AMD Radeon RX 550X Mobile Graphic Card Specs, Ratings, Features with Authentic Reviews 2023

| Updated on May 8, 2024
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A huge sum of gamers’ investment runs behind the graphics, which perform to provide the best gaming experience. “RX 550X mobile is an apt graphic holder” is the proposition across the whole article ahead. We will get to know it closely through power consumption, graphic settings, architecture, and gaming support. 

This discrete GPU with GCN 4.0 architecture and a 50W power consumption is accessed for multiplayer gaming experiences and usually for older games. Unveil if RX 550X Mobile is the amiable option for your gaming needs. Without any further ado, let’s travel to its specs, features, pros, and cons with customer reviews. 

Key takeaway: RX 550X mobile graphics chip does a decent function to balance the old games pixel need. After comparing the power consumption, pixel processing, and price, you will find this a perfect option for playing multiplayer games.

Specs of Radeon RX 550X

Radeon RX 550X need to be studied primarily through its specification which elaborates its GPU variant, release date, bus interface, architect, memory size and types with power consumption. Below table will help you get all the above details.

GPU NamePolaris 23
GPU VariantPolaris 23 MXT
ArchitectureGCN 4.0
Release DateApril 11th, 2018
GenerationMobility Radeon(RX M500X)
Memory Size2 GB
Memory TypeGDDR5
Memory Bus64bit
Pixel Rate18.82Pixel/s
ConnectorPCI-Express 3.0 x8 interface

Amazing Processing Features of RX 550X

RX 550X was launched on April 11th, 2018, While judging a processor, there are not many features to gauge on. We all need to know the gaming it supports, power consumption, and price details.

  • Power Consumption

This discrete GPU, Radeon RX 550X mobile, has a low power consumption of 50W and thus can support the various desired games with the least hindrance power intake. The Polaris 23  graphic processor ensures the gaming performance of medium standard pixel games.

  • Game Performance

The GPU variant Polaris 23MXT of Mobility Radeon (RX 500X) generation is believed to support multiplayer games and is good for playing old games at 720p, and even 1080p graphic settings. It also supports the DX 12 framework that is used by the latest games. You will feel delighted to choose this mobile graphic card for supporting maximum games with medium graphic settings.

  • GPU Processing 

RX 550X is a decent option among various other graphic card options, thanks to its GCN 4.0 architecture supporting the pixels rate of 18.82 pixels with intel Core i3-12100. The average 1080p and 1440p performance is 15.3fps and 11.0fps, respectively, which is relatively low and will most probably not support the high pixel games. For newer games, it may cause issues and might require a GPU with higher performance.

  • Memory Support

With 2.0GB memory, the user is not provided with much memory support. You will definitely suffer while playing the maximum games as the data support will be less. As per the recommendations of companies like Nvidia and Adobe, one at least requires 4GB memory supporting graphic cards for light work needs.

  • Price

After gauging the RX 550X Mobile graphic card through its gaming companionship with 2GB memory and 50W power consumption support in the consecutive laptop, the price of $923 is not pocket-friendly as well as user-friendly. 

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons chart will help clarify if RX 550X is a compatible processor. Let’s find out.

  • Lower power consumption
  • Receives driver updates
  • Best for multiplayer games
  • Apt for 720p and 1080p low graphic settings
  • Unsupportive for new games pixels
  • Memory backup is low
  • Highly expensive

Should You Give It A Try?

After rolling through its features and pros and cons chart, let’s acknowledge with a short discussion if Radeon RX 550X mobile graphics card by AMD could pass the current gaming nerd’s needs.

As per the connected storage backup, it is capable of running the gaming needs with up to DirectX 12. It is good for multiplayer games, old games, and games with lower graphic settings, but with current high-performance games, it will cause issues, and you must require a GPU with higher performance.

Already you will be spending a huge amount on buying this graphic supporting DirectX 12 with low power consumption; you will still not be able to have the best gaming experience. Reconsider this option only if you are satisfied to play multiplayer games and games with not more than 1080p graphic settings.

RX 550X GPU Customer Reviews

These reviews will help you make the decision more accurately. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  • It is considered one of the weakest graphic cards and won’t meet the current modern AAA game specs.
  • The performance is similar to Nvidia Geforce MX250 and suitable only for low-level gaming.
  • Great GPU for the price. I am able to play the newer games at high settings on 1080p. Would recommend this card to anyone for casual gaming.
  • It is a great budget graphic card that supports almost every game at full ultra settings on 1080p. If you are looking for a card that does the basic game functions, then RX 550X Radeon is the one.
  • One basic complaint is the height of the card and the position of the 8-pin outlet for the power cable. Using this in a pre-built system, case size was a bit of a problem, and you might need an adapter to redirect the power cable in order to get the case close. 
  • It is one of the best budget GPUs. Easy to install, stays cool, and the black and gunmetal gray will match most setups.

Closing Thoughts

As per the detailed specifications, features, and customer reviews, we found Radeon RX 550X to be a suitable mobile graphic card. One that is going to support your medium gaming needs with lesser power consumption. Though the memory backup was a little odd, it will satiate the hunger DX 12 framework that the latest games use. 


What is the appropriate amount of memory storage that the Radeon RX 550X must have?

Radeon RX mobile with its current 2GB storage power should at least provide a backup of 4GB for light work.

What games can you play on Radeon RX 550X?

One can easily play 80% of the top 10,000 PC games like GTA 5, Apex Legends, Cod Warzone, and Cyberpunk 2077.

How is Radeon RX 550X performance in comparison to recent AMD launches?

Recently AMD has released integrated GPUs on their processors which are about the same performance and consume less power, AMD Vega 8.

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