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    | Updated on December 23, 2021

    Microsoft Outlook is a budding Email software used by an estimated 400 million people over the world on a daily basis to send or receive messages. Along with the message services, it also provides a huge number of extravagant features, like- meetings/Appointment organizers, calendars, notes, projects, and many more.

    With a huge number of users, it is certain to have some issues every now and then, not only due to the program’s incapability but also due to difficulties in handling a pile of users.

    Due to Outlook Server issues, a lot of users restrict themselves to connecting with Outlook. As Outlook server errors cease you from sending or receiving any mails, which can be considered as a drawback of the software. 

    Recently, a lot of people have started facing issues with “Outlook Server ”. Sometimes, Outlook is unable to connect to the server by cutting the connection out of the blue. And there are so many websites to confuse you with tremendous solutions, that you might get confused about the relevance and reliability.

    But, you are at the right corner, as we are providing you with well-tested and tried methods to Find and Fix your Outlook  IMAP Server errors, caused specifically due to the server shots


    Why is your Outlook Account not connecting to IMAP services?

    There can be some well-known or some unknown reasons for Outlook server errors. To know some of the reasons, let’s have a sneak-peak!

    • Reason 1: Incorrect/ Wrong Configuration Settings 
    • Reason 2: Outlook Settings Error, Outlook is not allowing to receive certain files
    • Reason 3: Damaged or Corrupted PST Files
    • Reason 4: No connection to Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Reason 5: Locked Data Files
    • Reason 6: Involvement of Third Parties

    Now, let us tour you through a Mini Guidebook to resolve the Outlook issues of your Account in one go!

    All-in one Helpbook to fix Outlook Server Errors

    Under Outlook Server Error, you might not be able to send or receive mails or perform certain basic actions. To resolve these issues immediately, unfold the page and try out all the proven solutions.

    Let’s start with some easiest and most effective methods

    Basic Methods

    Method 1: Turn On/Off is the Key

    Working via Outlook on any device can lead to several apps or programs running in the background of that device(Laptop/Pc). This might prevent your app from connecting to the server efficiently, due to some temporary errors in the current app or another app running at the back end.

    Just simply try to restart the app, and the device you are using the app on, to flush out the issues in one go. 

    Just give it some time!

    Probably, you will be able to resolve the issue from the first step only. But, if it does not work. 

    Keep Scrolling! You have a long way to go.

    Method 2: Work Offline

    For this method, let us check out the following steps:

    • Step 1: Go to the Send/Receive bar at the top right to see the following screen.
    Go to send/receive option at top right 
    • Step 2: Check if your Outlook Account is set under offline, as shown below: 
    Outlook set in Work offline
    • Step 3: In case, your account is set under offline, tap on it to change it to work online as shown below: 
    Work Online on Outlook

    Method 3: Check for Incorrect Credentials 

    Follow the steps, to see if you entered any wrong data while logging in to your Outlook Account-

    • Step 1: Go to your Outlook Account Homepage
    Go to your outlook Account Settings
    • Step 2: Under Account Settings, Click on Account Settings:
    Account Settings in Outlook Account
    • Step 3: Under Account settings, go to Email and Click on your Email Account 
    Email Account under Outlook Account Settings
    • Step 4: After selecting your Account, Click on the Remove bar
    Remove your Email Account


    Method 4: Poor Internet Connection 

    Just check if you are connected perfectly to a strong Wifi connection, and check for the Wifi Settings or directly talk to the WiFi dealer. Or use your cellular/Hotspot data, in emergencies.

    Method 5: Reinstall Outlook 

    To reinstall your Outlook Account, keep scrolling through-

    • Step 1: Open Run Window (Windows+R)
    Go to Run Command
    • Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl under Run Program and click on Ok, as shown below: 
    Click on Ok under Run Program
    • Step 3: As the Program Manager opens, click on Microsoft 365 and tap on Change at the upper taskbar
    Click on Microsoft 365 and tap on Change
    • Step 4: As the following screen appears, click on Repair followed by Continue tab
    Go to repair and click on Continue from Microsoft
    • Step 5: Microsoft will automatically detect and resolve the temporary faults, if any. 
    Microsoft will automatically resolve temporary issues

    The configuration process may take some time. So, be patient. 

    • Step 6: After the configuration process, you will receive the following message. From here, just click on Yes and do not turn off your Device while Rebooting. 
    Setup and reboot

    Method 6: Update your Outlook Account 

    Easy-peasy steps to check for Outlook updates 

    • Step 1: Go to your Outlook Account page and click on File at top-right 
    Go to your Outlook Account page
    • Step 2: From here, directly go to Office Account as shown below:
    Office Account in outlook Account 
    • Step 3: In case, there is an update required. You will be able to see it on the right side of the following page under Product Information:

    If you are unable to connect to your Outlook Account, even after checking and trying the above methods. Let’s see-

    Intermediate Methods

    Method 1: Check for Microsoft Exchange Service connection 

    • Step 1: Click on your Outlook File and go to your Outlook Account Settings
    Go to Outlook Account Settings
    • Step 2: Under Outlook Account settings, you will see the following page. Just check the sidebar:
    Sidebar of Outlook Account page

    On the above page, if you see an Orange Icon at the left sidebar. Then, there is a technical issue that will be fixed automatically. In this case, what do you have to do? Just wait!

