Share Other Blocked on Instagram: Does it Work & Can You See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Instagram is one of those apps that influencers use to introduce a new trend or challenge. Year after year, you’ll see several new features and trends followed by its users.

However, some of the claims made by the creators or influencers are pretty hard to believe. Share > Other > Blocked Instagram is one of them, and it makes users believe that they can see who has blocked them.

Soon after a few creators shared this feature on their reels or posts, it became a topic of discussion and spread faster than a fire in a forest. 

So, if you’re also curious to know if the “share other blocked” feature works on Instagram or not, reading this write-up can surely enlighten you!

Quick Answer

There’s no way you can find out who blocked you on Instagram. The social media app has no feature or “other” option when you tap the share button.

What is Share Other Blocked on Instagram?

Share with others is a so-called feature on Instagram, as several people believe it is. It came under the spotlight when some creators claimed that this feature could help you see the people who’ve blocked you. According to these creators, you just have to open Instagram and go to:

Share > Other > Blocked

Share other  blocked Instagram

As shown in the snippet above, a creator with username @cleanculture_bk2 has shared a reel, according to which you can see who has blocked you on Instagram.

Just like this one, several other designers shared the same thing. As you already know, people are always curious about who they requested to follow on Instagram or who has blocked them.

So, such reels or posts surely got the attention they were seeking, and people started believing that it was possible!

But, the question is, does share other blocked work?

Does Share > Other > Blocked on Instagram Work?

Share other blocked on Instagram is a hoax! There’s no such feature, and Instagram has not made any official statement regarding it. Hence, you can say the posts with half a million likes and thousands of comments shared nothing but a false claim.

In addition, you can say it’s just another tactic used by creators and influencers to boost engagement. For instance, when you find out the method won’t work, you’ll comment that it won’t. This interaction makes the post more genuine to the others.

Pro Tip: Grabbing the user’s attention is surely one of the things you need to succeed on Instagram, but it does not mean you’ll share something fake. 

Nevertheless, you may wonder why people are so worried about getting blocked on Instagram. And why would they try such non-existing methods? 

What Does Getting Blocked on Instagram Mean?

If someone blocks you on Instagram, it means they don’t want you to see or interact with their profile in any way. In addition, after getting blocked by a user on IG, you won’t be able to see their posts or stories, and if you search for their username, you may see the user not found on Instagram error.

Moreover, the person who has blocked you can’t see your profile. The only way they can do that is by unblocking you from the Settings menu.

All-in-all, blocking is a privacy feature, and Instagram won’t let you know who blocked you.

How to Check if Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram?

Now that you know Instagram’s share other blocked feature is fake; it is better to stay clear of such false claims made by creators. Fortunately, you can try these tricks to find out who has blocked you on Instagram:

Search for the User’s Profile

The most obvious way to check if someone has blocked you on IG is by searching for their username if you remember it. Follow these steps:

  • Type the username in the search bar.
    Type the username

Then, if you see the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available”, it means the person has blocked you.

Check Your DM

If you were conversing with the person, you checked the direct messages to see if you were on their block list or not. Open the inbox, and if you cannot see the previous messages anymore and the person’s profile picture is replaced with a gray circle, they may have blocked you.

Check the Likes & Comments

Go through the likes and comments on your posts. If you don’t find likes and comments from a certain person, it means that they’ve blocked you.

Mention Them in Some Post

Try mentioning the person you think has blocked you in any post. If you’re not able to mention them, the reason is that you’ve been on their Insta’s block list.

Create Another Account

If you’re still unsure about the previous methods, just create another account and find the person you think has blocked you. And, if you still can’t find them from your new account, likely they don’t want to interact with you on IG in any way possible.

So, these are some of the tricks that you can try to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram or not. However, most of these tricks can also lead to the conclusion that their account has been deactivated, so it is better to confirm that as well.

How to See the Accounts You’ve Blocked on Instagram?

You can also see the accounts that you’ve blocked on Instagram. Just follow these steps:

  • Tap on the hamburger menu on the top-right of the Insta homepage.
    Tap the hamburger menu
  • Open Settings and Privacy.
    Open Settings and Privacyy
  • Scroll down and tap on Blocked.
    Tap on blocked

Now, you can see the list of the accounts you’ve blocked. Moreover, if you block someone, Instagram will never notify the person.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is an app that prioritizes the privacy of its users. From who stalks you on Instagram to who has blocked you, there’s no way to find out the answer. Even though you’ll find popular creators and influencers sharing tricks and shortcuts regarding the app, it’s always better to avoid them. 

In addition, there can be other tricks and possible ways that help you in getting an idea of who has blocked you on Instagram. You can surely try them as they’re definitely worth considering and give better results than share more blocked.


Where is share others blocked on Instagram

Share others blocked is just an engagement-boosting technique used by creators, according to which you can see who has blocked you on IG. But Instagram has made no official announcement regarding it.

Can I send a message to someone who blocked me on Instagram

No, it is not possible to send messages to someone who has blocked you on Insta.

How to see who blocked you on instagram?

There’s no well-tested or accurate way to find out who blocked you on Insta. However, you can try a few tricks to get an idea.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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