Current Generation GPUs: RX 6700XT Vs. RTX 3070, Review 2024

| Updated on February 13, 2024
GeForce RTX 3070 Vs. RX 6700XT

When people talk about current generation budget-friendly graphic cards, the idea of AMD and Nvidia pops in, graphics that turn normal PCs into the best computers for gamers. With every new launch, their graphic features get enhanced, either its ray tracing, memory strength, RT cores, CUDA cores, or TDP. Seriously, after the launch of Nvidia’s 40 series launch, a huge crowd attraction has already shifted towards Nvidia RTX 4090 vs. RTX 4080. Nevertheless, users do count on capable GPUs like RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 for their unmatchable performance. 

Gaming and graphics are evolving a lot, and so are their competitive real-world benchmarks. It would be interesting to know which among the RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 is a more appealing deal in the mid-range graphic leagues.

Specs Table of RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 Graphic Card

Before heading towards a face-off between the two video cards, it would be interesting to watch their individual features like memory speed, Tensor cores, memory, price, and much more.


FeaturesRX 6700XTRTX 3070
ArchitectureRDNA 2.0Ampere
GPU Model Navi 23GA104
Memory Speed16GT/s14GT/s
Memory Type GDDR6GDDR6
Memory Clock 16Gbps15Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 384Gbps448Gbps
Memory Interface128 bit192 bit
CUDA Cores2,560 5,888
Tensor CoresNo tensor cores184
RT Cores4046

After looking at the specification table above, it can be easily noticed RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 are competitors with close figures in their memory speed or tensor cores and many other configurations. Now, let’s discuss the competing benchmark feature of the two GPUs in the article ahead. 

Brief on RX 6700XT: Advantages and Disadvantages

RX 6700XT

Overall Rating: 4★

An RDNA 2.0 architectured memory card that gives an exemplary gaming experience to its users under the quality resolution 1080p and 1440p. With 40 RT cores and 2,560 CUDA cores, this mid-range graphics only uses the battery up to 260W. It does not have any Tensor core but is highly appreciated for its Navi 22 chip, running with an awesome base clock and boost clock speed.

It is still not an expensive option with a $499 MSRP, in comparison to AMD Radeon RX 550X, which costs much more than its graphic processing. 

Best GPU for 1080p and 1440p resolutionCannot be trusted with more than 50fps in 4k resolution
Decent memory strength of 12GB GDDR6 to hold extensive game titlesBattery churning of 260W is huge
The memory clock speed of 16Gbps is enough to run games smoothly

Brief on RTX 3070: Advantages and Disadvantages

RTX 3070

Overall Rating: 3.9★

RTX 3070 came into the market on September 2020 with an MSRP of $499. With Ampere architecture, they have a quite low memory speed than various launched 40series graphic cards. The card can be applauded for its ray tracing and AI technology features, thanks to the 46 RT cores and 5,888 CUDA cores in its hardware, yearning to provide gamers with the best graphic ray tracing quality.

The price is quite exorbitant as the memory goal of this GPU is only up to 8GB with a memory bandwidth of 448Gbps.

Awesome ray tracing through its 5,888 RT CoresMemory speed of 14GT/s is low to have a smooth gaming experience
Preferrable for both 1440p and 4k gaming Less memory support of 8GB
5,888 CUDA cores, parallel processors for extensive gaming
Pocket-friendly price of $329

Benchmarks Performance: Which GPU is Better Value For Performance? 

To fulfill real-world gaming titles’ needs and current gaming user demands, GPUs must be future-proof. Let’s learn about RTX 3070 and RX 6700XT video cards and their performance through the benchmarks.

  • 1080p,1440p, and 4k Gaming

    GPU is an important feature in gaming laptops and PC. It is a gaming peripheral on which users spend huge amounts of money. For the gaming resolution of 1080p at the max settings, both the cards impress the gaming users with the maximum fps. From both the GPUs, a maximum fps of 100 can be expected. RTX 3070 has a performance advantage in 1080p settings after scaling the benchmarks and can give much-enhanced flagship performance than 6700XT.

    Both the graphic cards give absolutely praise-worthy performance at the modern gaming titles with 1440p settings. Users can expect a minimum of 60fps in heavily demanding titles and 100fps after dropping some ultra settings. A smooth, fluid performance can be easily achieved in less extensive titles. RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 perform quite the same in 1440p gaming, but it has been observed that the former has 6.6% higher frame rates than the latter.

    In order to give 4k gaming a try, users might suffer in both GPUs to reach up to 60fps. In order to feel the 4k gaming, the preferable option is RTX 3070, when the settings are dropped a little. Nevertheless, the user can hit 60fps from both the cards, but the winning card would be RTX 3070 for sure.

  • Ray Scaling

    It is essential to ensure realism in gaming, and ray tracing is one of the discovered technologies. With different architecture in the two video cards, the performance of ray scaling also has different graphs. Nvidia cards are well-trained in this field, making RTX 3070’s better performance with its 46 RT cores, 6 more than the RX 6700XT.

  • RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and CUDA Cores

    There are multiple cores in the hardware of the GPU which ensure different processing to help run gaming titles smoothly with more efficiency. RTX 3070 has 5,888 RT cores, which are simply the processors working to take care of ray tracing in the games. The processing in RX 6700XT can be expected through its 2,560 CUDA cores, which is 3000 less than. 

