How to Reset Instagram Explore Page? – Reset Instagram Explore With These 4 Methods

| Updated on June 29, 2024

Has your IG Explore feed become tedious or filled with inappropriate content?

The Gram’s Explore page is dedicated to curating unique content for users based on their interactions and interests. However, you might be navigating through the same old posts or inappropriate content while scrolling through the Explore page. Many users have reported a similar problem, which hampers their overall user experience on IG. 

Hence, we are here to help you understand how to reset Instagram explore page in the easiest way possible. Stay tuned to discover the top 4 methods of Instagram Explore page reset.

About IG Explore Page Algorithm

IG is popular for delivering the most relevant and interesting recommendations to its users. While Gram’s algorithm performs this task like a pro, it doesn’t always get it right, after all, it’s an AI. 

The posts and reels you see on your Explore feed aren’t some random stuff. But it’s highly selective content chosen by the complex Instagram algorithm based on your interests, interactions, and behavior on the app. The Instagram algorithm considers the following factors while selecting the posts for your feed: 

  • Posts you like, comment, share, or save. 
  • Keywords, hashtags, and accounts you search. 
  • Engagement rate (time you spend) on a reel or post.
  • Accounts you follow or interact with.

All these factors play an essential role in deciding what type of content or posts will pop up on your Explore feed. But the good news is – Gram’s Explore feed is constantly evolving and can be customized through an Instagram Explore page reset for a better user experience. 

Intrigued to know how to reset IG Explore page to adapt to your preferences?

Read the subsequent section to give your Explore page a fresh new look. 

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram has enforced an AI system equipped with several machine-learning models to carefully select the content for your feed. With the help of this advanced mechanism, IG can successfully predict the type of content you are most likely to gravitate toward. However, this complex algorithm can run into trouble, causing you to get stuck in a perplexing loophole of similar content. 

Luckily, Gram allows its users to customize their feed by disliking content that doesn’t seem engaging to them. You can reset the Instagram Explore page by using the methods mentioned below.

Refresh Your Explore Feed

One of the easiest and fastest methods to reset the Instagram Explore feed is to refresh the Explore page. For that, all you have to do is open IG, navigate to the Explore feed by tapping on the magnifying glass, and pull down your screen from the top.

Tap on the magnifying glass .icon
Pull down the screen from the top

Mark the Unwanted Posts as Not Interested

To mark a post as uninterested, you need to follow the following steps: 

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon to move to the Explore feed.
    Tap on the magnifying glass .icon
  1. Locate the content (post/reel) that you don’t want to see on your feed and click on the horizontal ellipsis (⋯) on the top.
  1. Lastly, click on the Not Interested option.
    Tap on the horizontal ellipsis and select Not .Interested
  1. A post-hidden pop-up will appear on your screen, indicating the submission of your response. From there, you can also manage your content preferences by tapping on the Manage Content Preferences option.
    Click on the manage content preferences option

Delete Your IG Search History

Instagram gets to know about your preferences from your search. Deleting search history will show some more relevant posts on your feed. To clear your search history, navigate to the search page and then follow the steps written below: 

  1. Tap on the search bar present at the top of the Explore page.
    Pull down the screen from the top
  1. Click on the See all option.
    Tap on the See all .option
  1. Select the Clear all option to delete your IG search history.
    Hit the Clear all .option
  1. Finally, a confirmation pop-up will appear on your screen, select the Clear all option to resume your action.
    Choose Clear all

Clear Instagram App Cache

Follow the instructions below to clear Instagram app cache on your device: 

  1. Open Settings and tap on the App Management.
    Select App Management
  1. Click on the App List.
    Tap on the App List
  1. Find Instagram and then tap on the Storage Usage option.
    Select Storage Usage
  1. Then hit the Clear Cache option to get rid of the IG app cache. 
    Tap on the Clear Cache option.

Benefits of Resetting IG Explore Feed

Your Explore page is a reflection of your interests and preferences. Having inappropriate and explicit content on your Explore feed can be embarrassing, especially when you are with someone. In such cases, an Instagram Explore page reset can be beneficial in the following ways: 

  • It allows you to scroll through fresh content by updating the posts on your display.
  • It enables you to enhance your privacy by deleting your previous searches. 
  • It helps you discover new accounts and content that you have never seen before.
  • Allows you to control your suggestions by marking the boring or inappropriate content as not interesting.

Take note that resetting the IG feed is a slow process, and it will take some time for the algorithm to get a hold of your preferences, so you need to be patient until then.

Reasons Why Your IG Feed is Loaded With Boring or Inappropriate Content

Your Instagram Explore feed may show explicit, vulgar, offensive, nudity, sexual, or unsuitable posts due to the following reasons: 

  • IG algorithm has misinterpreted your interests.
  • The algorithm is manipulated by some sort of bot or spammer.
  • The algorithm is unable to filter out the offensive content that violates community guidelines and terms of service.
  • Your feed is not updated based on your recent interactions and behavior.

Tips to Customize Your Explore Page

After going through the guidelines given by IG for choosing posts for the Explore page, we have come up with the following tips that can help you customize your feed.

  1. Be mindful about what type of content you are liking, sharing, saving, or commenting on.
  2. Try to be diverse by exploring different topics, accounts, and hashtags to avoid seeing the same type of posts.
  3. Avoid interacting with explicit and abusive material.

The Bottom Line

Instagram allows you to explore new topics, interests, and accounts on the internet, but you have to be mindful while doing so. One likes some inappropriate content and your feed will be loaded with the same type of content the next day. Furthermore, to deal with the problem of repetitiveness, you can try the methods given above. They will help you get more relevant content on your feed.  

Your IG Explore feed is a reflection of your interests, so curate it carefully by employing the strategies mentioned above to Instagram Explore page reset. 

Reset your IG Explore feed to take control of your Explore page and enjoy scrolling!


How do I reset the algorithm on Instagram?

To reset your IG algorithm, follow the following steps: 

  • Review the accounts and pages you follow and unfollow those who don’t align with your preferences. 
  • Interact thoughtfully, and avoid liking, sharing, saving, or commenting on posts that don’t seem appropriate to you.
  • Refresh your feed and clear your search history.
How do I clear my Instagram cache algorithm? 

Follow the following steps to clear your IG cache: 

  • Open Settings
  • Select App Management
  • Tap on App List
  • Find Instagram
  • Select Storage Usage
  • Click on Clear Cache
Is it possible to block content from appearing in my Explore feed?

Yes, you can block certain types of content from appearing on your IG Explore page by marking it as Not Interested. For that, you have to click on the horizontal ellipsis on the post and tap on the Not Interested option from the given menu.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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