10 Working Fixes for “Sorry there was a problem with your request” Instagram Error

| Updated on February 29, 2024 |
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“Sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram” is one of the most searched queries by IG users right now. 

Why? Because the error is getting displayed quite frequently these days. 

Sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram issue.

Be it the IG login, stories, feed, or even a simple action of liking or commenting on a post, it pops up everywhere. 

With its numbers only seeming to be increasing, it may take a while for Instagram to resolve it. 

So, for the time being, there are some workarounds that may help you resolve the IG “sorry there was a problem with your request issue.”

Let’s first take a look at the list of reasons that could possibly be causing it. 

Reasons Behind “Instagram, There Was a Problem with Your Request” Error 

While surfing through Instagram, you may come across the error message that goes, “Sorry there was a problem with your request.” But the reasons that might be causing it to happen are unknown to many.

So, we have gathered a list of them that could possibly be leading to it, and you can look out for:

  • The Instagram servers are down at the moment.
  • There is an issue with the device you’re using for Instagram.
  • You aren’t getting enough network strength, or the internet is simply weak.
  • Your Instagram account was suspended.
  • A bug is causing an issue with your login information, and thus, you can’t connect with Instagram services. 
  • If you’re making use of a third-party app for logging in to your Instagram account, your access to getting in will most likely be denied.
  • Your IP address is prohibited from using Instagram.
  • You’ve breached the Terms of Use by Instagram

There can be more factors leading to the issue, but now it is time to get you the solutions you’re seeking. Let’s take a look at some of the methods that may help you fix this error.

Fixes for “Sorry There’s a Problem with Your Request Instagram”

While trying to log in, the users complained there was a problem with your request Instagram login request. And it is not limited to just the login but can also occur when someone tries to like or comment on any post.

So, in order to stop this issue from further making you frustrated, here are fixes that can turn out to be effective in resolving Instagram there was a problem with your request. 

Ensure Your Internet Connection is Working 

It is the most common reason—to have a slow or weak internet connection. It leads to various other problems on the platform, like Instagram stories not working. So, in this case, as well, make sure you have a strong internet connection. 

If you’re using mobile data, check that you have not exhausted the mobile data, and if you’re using Wi-Fi, check that it is in the right range of the router. You can also try switching up your connection to see if that helps. 

Restart Your Device Update the Instagram App 

Another possible reason could be an issue with your device itself. If you are operating on a different device and Instagram is not showing any issues, your other device may need a reboot. 

So press and hold your lock button for 2–3 seconds and select the option of Reboot or Restart. Now open the Instagram app and check if you’re still getting the IG Sorry there was a problem with your request error message. 

Update the Instagram App 

update the Instagram app. 

If you haven’t installed the latest update in a while, it can also be a reason that you’re facing the error sorry there was a problem with your request. So go to the Play Store or App Store on your device and check if there are any updates available to be installed. 

Check if Instagram is Down 

There are many websites that confirm whether the server of a particular social media site is down or whether any website is not working at the moment. You can simply type and search “Is Instagram down,” and you can check it with the help of websites like Down Detector and Is It Down Right Now in the results. 

Check if Instagram servers are down.

When you’re scrolling through your feed, if Instagram is not loading pictures, it can confirm that there are some server issues on Instagram’s end as well. 

Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

It is possible that after not being active for a while, your account may start functioning just fine. And, in order to make it happen, you can deactivate your Instagram for a bit. The steps to take are as follows: 

  • Launch the Instagram app on your device and click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner. 
    Click on the profile icon.
  • Tap on the Menu icon given on the top right. 
    Tap on the Menu icons
  • Now select Settings & privacy
    Click on Setings and privacy
  • After that, search “Deactivation” and select “Deactivation or deletion.”
    Type and search deactivation. 
  • Now you will be redirected to the section, click on your account.
    Click on your account.
  • Select Deactivate account and tap on Continue.
    Choose Deactivate account.

Now, your Instagram account will be disabled temporarily. Wait for a couple of hours and try logging back in again. 

Clear Cache of Instagram App 

When your device is lagging or you’re facing issues on several apps, it is possible that, due to usage in the long run with no break, various cache and temporary files have accumulated over time.

But worry not, as it is not very complicated to clear Instagram cache on Android or iOS. Doing so will not only speed up and boost the performance of your device, but the apps running on it as well. 

For Android:

Settings > Apps Manager > Instagram > Clear Cache 

On iOS:

Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram > Remove > Reinstall

Now you can reopen the app and see if the issue persists, and if it doesn’t, you’re good to go.

Login Using Your Facebook Account

If you’re seeing error messages on Instagram, it doesn’t have to be the case with Facebook. So you can try logging in using your Facebook account instead. 

However, to follow this method, you first have to ensure that your Instagram and Facebook accounts are synchronized with each other. Those who already have their accounts may also have faced Instagram not sharing to Facebook problem. 

So to get rid of Instagram sorry there was a problem message, simply follow these steps: 

  • Log in to your Instagram account using any browser.
  • Now go to Account Settings and remove your added Facebook account if it is already linked. 
  • After that, log in to Instagram again using your Facebook account from the start. 


You can try logging in by clearing the data of Instagram’s mobile application first.

Clone the Instagram Application 

Another way to solve the “Sorry there was a problem with your request” error is by cloning your Instagram application. However, keep in mind that there is no official way to do so, and you’d need the help of third-party apps like Parallel Space to do so.

  • Go to the App Store or Play Store and install the Parallel Space application. 
  • Once it is downloaded, open the app and create an Instagram clone
  • Now send a shortcut of the created clone to the home page.
  • After that, using the clone with the help of a shortcut, sign in to your Instagram account

Login to Instagram Using a Different Device 

If the methods discussed so far aren’t helping, it is possible that the fault lies in the device itself. So you can try using Instagram on a different device and see if you still get the error message.

Simply install the app and log in to your Instagram account. Once you’re logged in, when you’re doing the same action and nothing pops up, it means that there could be an issue with your previous device.

Contact Instagram Help Center

In case the methods explained so far did not help you in getting the Sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram resolved, as the final resort, you can reach out to Instagram directly.

All you have to do is: 

  • Open the Instagram app on your device and click on the profile icon from the bottom right corner. 
    Click on the profile icon.
  • Tap on the Menu icon given on the top right.
    Tap on the Menu icons
  • Now select Settings & privacy
    Settings and privacyc
  • Scroll down till the very end and select Help.
    Click on Help.
  • Select Report a problem.
    Click on Report a problem.
  • Now click on Include and continue and explain the issue in brief.
    Tap on Include and Continue
    Explain the issue.

So now you know the reasons and the fixes for Instagram sorry there was a problem. This error message is similar to the “This story is unavailable on Instagram issue.

With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you’d most likely be able to get rid of it, as it is not a major issue. However, if it often happens, it can get annoying.


Why is sending an Instagram request not working?

There are two most common reasons why you can’t send a request on Instagram — your internet connection is not strong enough, or the user you’re trying to request may have blocked you.

Why can’t I log back into my Instagram account?

If you have a weak internet connection, or you forgot your password, it is possible that such factors could be leading to the failure in the login process.  

Why is Instagram saying sorry something went wrong?

 The two most common reasons that mostly lead to the ‘Sorry, something went wrong’ error display are a slow or faulty internet connection or issues with Instagram’s servers.

Why is Instagram showing an error while logging in?

It is possible that you’re entering an old password and the current one is incorrect. So you can reset the password and see if you can log in after that. Another reason could be a slow or weak data connection. 

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Senior Writer, Editor

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