Instagram Collab Post Feature: Invite Collaborators to Maximize Reach

| Updated on May 17, 2024 |
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Instagram has completely reshaped the concept of how brands and influencers connect to achieve maximum engagement. Want to know how? Through the “Instagram Collab Post” feature. This popular feature came into force in 2021 and redesigned the collaboration process and objectives. 

So, before you put your hands on this feature to grow your Instagram following, you need to learn about IG collab post capabilities, how to properly collaborate posts on Instagram, and everything else that can increase your profile’s exposure and reach. 

Instagram Collab Post: An Overview 

As the name says, an Instagram collab post allows inviting up to six accounts to collaborate (the original author and 5 more) on content. Back in 2021, it was limited to only two accounts, but the recent update has increased its capabilities. 


The IG collab post feature is not available on the desktop version. Consider using the mobile app to invite creators.

The process involves scheduling a post and sending an invitation to the collaborators. Once they accept the invite, their username will appear along with the original author’s located at the header of the post, and the same content will show on the collaborator’s feeds. If they decline the invitation, it will appear as an ordinary IG post.

After accepting the invite, collaborators have full access to view the comments, likes, and other insights of the post. Keep in mind that this built-in feature only works for feed posts, such as single images, carousels, and reels on Instagram, not stories.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Using Instagram Collab Post Feature

A collab post is a super hack for Instagram growth, but there are a few specifications to adhere to before making a co-authored post. 

  • The Original Creator will be Considered the Owner:  This means that the primary creator can delete or block the collaborator anytime and vice versa, which will result in the end of the collaboration. Hence, under any circumstances, the post will remain preserved on the author’s feed until deleted.
  • The Original Creator Settings will Apply to the Post: If the original owner changes the settings to private from public, then the post will disappear from the collaborator’s profile and can only be visible to the actual owner’s followers.
  • The Original Author will Manage the Future Requirements: The post’s existence will depend on the original author’s actions. If they deactivate the account, the post will no longer exist. Moreover, they can make any future edits according to the brand’s requirements.

Now that you know all the basics of this brilliant feature, move on to the next section to learn the process of creating one for yourself. 

How to Collab Post On Instagram? (Feed Posts and Reels) 

Ready to make a collaborative post to attain desired engagement and success on Instagram? The process is similar to that of a regular posting, you just need to invite the collaborators. 


Make sure that your profile is public, or else the collaborator’s followers will not be able to see the post.

  • Tap on the plus (+) icon at the bottom. 
    Tap on the plus icons
  • Make edits if required and again tap on Next
    Make edits and tap on Next
  • Next, choose Tag people from the list of options. 
    Choose Tag people from the list of options
  • Just below the photo, tap on Invite Collaborators
    Tap on Invite Collaborators
  • Type the username in the search bar and select the user. You can repeat the same process to invite up to 5 collaborators
    Type the Username


You cannot invite collaborators once the post is live.

  • Once completed, tap on Done
    Tap on Donee
  • Now you have posted the content from your end, consider waiting for the collaborator to accept the invite
  • The invitation will appear in the Notification section (heart icon) and the recent Instagram messages of the user.
    Notification Section and Message list
  • Tap on the View request option (we have used the messages option to execute the further process). 
    Tap on the View request
  • Hit the Review option. 
    Tap on Review
  • A pop-up menu will appear, tap on Accept to collaborate or Decline to reject the invitation. You can also select ‘Not now’ to spare some time to think. 
    Tap on Accept

The steps to collab post on IG will remain the same on both Android and iOS devices. In the meantime, if you receive an Instagram not working error, try troubleshooting fixes to resolve the issue and then retry to collaborate. 

How to Remove a Collaborator from Your Post After Publishing on Instagram?

Under any circumstances, if you are required to remove one of your collaborators after uploading the post, follow these steps: 

  • Locate the post from which you are planning to remove the collaborators. 
    Locate the post
  • Tap on the ⋮  (more icon) at the top right of the post.
    Tap on the vertical ellipsis
  • Select Edit from the list of options. 
    Select Edit from the list of options
  • On the left side, tap on the contact-like icon
    Tap on contact like icon
  • Tap on the cross icon (X) in front of the collaborators’ username. 
    Tap on the cross icon
  • When done, hit the tick icon (✔️)to complete the process.  
    Hit the tick icon

In case you want to remove yourself as a collaborator from someone else’s post after publishing. 

Open Instagram >>  Find the post on your feed >> Tap on ⋯ (more menu) icon >> Stop Sharing. 

Benefits of IG Collab Post For Boosting Engagement 

Discoverability is the agenda behind introducing this new feature. But there are other potential benefits too. 

  • Boosts Engagement 

    When you plan a collaboration with a brand or a content creator, you are indirectly building a relationship with the collaborator’s fan base and vice versa. This leads to increased engagement and reach for your profile, as well as a faster rate of organic follower growth. 

  • Increased Discoverability 

    Instagram Algorithm highlights your collab post in the explore page, and hashtags, due to its high potential interaction capabilities. So, with just one post, you can reach the collaborator’s audience, connect with more eyes, and even gain new followers. 

  • Enhanced Overall Reputation 

    Participating in collab posts improves your online presence and reputation among the followers and audience. Association with a reputed brand or influencer establishes strong relationships and helps build a strong community.

So now that you know everything about this feature thoroughly, create one for yourself and closely monitor Instagram metrics to analyze its potential impact. 

What Makes Collabs Different from Tags and Mentions?

While reading this article, the question of what distinguishes collabs from tags and mentions will undoubtedly arise. Instagram collab posts are much more than normal tags and mentions. Want to know how? Let us explain.

  • When someone tags or mentions you in a post, it will not get shared beyond your feed. Meanwhile, the collab post gets shared automatically on the collaborator’s feed and his audience after accepting the invite.
  • Getting tagged or mentioned in someone’s post doesn’t make you the author or owner. Conversely, if you accept the collaboration invite, you will be listed as the co-author along with the creator.
  • Most importantly, you can tag or mention someone in your story but not collaborate on it. 
  • Collab posts share a performance analysis of the particular, whereas tags only display likes and comments. 

That is all for it! I hope that the aforementioned information has made the purpose of collabs, tags, and mentions clear. 

Conclusion: Foster Collective Engagement

The collab post feature is one of the best Instagram strategies for businesses and budding influencers to engage and reach a wider audience by sharing the same space. 

As an individual, what I have observed is social media is an evolving sphere, so staying ahead of the trends and trying the new features of the platform can lead to desired success and growth. 


How many followers do you need to collaborate on Instagram posts?

There is no official limit of followers to collaborate on IG posts.

Is there any limit on Instagram Collab posts you can make?

There is no limit on how many Instagram collab posts you can make in a day.

Why Instagram collab post is not showing on my feed?

You can check to see if you accidentally scheduled the post, force-stop the app, log out and back in to eliminate glitches, and so on.

Can you schedule a post on Instagram?

The platform doesn’t allow you to schedule posts for a personal account. However, you can schedule the post for a business account using built-in features and third-party services.

How many people can I tag on my Instagram Story?

As per the IG, you are allowed to tag and mention only 20 people in one story.

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