• How to Know if Someone Blocked you on Instagram? Here’s How You Can Find Out!

    | Updated on September 1, 2023
    There can be a ton of reasons to get blocked by someone on Instagram. And if you want to know whether someone blocked you on Instagram, give the following article a read. As we will be discussing how you can find out and what happens if someone blocked you on Instagram.  

    Fighting the urge to not ask your friend for confirmation if you were blocked by someone on Instagram can certainly be a tough spot to be in! 

    But we can’t blame anyone for having such thoughts since Instagram, like many other social media platforms, doesn’t notify you when someone blocks you. 

    So if someone hasn’t been in touch with you for a while, and you think you might have been blocked by them, read on for how you can find out if someone blocked you on Instagram.

    In this article, we will be discussing how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram and what happens when they do. So let’s find out. 

    How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

    To know if someone has blocked you on Instagram, you can try following the methods we will be discussing below. 

    • Search their Instagram username

    The first and most direct method to find if someone has blocked you on Instagram is by looking up their username. Just go to the search bar and type their username, then hit search. 

    So it is obvious that if you’re able to see their account and go through the posts, the user didn’t block you. However, if you see the “This account is private” with the option to “Follow”, then the user may have removed you as a follower from their followers’ list. 

    If no results of their account appear once you hit enter, then it is possible that you have been blocked by that user. But, it could also mean three other things: the user may have:

    • Changed their username
    • Deactivated their account
    • Deleted their account

    As it is pretty easy to figure out if a user has deactivated his/her account, you can find out whether they changed their username as well. Just simply go to any post or comment where you think they were tagged in the past and click on it. Once you tap on their username, you will be able to view their newly changed username if they have done that. 

    If you can see their account info like their number of followers, following, and their bio as well but not their posts or the message “No Posts Yet“, this could most likely mean they blocked you. 

    • Check your Messages

    If someone blocked you on Instagram, this will only stop you and the user from having a conversation from then onwards. And if you exchanged messages with them in the past, they won’t disappear. 

    So you can go to your conversation with that person and try messaging them. If the messages don’t get delivered, this means you’ve been blocked by that user.

    • Search for their profile from a different account 

    If you block someone on Instagram, you won’t be able to see their account in the search results. And even if you somehow manage to, you won’t be able to view their posts and the “No Posts Yet” message will appear. 

    So to confirm whether you have been blocked by the other user, search for their username using a different account. And if the option to follow along with other details appears after you search for them, this means your other account has been blocked by the user. 

    • Check your Comments 

    If you can think of any likes or comments under a post where you or someone else mentioned or interacted with the person that you’ve suspicions for, head over there. Click on the likes or the comment section and if you are able to view their account along with other information like bio, posts, etc. it’s all good, and you’re still added with the person as a follower. However, if you see the messages like “No Posts Yet” or “User not found”, you know what it means. You can view your liked posts on Instagram as well.

    • Look for their Profile using a Link 

    Every account created on Instagram is assigned a unique URL that includes the user’s username. To search for the unique URL of the person that you think has blocked you, follow the given steps:

    • Open the browser on your mobile or PC.
    Open the browser
    • Type https://www.instagram.com/username in the search bar and press Enter.
    Enter “https://www.instagram.com/username.”
    • If you are not blocked, their profile will appear and if you are, then the page will show the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available” as shown in the picture below. 
    “Sorry, this page isn’t available” error.

    So these were some methods that could possibly help you in finding out whether you are blocked on Instagram. And if none of these methods worked for you, it is possible that Instagram is not working. Now let’s see what happens when someone blocks you on Instagram.

    What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Instagram?

    It is pretty easy to find out the accounts you have blocked since Instagram provides the list of users that you have blocked. However, if you want to find out who has blocked you on the platform, it is certainly not possible. Unlike the “Blocked Accounts” section, there is an official way like a section for the accounts that have blocked you. And so, the only resort left is for you to check it yourself, like searching for the user’s username that you’re doubtful for. 

    Methods That Don’t Work

    As we have discussed, there are some methods that work in finding out whether you are blocked on Instagram by someone. However, there are some methods that users tend to think work when they actually don’t. So we are going to explain them a bit below.

    • Checking the Profile Picture 

    The users think that one of the ways to figure out whether you are blocked by someone on Instagram is by viewing their profile picture. But, that is not the case if you want to find out whether you are blocked. 

    The user may simply have removed their profile picture from the platform, and being blocked doesn’t necessarily have to do anything with being blocked by the user. If you are wondering how, let us tell you. Whenever you are blocked by a user on Instagram, you can still see their profile picture. So if someone does not have their display picture set, this doesn’t have to mean that they have blocked you. 

    • Trying to Send Message

    Unlike Snapchat, Instagram does not show an error message when you try to message someone who has blocked you. In case you’re wondering if you are able to text the person who you thought had blocked you, and hence you aren’t blocked, don’t rely on this method solely. Why? Because it doesn’t work!

    If you keep texting the person, the messages might seem to get delivered, but they won’t get received by the user’s end. And not only that, even if you get unblocked by the person in the future, those messages still won’t get received by the user. So, it is futile to text the person to confirm whether you are blocked or not as this method clearly doesn’t work, so one should know this. 


    ANS: No, 0 posts can also mean that the person’s account is private. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’re blocked. It is also possible that the user may be facing an “unable to post on Instagram” issue.

    ANS: Instagram lets users send texts even if the other user blocks them. However, those messages won’t ever get received by the other user’s end, even if they decide to unblock them in the future.

    ANS: No, if you can still view the stories and posts of the other person, this means you aren’t blocked. The user may simply have removed their profile picture on the platform.

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