How to See Who Stalks Your Instagram Account?

| Updated on March 14, 2024

Can you see who stalks your Instagram?

How to know if someone is stalking you on social media?

These queries have undoubtedly been posed by users who are constantly establishing their social media presence. Members of Instagram and the majority of social networks are unable to see who has visited their accounts.

The very nature of social media is communal. Being visible online and having people show interest in you are two costs of conducting business online. Having said that, there is a distinction between actively interacting with you, being inquisitive about you, and stalking.

This blog post will teach you how to check who viewed your Instagram profile. After reading this post, you’ll be able to tell if someone is stalking you on Instagram or simply browsing your Instagram account.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to determine if someone is regularly watching your Instagram profile. The social networking site doesn’t provide much information about what’s happening, who is viewing what, or when someone is viewing your page. Instagram Stories is your only choice to know about viewers. Let’s see how to find out who stalks your Instagram.

Why Can’t You See Who Viewed Your Profile on Instagram?

There are no tools on Instagram to see who is viewing your account. It is even possible to view Instagram without an account, so there is no shortage of possibilities on the platform. 

Even Instagram for Business profiles is unable to see who has viewed them. They just have access to data, such as how many people have watched their account in the previous week, demographics, and other stats.


Therefore, there are no means to identify the Instagram stalker. As a result, insta-stalking increases as people freely search for DIY projects or fashion motivation. 

The appeal of social media as a whole is related to the decision to keep profile-viewing actions private. It is used by millions of people to observe how others go about their everyday lives. For individuals to use these platforms freely and look up anyone they want, a sense of anonymity is required. 

One of the few social media platforms that do let users see who has visited their profiles is LinkedIn. It’s likely that individuals are visiting accounts on LinkedIn with much more caution. It may also apply to the amount of time spent using applications. On average, users spend 1 minute per day on LinkedIn while spending 29 minutes per day on Instagram.

How to Know If Someone is Stalking You on Instagram?

It’s possible that someone is skipping over any interactions or stories you share. Then, figuring out who follows you on Instagram might be difficult.

However, this social media app has a lot of tools that allow users to communicate with one another. Therefore, even if an Instagram stalker is being cautious, certain behaviors may hint at it. Let’s take a look at our chances.

Method 1: Analyze the Interactions on Your Instagram

Checking your profile interactions is the simplest first step. Simply click the heart icon located in the upper right corner. You can see here if someone has followed you or liked and remarked on one of your Instagram posts.

insta story

Be aware that you cannot see here who has watched your Instagram posts or stories. However, it is a clear sign that someone is stalking you if they consistently like or remark on your Instagram pictures or stories. 

Additionally, it is a warning sign if a user engages with your material but chooses not to follow you. Since they don’t see your content in their feed, these users must visit your profile to view your Instagram pictures or stories. This is exactly what IG stalkers frequently do, and this can be a simple answer to your question of how to tell who stalks your Instagram.

Method 2: Use Third-party Apps

Third-party app

You might obtain an unofficial app in the hopes of examining your Instagram and learning how to know who stalks you on Instagram. However, so-called Instagram stalker applications have yet to figure out how to extract such information. 

Such applications typically aren’t real and are designed to trick users into connecting to their Instagram or other social media profile. They can display some functionality, such as making lists of the users who supposedly view your profile the most frequently. Unfortunately, there is no basis for thinking that these findings are true. 

Method 3: Check Who has Viewed Your Instagram Story

This hypothesis regarding the IG stalker may seem improbable. It indicates that the lists of those who have viewed your stories can provide insights. 

Usually, the Instagram story view order is no longer chronological once you reach a certain threshold for article views. Instead, it looks to be in random order. Instagram has not yet provided an explanation for why some users are ranked higher than others. 

In essence, individuals who want to know who follows them on Instagram actively can use their stories: 

  • Create an Instagram story and publish it. 
  • Wait until it starts receiving views. After that, go through the list of viewers of your story. After publishing, you have 24 hours to do this. 
  • According to the theory, the person who sees your profile the most is the one at the top of the list. 
  • Since there isn’t any conclusive evidence to back this theory, keep in mind that the list of story viewers could simply be random. 
  • Additionally, you have another opportunity to identify possible IG  stalkers. Consider finding followers who read your stories 5 or 10 minutes after you publish them, for instance. 