    RTX 3070, i.e., highly efficient. 

    RT cores, as discussed, are ruling fields of Nvidia, turning RTX 3600 into a better Ray tracing performer. For mixed-precision computing, tensor cores are trusted, and surprisingly there are no tensor cores in the RX 6700XT card. The other competing card of Nvidia has 185 tensor cores, which does accurate processing and accelerates huge calculations.

  • Price

    RTX 3060 is a cheaper graphic card in comparison to RX 6700XT by at least $50. After knowing the global GPU shortage, the AMD card might be present with more price than its MSRP of  $379. Nvidia claims to have no GPU shortage, thereby ensuring a modest price for its GPUs across the market. 

    While comparing the two graphic card prices with their processing power, it can be highly noted that Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is a much more user-friendly option, with better processing, whether it’s the RT cores, 4k performance, or its pocket-friendly price. 

Feature Rating of RX 6700XT and RTX 3070

Both the cards of AMD and Nvidia cannot be called moderate cards in comparison to the new card launches; instead, RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 are popular among the masses for their graphic performance at 1080p and 1440p gaming. These two mid-range cards are highly competitive, quite similar to AMD RX 6600 vs. Nvidia RTX 3060

FeaturesRX 6700XTRTX 3070
Memory and Memory Speed4★3.3★
Ray Scaling4★4.8★
4k Gaming2★3★
Memory Clock3.6★3.3★

Which GPU is More Powerful? RX 6700XT or RTX 3070

For balancing current gaming performance, users require the best configuration. Well, beginners can continue with light graphics and start with 1080p resolution, but pro gamers who require quintessential gaming experience through 4k gaming resolution and ultra settings surely require a powerful GPU. Among the two GPUs; RX 6700XT and RTX 3070, it is quite clear which one holds the most strength, but let’s just discuss. 

In order to call a GPU “powerful,” it must have a decent memory configuration, boost clock speed, ample RT cores, CUDA cores, and Tensor cores, fps at various resolutions, and applaudable memory speed. RX 6700XT is desired majorly for 1080p and 1440p gaming, but with a more cheap price; users are gifted with RTX 3070 option, which is $50 cheap and, being Nvidia’s mid range graphic card, also has a less power churning habit. 

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews ahead are ready to assist users in choosing AMD and Nvidia cards, RX6700 XT, and RTX 3070, respectively, through authentic shared thoughts of users.

  • “Don’t let the 1080p marketing deter you, as RX 6700XT is a capable 1440p card. The latest games may require some graphics tinkering to maintain that solid 60fps or greater. As an example, older titles like Shadow of the tomb raider and Death Stranding are in the 80fps range while something newer like Ghost Wire Tokyo was in the 50fps range before tweaking.” ~ Riva Iron Grip
  • “Picked RTX 3070 out on a whim when Best Buy had a drop.  Had it for a few weeks now, and it’s holding strong. Temps are low, and coming from a 1050ti, this thing is awesome. I can play everything on ultra settings. Obviously, certain games are going to have frame-low FPS. But I can get 75-90 FPS on Warzone.” ~ Liam
  • “I had reservations on the 6700 tx, but after about a month, I am very pleased with the purchase. This thing is a beast! I have no issues running max settings on 1440p on games like Elden Ring, Lost Ark, and Valorent. It also never goes above 70 degrees, although I’m not sure how much of this is attributed to the card as it is my airflow.” ~ Tyler Wilson.`
  • “Excellent graphics card. RTX 3070 is less expensive than many mid-range graphics; I would say it’s not worth all the extra price, but these days are better than nothing. Go for it.” ~ Eric

Get Assist Verdict: Which Card Is Worth It?

Nvidia graphic cards have developed themselves as gaming goliaths. Their graphic cards are much more efficient and less expensive, not just matching the needs of modern games’ extensive titles but also the needs of users. Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is a better efficient option than the other cards, and there are several supporting statements for calling it so.

First, RTX 3070, being a pocket-friendly option, performs with quite the same fps at 1080p and 1440p resolutions as RX6700 XT. Ray tracing is an important element in gaming and is an excellent field of Nvidia, resulting in a realistic experience throughout the games. In the end, users with 4k gaming needs are advised to consider other high-end graphics cards in the market. 

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Which GPU is the best option at 1080p quality among RX 6700XT and RTX 3070?

Among RX 6700XT and R TX 3070, the former is the best pocket-friendly option.

Is 4k gaming possible in RX 6700XT and RTX 3070 graphic cards?

In order to have a pleasant 4k gaming experience, at least IOOfps much be reached. Both AMD and Nvidia’s graphic cards cannot be trusted for 4k resolution competitive gaming.

What is the worldwide GPU shortage?

Worldwide GPU shortage indicates less production of GPU in the market as compared to its user requirement, which leads scalpers and crypto miners to snatch the whole stock. The available stock is present at a much exaggerated MSRP rate.

Which GPU can be appreciated for high-end gaming performance?

Both the GPUs give decent fps up to 100 in 1080p and 1440p resolution. In order to give high-end gaming titles a try through these cards, it is essential for gaming users to drop their settings a little.

Which GPU is better, RX 6700XT or RTX 3070?

RTX 3070 is a better GPU option due to better balanced graphic support with ample RTCores, and CUDA cores and its ability to take modern extensive game titles smoothly at 4k once the settings are dropped a little by the user.

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