    Method 2: Repair it by yourself!

    Let’s see how to use the repair option in Outlook Account, to resolve the Server issues automatically-

    • Step 1: Go to your Outlook Account Settings:
    Go to your Outlook Settings
    • Step 2: Under Outlook Account Settings, you will see the following page. Just select your mail account and then click on Repair:
    Select your Email Account and click on Repair, under the Outlook Account Settings
    •  Step 3: Under the following page, check your email details and click on Next.
    Click on Next after checking the Email details
    • Step 4: From here, outlook will automatically configure the issues and resolve them. So, just be patient and let Outlook work for you.

    Method 3: Uninstall plug-in and extensions 

    Follow the steps below to check and remove the involvement or participation of any Third-party plugins-

    • Step 1: Go to your Outlook Account page, click on Options 
    Click on Options, under Outlook Account Settings
    • Step 2: Under the Outlook option, click on Add-Ins at the left sidebar, as shown below: 
    Click on Add-Ins under Outlook Options
    • Step 3: Click on COM Add-Ins and enter Go 
    COM Add-ins and enter Go
    • Step 4: Under COM Add-Ins, select the unwanted plugins/ extensions,and click OK, as shown below: 
    Select the unwanted plugins and click on Ok

    Step 5: After selecting unwanted plugins, click on Remove:

    Remove the unwanted extensions or plug-ins

    By this way, all the unnecessary plugins or third-party extensions will be removed easily from the collection of corrupted or faulty components.

    Let’s go with the flow to the next Method!

    Method 4: Rebuild Outlook Data Files 

    Your device must be filled with Outlook files, running and saved at the back-end, which can be one of the reasons for your Outlook Server error. To create new files and resolve the errors in the saved files, Just follow the steps: 

    • Step 1: Go to Account Information and directly click on Account Settings
    Go to Account Settings in Outlook
    • Step 2: Under Outlook Account Settings, go to Data Files
    Data Files under Outlook Account Settings
    •  Step 3: As you open the data files, select your Outlook Mail Account 
    Select your outlook mail account
    • Step 4: As you select your Outlook Mail Account, click on Open File Location
    Open File Location in Outlook
    • Step 5: Open File Manager on your device and select your outlook data, as shown below: 
    Select your outlook data in file manager of your device
    • Step 6: Left click to Delete the Outlook Data
    Delete Outlook data
    • Step 7: If you want to rename and modify the files, just left-click on Rename, as shown below: 
    Rename Outlook Data Files
    • Step 8: As you tap to rename, you will see the following space for modifications. Enter the changes and you are good to go
    Rename Outlook data files

    You can rename or delete the data, as you like, by the above-mentioned steps. 

    After this process, just Reboot your device or Outlook App and it will automatically generate new files to use.

    Emergency Methods to work with Outlook 

    In case, the following methods do not work out and if you are in immediate need to work through Outlook. Then check out the following options, such as- Adding another Outlook Account, Creating and recreating your Outlook Account.

    Steps for the above methods are mentioned as below:

    Method 1: Add another Account on outlook 

    Let’s set up a new Outlook Account to ease out and continue your freezed outlook work-

    • Step 1: Go directly to outlook Account Setting
    outlook account settings
    • Step 2: As the following page appears, click on New tab, shown below:
    Adding New Account on outlook Account
    • Step 3: Enter the Account details and Set Up your Account in the following section and click Next:
    Create your new account
    • Step 4: After clicking Next again, enter the details of Another Outlook Account as follows:
    Adding another Outlook Account
    • Step 5: As you enter the Account details, Outlook will verify and configure it. After that, you can easily use Outlook through the other Account.
    Configuring Another Account in Outlook
    Set up new Account

    Method 2: Recreating Account on Outlook 

    Setting up your existing Outlook Account again to release the faults, and continue working on outlook, without losing any data-

    • Step 1: Go to the Control panel of your device and click on User Accounts
    User Accounts under Control Panel
    • Step 2: Click on User Accounts, as shown below: 
    Click on User Accounts
    • Step 3:  Choose from the below screen, to Change your current Account   
    Change your Current Outlook Account

    Method 3: To add another outlook Account 

    Steps to create  fresh Outlook Account, in case none of the methods are working-

    • Step 1: Go to Control Panel>> Account Users. From the following page, click Add a new user in PC settings 
    Add a new user in pc Settings
    • Step 2: Directed to the following page. From here, set up your new account 
    Add another Account

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