3 Clear Cut Solutions To Unlock Your Snapchat Account In One Go

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Do you feel like your Snapchat is suddenly acting weird? Are you facing any interruptions while using Snapchat? Or Are you unable to use all the features of Snapchat?

In case, you are dealing with the above situations or similar. Your Snapchat has been Locked. Let’s figure out how, when, why, and what to do?


What is Snapchat Lock?

We all know that Snapchat is an exceptionally incredible app. Its growth has reached a point where it has become one of the most-used apps around the world, with 105.25 million US users(2021). But, with so many users, Snapchat has become an insecure hub for a lot of people. The growth of Sky-high possibilities of inappropriate data sharing and indecent behavior exchange amongst people of every age group have been observed in the past years. 

To save up Snapchat’s name from getting tainted, and to avoid irrelevant activities that are creating insecurities amongst people, Snapchat Lock is a feature that helps to maintain a healthy Community by avoiding inappropriate or indecent activities within the App or under the name of the App. 

Snapchat can lock your account in any condition. No matter, if you are a frequent user or have been using Snap App for ages. 

How to know if your Snapchat is Locked?

Just roll down the on points!

  • Facing difficulties while using Snapchat?
  • Snapchat freezing in between suddenly?
  • Unable to use all the features of Snap App?

Facing the above points or similar, confirm that your Snap Account has been locked. The Snapchat lock occurs due to the violation of community guidelines. Depending on your degree of violating the Guidelines, Snapchat will Lock your account. It can even extend from a Temporary lock to a permanent one. 

Now, after confirming your Account Block, let us start by showing you the prime reasons for your Snapchat Lock!

6 Reasons for Snapchat Block

If Snapchat has blocked your account, that means you have violated Snapchat Community Guidelines and Terms of Services.

Scroll through the following reasons to know under what conditions is your Snap Account blocked:

Reason 1. Sexually Explicit Content

If you are sharing any data like- messages, snaps, or videos containing nudity or pornography

Reason 2. Harassment & Bullying

Sharing anyone’s private information to bully them or making them feel uncomfortable is prohibited 

Reason 3. Threats, Violence & Harm 

Encouraging violence or sharing violent graphics on publicly digital media platforms is restricted

Reason 4. Impersonation, Deceptive Practices & False Information

Pretending to be someone else, sharing inappropriate or illegitimate information is not allowed as it can spread around and lead to chaos amongst users from around the world. 

Reason 5. Illegal Content

Snapchat does not allow selling illegal goods like- drugs, weapons, etc. Promoting or depicting certain goods is not allowed 

Reason 6. Terrorism, Hate Groups, and Hate Speech

Sharing and spreading any information relating to Terrorist groups, Hate speeches, or discriminative content are not accepted by Snapchat. As it can lead to increased hate amongst diverse users over the world. 

To know more, go through the Terms of Services or Community Guidelines of Snapchat. 

Even if your Snap Account is locked. Do not worry  

We will help you to Snap and Chat again!

Just scroll down to resolve the issues regarding Snapchat Lock

Hacks to Unlock Snapchat Account

There are three conditions under which Snapchat can Lock your Account, depending on your Degree of Violation.

Let’s see the condition of your Locked Snapchat Account, to work it out!

1. Temporarily Locked 

In case, your Account is Locked temporarily, you are on the safer side. Snapchat will Lock it for some time to delete the irrelevant data from your Account.

  • Step 1:  Click here to directly log in to Snapchat through a web browser or your Official Snap App with your login details.
Log in to Snapchat
  • Step 2: After logging in, select the ‘Unlock’ option under the Manage My Account page as shown below
Manage my Account to unlock Snapchat

TIP: Keep the Community Guidelines and Terms of Services in mind, to avoid a Permanent Snap Lock

2. Permanently Locked 

In case your Account is locked permanently try the ‘Unlock method’ mentioned above. If that does not work, then Snapchat Team won’t be able to unlock your account, in any circumstance.

So, if this is the case, we recommend you create a New Acaround count.

TIP: Try not to violate the Terms of Services or Community Guidelines of Snapchat. 

3. Account locked due to Compromise 

In case your account has been compromised, it is used by unauthorized sources. It is highly suggested to follow the two methods mentioned below:

Method 1: Change your password by clicking on the link

Method 2: In case, changing your password does not help. You should follow the steps:

  • Step1: Contact The Support Team through the web browser. And click on ‘My Account is locked’ as shown below
Contact Snapchat Team
  • Step 2: Scroll down and fill the following form. Enter your Username, Email, Mobile Number, and details regarding your Account Lock. Just click Send and inform the Snap Team 
Form filling under Snapchat Support
  • Step 3: When you send the form, a page shown below will appear to confirm your query submission
Confirmation notification from Snapchat Support

Read the following note from Snap Team-


We are only able to provide support for accounts that have been compromised through this form. Be sure to include an email address that you have access to so that you can receive a response from support. We may also need to request additional information to verify your identity, such as your username, when you lost access to your account, etc.

How to Avoid Snapchat Lock?

If you are looking for preventive measures to keep your Snap Account Unlocked and safe, go through the pointers at once:

Avoid using third-party plugins

Uninstall third-party Snapchat apps or plug-ins. And only use the official apps- play store or App Store or websites for downloads 

Follow the Community Guidelines 

Always remember the basic Community Guidelines as and when you use Snapchat, to avoid your Account from getting targetted or suspicious 

Verify your Email and Phone Number

Do not forget to verify your email address and phone number with Snapchat. To avoid Account deactivation or lock

Keep your Snapchat Account Safe 

Check and change your passwords once in a while and check your activities to keep a track of your account. To keep your Snap account safe and secure

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