Disclose the Mystery of Instagram Story Viewer Order 2024: How Does It Work?

| Updated on February 13, 2024 |
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IG Stories have become increasingly popular since their debut in 2016. But many of you are still confused about what precisely Instagram story viewer order means and how it works.

As you can see, Instagram Stories has flourished and won its rightful position as your go-to tool for engaging with your audience. However, this platform respects user privacy but does provide some unique insights for Insta story viewers. 

That said, this article will assist you in learning how IG story viewer order works and how to get more viewers to meet your objectives.

Quick Answer

The IG story viewer simply refers to the listed arrangement of users who have particularly seen your story. Therefore, IG does not state any fixed rule on how story views are sorted.

Instagram Stories Viewer: An Overview

With time, Instagram Stories have grown immensely popular and have undergone drastic changes since it was launched.

Instagram Stories

More active users, however, plan story narratives rather than things to post on Instagram accounts to interact with their beloved audience. Apart from this, Meta has added the story function to their other two platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp. On all three sites, there are slightly the same story features.

The capability to see who watched your IG story/video is one of those features because of this, stories vary from post, as you can see who has viewed them. You can specifically see the names of the users who liked, commented on, or otherwise engaged with a post. 

But how does the viewer work on a story? Continue reading to find the answers for the same.

What Does the Order of Instagram Story Views Mean?

The ability to view a list of users who have watched your stories on Instagram is one of its most potent features. When a user’s posted story is playing, they can swipe up to access the complete roster of Insta story viewers. The order is generally determined by platform interactions, though the authentic reason behind the order is still unclear.

Instagram Story Viewers

The order in which you see the followers’ stories depends on things like how frequently you visit their profiles, engage with them by liking and commenting on their posts, and watch their stories. This implies that to alter the order of Insta story viewers, you should change the individuals you interact with. 

For companies and marketers who depend on Instagram engagement, this Instagram story views order is crucial. It can help improve their connections with the right people by focusing on the Instagram story views in the right order. 


The Instagram story viewers list and counts are not available after 48 hours. However, you can access the list of users who reacted to your story anytime. 

How are Instagram Story Views Sorted?

As far as we know, IG doesn’t fully disclose how story views are sorted. But, there are likely variables that affect Instagram story viewed order sorted. 

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Most Interacted Accounts will be Listed First

    The list of viewers is displayed in reverse chronological order up until the story has been watched by more than 50 users. It moves the users who have interacted with the account the most to the head of the list. 

  • Initial Instagram Story Viewers

    It is pretty obvious that whenever you post a story, the new viewers will get the top seats in the order. However, it keeps on changing frequently.

  • Reactions and Replies are Listed at the Top

    Instagram appears to prioritize users according to their reactions and replies to your story. To demonstrate who has liked your story, you will probably see rows of usernames at the top with red hearts next to them.

    Reaction and Replies

    Similarly, it goes the same with the users who have replied to your story via DMs (Direct Messages). In this case, a small glimpse of them will appear in the story views. 

  • Facebook Friends are Expected to be Listed at the Top

    As you know, Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, so users link their accounts for better engagement. In that case, if you have a friend on FB who also follows you on IG, they may tend to place higher at your story views.

    However, the results may vary if you unlink Facebook from Instagram.

  • The Account you do not Follow Back Appears at the Bottom

    Instagram never fails to prioritize the users who engage the most with your account. Additionally, it appears that accounts you don’t follow and the least interacted ones are listed at the bottom of the anonymous Instagram story viewers’ order.

Thus, there is no real chronological order of it. If you looked at your story’s viewers early on and later found them dispersed throughout the list, you might have already put this together.

Well, it appears that the Instagram algorithm is the root cause of everything, as is the case with many other social media riddles. 

Myths About Instagram Story Views Order 

Several misconceptions have arisen as a result of an order of Instagram story views regarding its algorithm. Two of the most typical are listed below.

  • Top Viewers Have Seen Your Story Various Times

    This myth is widespread online and is logically credible but not applicable. The same individual views your story once more and is expected to return to the top. It is regrettably untrue. If someone has previously watched your story numerous times, they might progress further. However, it’s only one indicator of interest.

  • Top Viewers on the Instagram Story are Stalkers

    According to some, individuals who view Instagram stories anonymously but don’t engage with your account rise to the top. That is incorrect, since liking and sharing are forms of involvement, they would, if anything, advance further. Hence, you can consider using alternatives to see who stalks your Instagram.

So, the above-mentioned are some user-made theories but not trustworthy.

Advantages of Instagram Story Viewed Order

The order of Instagram story viewers is one of the most useful features Instagram has to offer. This can be useful for the creator or businesses that need a hike in their engagement. Some instances are listed below. 

  • It somehow reveals who is more interested in your material. You can improve relationships with the right individuals by paying attention to the viewers’ order of Instagram Stories. 
  • Distribution of Insta Story viewers offers useful information that advertisers can use to increase conversion rates.
  • To encourage more interaction with your content, use the story viewer Instagram order list as a reference to determine who to approach first among all of your Story viewers.
  • Creators and businesses can use it to identify which members of their audiences are most interested in their content. You should have a solid plan for communicating with those at the top of the list if you want to make the most of this rank list.
  • Again, for an influencer or business, it’s equally important to grab viewers’ attention from the bottom of the Instagram Stories viewer order list. People who move up your list indicate an increasing interest in your content and will enable you to provide them with higher-quality content. 

Moreover, you must consider creating more appealing and aesthetic stories to grab users’ attention. For example, changing the background color on your IG story or including a sticker link of your profile or something relatable.

Final Thoughts

The order of Instagram story watchers generally seems to be a mystery, but perhaps this is for good. Only the IG team truly knows what’s happening, and they, of course, want to keep their secret for relatable concerns. 

Unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm’s mystery will continue to nag at the back of our thoughts. But until then we can assume, suppose, and hope with wishful thinking that the factors mentioned at the top of the Stories viewer’s list are our biggest admirers. 


What does the order of Instagram story viewers mean?

It has been observed that the first 50 views are arranged chronologically. However, it may vary, depending on various factors like most interacted accounts, reactions, replies, and more.

Why is someone at the top of my Instagram story views?

It can be possible if you visit any particular user’s profile more often or interact with them more frequently. So they are likely to show up at the top of the list.

Can you tell who viewed your Instagram story the most?

Yes, you can see who viewed your Instagram story. Open your story>> Swipe up on the screen>> See the number of viewers and their usernames


Where your Instagram story appears: Instagram Help Center

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