Method 4: Check your Instagram followers.

You should also conduct a more comprehensive analysis of your Instagram follower list. Simply press on your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen, followed by the number of followers, to accomplish this. You can view a list of all your Instagram friends here.


Check the account of any person you see who you don’t recognize. Here are a few indicators of a phoney account:

  • There is little to no action from the user.
  • The user doesn’t have a picture or any other information that would help you recognize them.

We advise deleting fake accounts because this allows prospective Instagram stalkers to conceal themselves, raising the possibility of Instagram scams. 

Additionally, we advocate removing all of the accounts that you find intriguing and that you are unfamiliar with. Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to your social media following, and the latter typically entails additional risks.

Method 5: Look Out for Repetitive Commentators 

The people who like or comment on your posts are a good indicator of who is following you actively on Instagram. For instance, repetitive comments on your pictures could indicate that the individual visits your profile frequently. 

Of course, it’s possible that their Instagram feeds already contain your posts. But if someone keeps commenting on your profile but doesn’t follow you, it means they are actively looking at your profile. 

Method 6: Use Instagram Insights

post insites

One can also use Instagram Insights to get detailed statistics on your Instagram activity anytime. The degree of engagement and other interactions are visible here, but you can not determine who is stalking you through insights. Also, access to this function requires an Instagram account for a business or creator.

How to Block Stalkers on Instagram?

Potential suspects may be identified by your analysis of who has watched or commented frequently on your Instagram story and posts. Do not be afraid to block Instagram users who harass or leave offensive comments on your photos. 

Blocking Instagram accounts is as follows: 

  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Go to Settings by tapping the three-line icon. 
  • Next, go to Privacy and click on Blocked accounts.
  • By selecting the + symbol and searching for the account, you can add someone to the block. 
    blocked accounts
  • Confirm Block by tapping. 

Alternatively, you can do it immediately through Instagram chats: 

  • With the individual you want to block, start a chat. 
  • At the chat’s top, tap on their name. 
  • Locate and select the Block option. 

On Instagram, stalkers can conceal themselves behind fictitious accounts or keep establishing new profiles even after being blocked. Therefore, it is recommended to set your account to private and approve the following requests from users you are familiar with. 

How to Prevent Stalkers from Accessing Your Instagram Account?

Knowing the things you need to succeed on Instagram, will also attract unwanted attention. Without question, you cannot identify the Instagram stalker. Nevertheless, much confidential information may be present in your Instagram profile. It is, therefore, best to keep it private. 

Here are some recommendations for keeping your Instagram account and uploads secure: 

  • To avoid arbitrary users from seeing your messages, keep your profile private. 
  • If someone’s comments make you uncomfortable, block them from leaving comments on your posts. 
  • Block Instagram users who behave strangely or send rude private messages. 
  • Do not accept the following requests from accounts that appear fake and have no posts, followers, or profile photos.
  • Avoid sharing private information on Instagram, such as preferred hangouts, locations, or schedules. 
  • Avoid posting pictures in real time. Before posting photos from a night out or other events, wait a few hours.

The Bottom Line

There are several methods to make an educated guess and identify admirers or stalkers on Instagram, including the ability to see who has viewed your profile:

Statistics on your account reveal the types of users who are interested in your material. Limit access to your content if you don’t want people to look at and stalk your profile.

But keep in mind that the list of users who frequently view your Instagram account won’t be exhaustive. Additionally, all the methods that we discussed above provide us with potential IG stalkers only. I hope this blog will help you in finding out the IG stalkers.


IS there an app to see who looks at your Instagram?

You cannot rely on a third-party app to tell you who has viewed your Instagram profile. You may have seen ads for applications that claim to alert you and provide information whenever someone views your Instagram page. Many of these apps lack legitimacy and dependability.

HOW do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

It’s possible that someone on Instagram has blocked you if you are unable to follow them. A message stating “This account is private” or “User not found” will appear when you attempt to follow a user who has blocked you.

Can you check who viewed your Instagram Story after 24 hours?

After the story has been posted for 24 hours, you can review the list of viewers. You must make a Story Highlight to make that happen. The viewer’s list, however, is only accessible for 48 hours through this method.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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