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Read This Before you Permanently Delete your Telegram Account

Are you looking for the right information to recover your deleted Telegram account? If yes, then you have finally landed at the right place. Recently, I ended up mistakenly deleting my Telegram account and faced dire consequences. 

Most of you must have created a Telegram account, but might not be well aware of its deletion process, what all information gets deleted along with the account, and if it is recoverable or not. 

So, if you don’t want to regret it later, go through this guide and know what happens when you permanently delete your Telegram account and how to get it back (in case it is possible).

Can You Recover a Permanently Deleted Telegram Account?

Firstly, I want to mention that a Telegram account can be deleted manually by you or automatically by Telegram officials if your account was inactive for a certain period of time. Here are the important points to consider if you are looking forward to recovering your deleted Telegram account:

  1. No matter if you deleted your Telegram account on your own, or got deleted by Telegram, the deletion process is permanent and irreversible.
  2. Once you delete your Telegram account, you won’t be able to retrieve your history, groups, or contacts.
  3. All your personal chats get wiped off from your side, but still be lying in the other person’s account, with whom you were talking)
  4. Deleting your Telegram account doesn’t delete the channels or groups that you have created, it just leaves them without an owner. So, in that case, it would be ideal if you transfer group chat ownership to any of your contacts before deleting your account.
  5. You can only create a new account using the same phone number or a new one (as many times as you want).
  6. Also, if you have deleted your Telegram account multiple times in a row, you might not be allowed to create a new account with the same number for 7 to 21 days.

Important- You may find third-party tools or hackers that claim to recover your deleted Telegram account for a minimum amount of money; remember that all these are spam and only for them if you are fine losing your hard-earned money. Also, do not download any app that claims to recover deleted telegram account, as they may contain a virus and steal your device’s data as well.

You can also watch this video-


Ans: Irrespective of the fact that your Telegram account was old or new, you cannot recover it, once it has been deleted permanently. If you have not deleted your old Telegram account, you can easily recover it by logging into it using your phone number.

Ans: Although there is no official way to recover messages or chats that you have permanently deleted from your Telegram account, the only option you have is to undo the deletion within 5 seconds. Telegram offers the ‘undo’ button for 5 seconds to get the messages back if you have deleted them mistakenly. Telegram messages are stored in the cloud, so when you delete a message, it gets removed from the cloud as well and there is no legal way to recover the deleted Telegram chat.

Still, you can try to look for a backup of deleted messages on your mobile device:

  1. Go to the ‘File Manager’ section and look for folders by the name ‘Telegram’. If you see any folders like Telegram Audio, Telegram Documents, Telegram Images or Telegram Video folders; you might be able to get the messages if they got saved on your device’s internal or external memory.
  2. You can also look into the Android cache folder where all the deleted messages, photos, GIFs, videos get stored; there you might find the files from recently deleted conversations.

Ans. No, you cannot recover a Telegram account without using your phone number, as you will always need your number to log in to your Telegram account. However, if you are already logged in to your account, you can change your phone number. In case you have lost your number, you will not be able to recover your old Telegram account. 

Ans. To log in to your old Telegram account, you will only need your phone number, enter that and the code that you receive on your number; if you haven’t deleted your Telegram account, you will be allowed to log in.

Ans. You only need your phone number to get back to your active Telegram account; an email address is only required to activate two-step verification or to recover the password in case you forget it. So, to recover a Telegram account without using your email address, simply login to the Telegram app using your phone number.

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