Introducing Standard Instagram Reel Dimensions and Technical Specifications

| Updated on April 25, 2024 |
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Instagram Reels is a feature that doesn’t require any special introduction. If you are a content creator or business professional, you might fail to look after the technical specifications and requirements of the platform for posts, reels, and more.

But, optimizing your reels with powerful content and a standard size and ratio maximizes your reach and is prioritized by the platform’s algorithm. Read on to gain insights on the perfect Instagram reel dimensions and embrace the technicalities in your future posts. 

Instagram Reels Dimensions: An Overview 

Introduced back in 2020, Instagram Reels are considered the alternative to the TikTok video feature. When announced, it had a time limit of 15 seconds only, but with the latest updates, now, a reel can last up to 90 seconds. 

The platform has experimented with the reels, and the results have led to the standard IG reel size dimension coming into force to avoid content displaying too stretched, zoomed-in, or below-average content.


According to Meta, every video post up to 15 minutes will be considered as a reel for now.

Adhering to the specifications and conditions ensures a smooth upload and display to stand out your content. Conversely, poor and low-quality stuff is not entertained by the app’s algorithms, leaving a negative impact on your account’s engagement.

As you see, using the right dimensions is worth it. So take a detailed look at the Instagram reel dimensions in the next section. 

Standard Instagram Reels Dimensions Requirements and Specifications 

Instagram Reels have all the rage to improve your overall engagement, regardless of your brand account or sole content creator. In the competitive edge, it is necessary to solidify your expertise and present your content in the best possible way. 

So to not miss out on anything, here are the infographics of reel dimensions, and then you can read the thorough deets right below it.

SpecificationsStandard Requirements
Reel size 1080×1920 pixels
Aspect ratio9:16
Cover image size1080×1920 pixels
Thumbnail size 1080×1080 pixel
Minimum frame rate30 Frame/PS
Resolution720×1080 pixels 
Length of the videoUp to 90 seconds
Caption characters count2,200 characters
Video FormatsMP4 and MOV
File Size4 GB 

Check out the detailed analysis of the specifications. 

Reel Size 

The official recommended size for your vertical video to upload is 1080×1920 pixels. Following the vertical alignment, they are taller and less wide. So to avoid displaying your reel squeezed out, stick to the standard ratio of 9:16 that justifies the app’s requirement. 

Cover Image Size 

The reel cover image is the intro image that is displayed in your reels section. Using a standard size of 1080×1920 pixels with an aspect ratio of 9:16 is advised. However, it is worth noting the cover image cannot be edited once you upload the reel and should be either PNG or JPG.

Thumbnail Size

The thumbnail and cover are slightly different. Having an aspect ratio of 1:1, thumbnails of your reel are displayed on your profile post feed, suggested videos, and explore page. So a square image following 1080×1080 pixels gives an overview. 


Instagram’s resolution has a minimum of 600×1067, followed by a maximum of 1080×1920. This is the most high-quality video that the platform hosts. For those who are wondering if 4K is supported, sadly not for now, but we can expect this feature in future updates. 

Length of the Reel

When it comes to the length of the video, you have 4 options to choose from, 15, 30, 60, and 90 seconds if recorded from the app. If uploading from your phone’s media, you have the flexibility of 3 seconds to 15 minutes

But as per my observation, I personally prefer short and snappy content that ranges from 30 to 60 seconds, because lastly, it only takes a second to swipe up if you are getting bored. 

Caption Characters Count

A captivating caption for your reel works more like a title. It is something that an individual often overlooks, but it can be a sweet spot to embed the complementing thoughts in a limited 2,200 characters, including hashtags, emojis, and space.

Video Formats

To avoid unpleasant upgrades to your reels, adhere to the standard video formats. MOV and MP4 are the two formats accepted for reels. So, consider checking the videos that are shot from a non-native camera, and if required, convert them according to the demands. 

In case, while in the process, you face an Instagram Reels not working error, consider resolving this technical glitch as soon as possible. 

Do the Instagram Reel Dimensions have any Positive Effects?

Social media platforms conform to some strict regulations and guidelines, and Instagram is no exception. The app’s algorithm supports some specific dimensions and credible content ideas. The precise dimensions complement mobile viewing and remain suitable for every screen size. 

So, to avoid getting your account flagged or labeled for violating policies, plan your content that falls in line with the guidelines and follow all the technical requirements to deliver high-quality content to your audience. 

Things to Keep In Mind While Creating Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels are preferably designed to be watched on a vertical mobile screen. With that in mind, sticking to the dimensions will ensure content that you will be proud of. But along with the right sizes and all, there are several factors you should keep in mind to attain top-of-the-line quality.

  • Do not plan horizontal videos or images to upload in your reel content, as it might affect the user experience by making them swipe through. Consider shooting vertically or in portrait mode. 
  • It is recommended to place the text within the frame with a visible font and size. Placing text in the corners may need help to be read by the users, leaving them overwhelmed and unable to understand. 
  • Feature more user-generated instead of creating boring content to get positive engagement. Hence, make sure your video is precisely edited and doesn’t contain any unwanted jerks. 
  • Creating your thumbnail, especially branded thumbnails for business, makes an absolute impression on the people watching it. 
  • Search for the music from the Instagram music library, as it offers royalty-free music, which keeps you away from copyright issues. 
  • Replay and review your review to the maximum, to detect any silly errors and fix them. 
  • Always experiment with transition, use IG filters, and features, and monitor the trending audios or trends.

Leveraging all the best practices in your content boosts your overall engagement and traffic on your account. 

Conclusion: Size Does Matter 

To up the game of your Instagram profile, optimizing high-quality reels with accurate dimensions and click-worthy content can draw prolonged engagement. However, a consistent and unique approach can highlight you at the top of the explore page section anytime soon. 

I believe you should not bind yourself with any pattern to create safe content. Be unique, stay consistent with the specifications and guidelines, and plan and schedule social media posts like a pro


What is the Instagram width and height for the reel?

The videos and photos in the reel should be 1080 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall.

What is the best time to post reels?

Over time, it has been observed that the best time to post a reel is 9 AM to 12 p.m.

Is there any standard horizontal size of the IG reels?

Reels are preferably viewed in a vertical orientation. So if you are posting it horizontally, add a CTA for better understanding.

What is the maximum video file size for reels?

The video should not exceed 4 MB, otherwise, it will face difficulty while uploading and the quality will get compressed.


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