Ways to Make the Most out of Social Media Campaigns

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Social media marketing can get pretty rough. Going up against fierce competitors is not something that everyone can overcome. Lack of experience can become a great weakness, especially when things are not working out the way you thought they would.

Nevertheless, the situation does not have to be all negative. There is always the light at the end of a tunnel. If you are struggling with your social media campaigns and cannot seem to get any decent results, it would be a good time to change your strategy. Here are some ways that will improve the situation.

Way #1 – Get Inspiration 

Looking at some brands that have had success in the past ought to get you pumped. Some people need a source of motivation before they can commit to something. And what better way to accomplish that than by seeing who has had the most success.

You can learn from killer social media campaigns listed by Oberlo on their website. Or, if you are looking for a specific brand that is similar to what you are running, there is always an option to do a quick search on Google or another search engine.

Way #2 – Set Clear Goals

Do not bother with covering everything with a single campaign. If you have multiple goals in mind, prepare to spend a bit more time, and create a campaign for each different purpose.

If you want to raise brand awareness or improve sales, do not clump the two together. It is more efficient to have a different campaign for each goal.

Also, avoid setting yourself for failure. Many people expect a lot from a campaign despite lacking experience. And all the motivation vanishes when they see the results. 

Way #3 – Pick Right Platforms

Similar to different campaigns having their purpose, different social media platforms also serve you differently.

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular of the lot and are always a safe bet for reaching a big audience. However, there are a lot of other platforms that might not be as known as the two mentioned previously.

It is possible that your competition is not on lesser-known social media sites, and you could be the one to take that market for yourself.

Way #4 – Read the Rules

Understand the rules before you commit to spending resources. Social media platforms also have their policies, and not following these policies will have consequences. Not being careful might lead to a ban before you even fully launch the campaign.

Way #5 – Engage With the Customers

Do not leave your audience hanging. If someone asks a question on a post, do your best to provide an answer. In fact, you would benefit a lot by taking a more proactive approach and asking followers questions. Show them that there is a genuine person behind the profile and that this person is interested in the audience.

Way #6 – Cooperate With Influencers

Both big and small influencers can become a powerful ally. Influencer marketing has been around for a while, and a lot of brands are taking advantage of all the benefits.

A shoutout from someone who has a relevant audience will significantly boost the number of followers and attract you people who would not have found out about your business any other way. 

Way #7 – Learn From Mistakes

Do not get upset if you are not reaching a lot of people at first. Even getting the basics right takes time. The more time you spend polishing the campaigns, the more you will gain in the future. 

Learn from your mistakes, and continue to move forward. Nobody will be able to create successful campaigns from the start. 

Way #8 – Organize Contests

Giveaways and contests can go pretty viral since people are eagerly sharing the posts. An entry fee that is nothing but a share or a like attracts a lot of attention. And going viral is another method to reach a wider audience that would be unreachable using different means. 

Look at how much you are willing to give away for free and weigh whether that is worth what you would get in returns for growing social media profiles.

Way #9 – Focus on Content Quality

Do not go overboard with posting too much stuff, especially if it is irrelevant. You need to focus on quality over quantity. 

The posts should be relevant and to a schedule. The followers will have certain expectations after a while. You should also emphasize the quality of the visuals, captions, as well as hashtags included.

Way #10 – Keep Close Tabs on Numbers

Follow the numbers closely and analyze the situation with available tools. Do not guess blindly on whether you are making progress or not. It is all in the numbers, and the numbers do not lie.

Angela Tague

Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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