Beyond Maps: Navigation Apps to Unleash Australia’s Secrets

| Updated on February 19, 2024
Navigation Apps

Are you planning a trip to Australia to explore the world-famous rugged outback? If yes, then you have to get familiar with the digital navigation apps to experience the secret locations of Australia.  

These days we use digital services like  Google Maps, Waze, and Co. to reach our destinations. Navigation apps are very useful and convenient to operate, but they can’t help you when you run out of data. 

As a solution, you can also use GPS apps, which will support you offline as well. If you use these navigation apps smartly, they can guide you in finding secret places, from hidden beaches and coastal roads to rugged outback areas

If you are worrying about which apps to choose for your next Australia trip, then let it be. Our hard-working team has done the homework for you and compiled a list of the best navigation apps for both Android and iOS users.

Benefits Of Navigation Apps

When you are visiting Australia, it becomes a bit of a problem to find and explore different destinations without using navigation apps.  Some major benefits of using these apps are stated below:

Efficient Route Planning: 

One paramount advantage of using navigation apps while roaming in Australia is they are helpful in efficient route planning. These apps will help you find the shortest and least traffic route when you are exploring the outback and the bustling streets of Sydney. 

You will benefit a lot from features like alternative route suggestions and real-time traffic updates of the app.

Exploration of Hidden Gems:

Australia is famous around the globe for its natural landscapes and rugged outback. Navigation apps will help you find the hidden gems of Australia, including lesser-known trails and secluded beaches.

 If you are a nature lover, you can find hiking trails and beaches using these apps and make your Australia trip a memorable experience. 

Peace of Mind:

You have to always be extra careful while traveling to unknown counties, especially remote areas of the city. In this scenario, navigation apps provide a sense of security and peace of mind to travelers. 

When you are visiting the outback area and road trip along the coastline, these apps will ensure you can easily find the way back to your hotel.  You can check here for renting vehicles for road trips in Australia for as many days as you want.

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In the above graph, you can see the forecast of the annual revenue of the navigation apps market size in billion dollars. This revenue is expected to reach 36.6 billion dollars in 2028.

Top 3 Navigation Apps for Android and iOS

Many companies have launched their navigation and digital map apps to guide travelers and natives. We have compiled the list of best apps after analyzing the necessary factors. 

Google Maps

Google Maps

Millions of people around the world are using the service of Google Maps for travel and regular works of reaching new places. You can easily plan your road trips in Australia and set as many stops as you want using Google Maps. 

It helps in making the list of itineraries in advance you wish to go. These itineraries can be visited even if they are in remote areas where an internet connection is not available by downloading the map of that particular area to access it offline.

Apple Maps 

Apple Maps 

If you are more concerned about privacy, then Apple Maps is the best option to look up to explore Australia and other places securely.  Travelers can plan their journey by bookmarking points of interest, shopping centers, and landmarks using Apple Maps.

This service provides accurate directions, real-time traffic updates, and precise Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) predictions. Apple Maps provides seamless integration with other services of the Apple ecosystem like Siri, Calendar, and Photos and increases your productivity in planning the trip.



This platform is famous and stands out in the list because of its real-time traffic updates.  Waze is a subsidiary of Google that provides instant alerts about accidents, road closures, and traffic jams. It supports community-based reporting by taking feedback and updates from users.  

You can select a customized route for your trip, avoiding tolls and long routes using Waze. Users can pin nearby amenities and restaurants of their interest in the app.

GPS was first used in 1996 in the automobile sector. This technology was primarily used in the US for military purposes.

Best GPS Apps for Offline Use In Australia

Navigation apps are good mates while traveling, but they can leave your hand in remote areas where network connection is weak or often not available.  That is why here we are providing you with the best GPS apps that you can use offline on your Australia trip. 

You can use this app offline and access detailed maps of any region in just a few clicks. is very useful for travelers who love to hike and travel in remote areas where internet availability is not regular. 

Here you can get highly detailed maps of cities, rural areas, and popular tourist destinations of Australia and other places as well.

Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps

This platform is famous for its easy-to-use interface and tailored map solution for everyone.  If you are a working professional in a remote area where internet accessibility is limited, this app will provide you with helpful digital maps offline.  

Avenza map can be integrated with other online services and operating systems so that you can access your trip plan offline on your phone, which is made on your PC. 

Wrap Up

There are many things you have to look up to while planning your trip to Australia. Planning the routes and destinations you will visit on the days of your vacation is necessary. 

Navigation apps are a friendly option to plan your trip routes and find hidden destinations in the new territory.

Effective planning of areas you want to visit with the least traffic and short routes using navigation apps gives a sense of security and peace of mind as well.  If you find this article helpful check out other blogs on the platform. 

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