Comparing Top AI Tools With a Focus on Academic Writing Has a Clear Winner: Aithor

| Updated on April 17, 2024

AI is being integrated into almost every field, whether it is in trading, gaming, assistance, or content creation. Using AI in preparing the research paper allows the student to save a lot of time in researching and assist in getting quality educational material. 

One such renowned AI writing tool for academic purposes is Aithor which gives you an edge over other peers. With Aithor experience seamless academic writing that takes reference from authentic sources and citations. Additionally, the best part is the content produced by Aithor is undetectable by any AI-detector tools (mainly GPTZero and ZeroGPT). 


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In this article, we will briefly mention all the key points that make Aithor unique and then compare it to other AI tools as well.

Key Features of Aithor

The best part about this tool is that you can rely on its facts and figures, unlike ChatGPT which sometimes produces inaccurate information. Apart from that here are some key features that make it an alluring option.

  • Easily Edit the Tone: Writing content with AI makes it sound robotic and unnatural. With this tool, you can easily edit the tone of your academic writing. 
  • Undetectable AI Content: As mentioned above, the content produced by Aithor is undetectable by any detector, so if your professor or teacher checks your assignment through an AI plagiarism checker, you’ll be safe. 
  • High Quality: With Aithor experience the high-quality produced content on which you can easily rely. 

Moreover, we have compared Aithor with other academic writing tools as well. By this, we can make an informed decision on choosing the best AI writing tools available. 

Aithor Comparison with Other Tools

Aithor Homepage

We are going to compare Aithor against 3 leading AI writing tools in the market and determine the best. While every tool has its own plus and negative points, we will be focusing on the features and outcomes of the content.

Among the all tools, this was better in terms of features. has anti-plagiarism tools and Grammarly integrated, but in terms of editing, this was the slowest one.

 In the free version, you can only produce 200 words per day which is quite less and makes it hard to determine the quality of the tool. is brilliant at what it does, but it can only perform blogs, essays, emails, and free-flow writing right now. This is undoubtedly affecting academic writing.

Aithor was chosen above due to the much wider option for editing your content. Aithor generates papers of any length, ranging from a few to hundreds of pages. You may quickly shorten, enlarge, or change sections of your work. 


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♬ original sound – Me, Myself & AI can be considered due to its excellent basic features, but the main thing to look for in any AI content-generating tool is whether the content sounds generic or not.

The biggest drawback of this tool is that the content sounds robotic and there is a lack of options to modify the content. Additionally, the user interface is quite attractive and took us extra time to understand the features.

Choosing Aithor over was a no-brainer due to its customization option. can present your text in many formats from informational, objective, descriptive, and even casual to better suit the needs of a specific assignment.

Aithor Customizing Homepage

Another notable AI tool for writing, with positive reviews is suitable for academic and business purposes. The biggest flaw we noticed was when prompted to produce a large amount of content, the tool produced a lot of irrelevant information.

Till now we noticed almost every competitor falls short of providing a better experience in the free trial. However, offers absolutely no free plan making it hard for new users to make informed choices.

Aithor has everything better in terms of supporting lengthy writings with citations in a variety of forms, providing customization options, and producing quality content. The only drawback of Aithor is does not currently provide computer coding solutions like 

Final Thoughts

The best part about Aithor is that, compared to several AI tools, most are dedicated only to essay writing, blogging, and emails. Aithor focuses on assisting with editing your content in minutes. Furthermore, the
tool is capable of modifying the tone and sections of the content with an extremely easy user interface. 

Aithor’s meteoric rise to global user captivation comes as no surprise, boasting a subscriber base spanning an impressive 95 countries worldwide. In a testament to its prowess, the platform achieved a remarkable milestone, crossing the $1 million revenue threshold and achieving profitability within 10
months post-launch. Aithor was launched by SKL VC, a venture studio known for its dedication to leading-edge industries that reshape the global scene. Weprioritize industries that have a transformative impact on the world, such as generative AI, consumer apps, BCI, and blockchain. was founded by Artem Sokolov, VC and serial tech entrepreneur.


Can ChatGPT be used for academic writing?

No, it is highly unrecommended to use ChatGPT for academic writing because the content produced might be inaccurate. Additionally, it can easily be detected as AI content, and even if a person who reads it can make out it’s written by AI due to robotic tone.

Can I take a reference from ChatGPT?

There have been many reported cases of ChatGPT producing inaccurate and unauthentic content. So you’ll always be required to cross-check the facts and figures. 

Does Aithor have a free version?

Yes, you can use the free version with limited access to its features.

What should be the tone for academic writing?

The tone of academic writing and research papers varies from subject to subject and topic to topic. The main thing you should take care of is putting your personal touch and having a formal tone.

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