Fix It Centre Pro- An Automated Diagnostic Portal

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Microsoft launched ‘Fix it Centre Pro’, an automated diagnostic tool that helps you to solve the issues. After a while, Fix it Centre Pro got replaced by Microsoft Diagnostics Services. Microsoft Diagnostics was launched as a self-help portal in 2012 to help the users with Microsoft and its products. It offers several other features that will help you in dealing with Microsoft issues.

Microsoft Diagnostic is an automated troubleshooting service that will help you get solutions for problems related to Microsoft software, services, and applications like Windows, Office, Exchange, Security tools, Internet Explorer, MSN, Server, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure,.NET, Hardware including Xbox and Phone devices, Skype and much more.

  • The process begins with analysis sessions that scan your system to look for the areas where you are facing issues.
  • After the scan is over, the results are uploaded to the Microsoft servers for further processing. This will help in identifying if the issues are known or unknown to Microsoft.
  • If a known issue is found, you will get the steps to resolve the same in the message displayed.
  • If the issue doesn’t get resolved with the help of Microsoft Diagnostics, you can initiate a request to have a Microsoft technical support representative contact you.

Microsoft also provides its Virtual Support Agent to help you solve your issues.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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