instructions through an automated service. Automation will enhance your team’s productivity since information is relayed faster, and there is an easy way of communication and assessing work. There are several specific actions a CRM software can execute. They include:

 • You can get the contact of your customers automatically with the software. The software scans your website for contacts left by your customers. These contacts can be in the form of emails or telephone numbers. 

 • The software sends automated replies to any incoming message for any department within your business. It makes your clients feel closer and connected without waiting for a very long time for you to reply to their concerns. 

 • The CRM software does the follow-up of leads. You can present the period that should elapse before making a new request to a lead that will not have responded to the initial proposal from you. It convinces your leads and can generate more leads.

 • When a sales representative completes a task, the software can automatically report. There is no need for the signing of paperwork and physical follow-up. 

2. Customizing a Business

 Every business is unique. A good custom CRM software will cater to the individual needs of your business. You can choose a package on the software or customize it on your own. When customizing any CRM software, you can add more features, such as contact fields, customized information, and business custom reports. 

You can include extensions, plugins, and add-ons of your own choice to the CRM software. These customizations will enhance your software’s abilities and by using the APIs provided by the CRM software. The APIs are advanced software options that allow for technical specs and coding for customizing your custom CRM software. 

Your site developers use the APIs to create unique software that will help access your customized services. You can also use the APIs to incorporate your new CRM software into any existing business solutions you had been using before purchasing it. Your team will be more comfortable working with the existing solutions since they are familiar with them.

3. Tracking Emails

It is overwhelming to track emails in this era. Daily, your company receives thousands of emails that you may not be able to go through. Some of these emails may not even be relevant; hence it would be a waste of time to check them. It would be best if the essential emails are responded to fast and the issues addressed to satisfy the customer who sent it.

Emails response should be fast to avoid wasting your clients’ time. Responding to essential emails more quickly also enhances your revenue generation since you will soon finish transacting with your clients. The custom CRM software also has an email feature to help you organize your emails. The emails section integrates calendars and reminders that keep you on the watch not to miss important meetings and check your schedule. 

CRM software also has numerous email templates. It will save you the time for crafting email messages when you want to send several emails to many clients. The templates provided helps you include several messages on your email messages, such as:

 • Information of your business, including your products and services

 • Teleconferencing follow-up to check on your leads.

 • Email follow-up after some scheduled time.

4. Customer Service

Your main objective as a business is to create excellent customer service. It is critical for customer loyalty and retaining them for a long-term relationship. CRM software can provide a customer experience that will make them come back by enhancing your team’s productivity and excellent customer support. Here are some of the abilities of a CRM software that enables the amazing clients’ service;

 • It will assess your customers’ needs and provide comprehensive information on how service should satisfy their needs. 

 • The software tracks all the communication points and acquires leads from former services that your business has completed.

 • Keeps information such as incidents, website visits, and your online business activities safely and accessible for future reference. 

 • Personalize your communication with your customers by using their first names. 

 • The software sends automated messages which acknowledge customer concerns so that they do not feel ignored.

5. Harmonizing Third-parties

You can connect your custom CRM software to other solutions that will enhance your business. There are third parties that will be compatible with your CRM software and will improve your productivity like this company. You use these integrations for connecting to the market, getting accounts software, and email marketing software. Here are some of the integrated CRM software that can be incorporated to enhance its productivity.

 • The software can run all your email providers in one platform to help you get information quickly instead of switching from one app to another.

 • It will sync all sales, hence avoiding wastage of time when you manually enter all data.

 • It will build email lists and initiate email campaigns. The software does this from its platform; thus, you do not have to open your emails to start your email campaign.


Are you a contracting company looking for software to make your work more comfortable? CRM software is beneficial to your business. Look for these top five features before you purchase the software and enhance your business productivity.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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