How do I Have a Public Profile On Snapchat? Want to Know All Information Intact? Come Join In

| Updated on March 15, 2024

Everyone wants to be an influencer in the vicinity of social media, and why not, when we have such a palpable audience?

Snapchat users, too, were in cloud nine since the feature of public accounts was introduced. If you are one of those excited members, tune in to learn everything revolving around “Snapchat public account” and “how to get a public profile on snapchat” then answers are below.

Without any ado let’s slide into the process of “how do I create a public profile on Snapchat”.

Crispy fact: Do you know the minimum age to have a Snapchat account is 13? It is currently the lowest age requirement considering any other social media platform like Instagram.

What Does a Public Profile on Snapchat Signify?

Graph of Growing Snapchat users

A public profile on Snapchat signifies that all of the content, posts, and videos uploaded by you will be visible to everyone. As a creator, you will be free to showcase your skills and build audience-friendly content.

A public account on Snapchat allows one to enjoy the unique feature of lenses, and stories and helps you separate subscribers from your friends to grow.

Swapping your private Snapchat account into a public one is an easy process and many of the users have leveraged this platform to grow prosperously.

Holding a public profile on snapchat is not as easy as it sounds. There are specific rules to abide by, let’s meet those guidelines and rules one by one and later we will answer “how do I create a public profile on Snapchat.”

Community Guidelines For One Who Holds A Public Profile on Snapchat

Snapchat is a filter-friendly entertainment space where people join to watch content that entertains them. Guidelines and rules are made to prevent users and creators from destroying the peace of the community that has joined Snapchat for fun through public profiles on Snap.

Let’s meet these guidelines which help us “how to create a public profile on snapchat?” Snapchat is a secure entertainment platform. These guidelines are equally applicable to a public profile on the Snapchat holder as it is to normal users.

  • Your content( reels, live, posts, videos, emojis, links, attachments, texts ) will be appreciable only if they don’t raise any rage among the user community.
  • Your content should not be sexually-explicit. It is not permissible for 

 anyone to force below 18 users to any content that is morally ill.

  • You are not allowed to harass and bully another user while using Snapchat and its features.
  • The violence that threatens you or anyone else including animal abuse through graphics or any other means is strictly prohibited.
  • Impersonating yourself as someone else and spreading false info in civil to health-related stuff with misleading content is not acceptable.
  • Illegal activity promoting criminal crime, drugs, weapons, and cybercrime is not promoted.

How Do I Make a Public Profile on Snapchat?

Snapchat public account

Steps to convert your private Snapchat account into a public profile on Snapchat can be done in a fraction of a second. Below are the steps, without any further hindrance, let’s join the process.

  • On your application, tap on the Bitmoji of your Snapchat account.
Bitmoji on Snapchat
  • In the top right corner of your next screen, you will find the settings icon, Tap on it.
Setting tab on Snapchat
  • Scroll to find “view my story”.
  • Change the settings to Everyone from friends only and custom.

Guess what, your account has been transformed into a public account.

Who is Not Eligible to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat?”

There are some eligibility guidelines that are essential to be followed by users before opting for a public profile on Snapchat.

Eligibility criteria have been studied below, just scroll to know.

  • For holding a public account on Snapchat you must be 18 or above to enjoy its features and liberty. 
  • You must adhere to the community guidelines to make your content a whole audience-friendly.
  • Be at least a 24 hours old Snapchat account holder to become a public Snapchat creator.
  • You should have at least one person who has accepted your friend request.

Interesting fact: Snapchat doesn’t verify its user’s ages through any verification means.

Process to Edit Your Snapchat Public Profile

With time our Public profile on Snapchat needs edits from the profile picture to the profile details. If you want to edit your public account then go through the easy steps mentioned below:

  • Click on your story or bitmoji icon on top to land on the My Profile page for editing my profile on Snapchat.
  • Under “Public Profile” go to the Public Profile Card.
  • Go to Edit Profile.

Now you are free to make changes to any detail on your profile. 

Incentive a Public Profile Holder Enjoys on Snapchat

You might be excited to know what bucket of features might be available to you once you enter the glittery, filter-friendly world of Snapchat.

After going through the “How do I make a public profile on Snapchat” meeting its incentive is essential. Other than showcasing your posts & videos, what else do you enjoy on Snapchat after being a public Snapchat account holder? 

Snapchat public and private account holders leverage different parts of the Snapchat application. If you want to know the gist of all that stuff then the below info awaits you.

  • Increased Audience Visibility: Public account holder stories are available to everyone, including friends, subscribers, etc. Private Snapchat account holders’ stories are visible to only friends and subscribers to whom you have allowed.
  • Access to Extra Tools: A public account holder on Snapchat gets access to use a number of lenses present in the Lens Studio. 
  • Subscriber’s Count: Subscribers are a crucial part of a public account holder. If you are a public account holder then you can turn its toggle ON to know the subscriber’s count.
  • Showcase your Ideas or Products: The Snapchat platform allows you to sell products and items through your intriguing content. You can advertise your brand, ideas, and thoughts and grow effluent on the Snapchat platform.

Do you know a minimum of 4 Billion snaps are shared among users of Snapchat? Isn’t it a really big number?

Where to Check the Growth of Snapchat Public Profile Through Subscribers Count?

Having a Snapchat public account implies that we are making content to entertain the audience primarily and subscribers matters to us. 

The coming steps are going to help you with the Snapchat settings that will make the Snapchat subscribers count visible to you for knowing the right growth on Snapchat.

  • Login on your public profile on your Snapchat account.
  • Tap on your Bitmoji. It is usually present in the top-right corner of your Snapchat application.
  • Click on the Snapchat settings present in the top right corner.
  • On the next screen, scroll below to find the Show subscriber’s count toggle.
Subscriber count setting on Snapchat
  • Turn the toggle ON to receive the notifications on Snapchat related to your subscribers.

Congratulations now you will stay updated with your subscriber count

Way to Add Lenses to Public Profile on Snapchat

Snapchat is widely popular for its filters and lenses. Gallons of options in filters and lenses are available for discovering them.

If you want to add one such lens on your public profile on Snapchat, that you have found a lot tempting, the steps below can save a lot of time of yours.

  • Upload the Lens Studio application.
Lens Studio application logo
  • Find your choice lens.
  • Upload the given lens.

Once your uploaded lens will become life, it will simultaneously get added to your lenses tab. Now you are free to use your uploaded lens by finding it among various lenses in the lens tab.

Snapscore and Snapcode Feature for Public Profile

Are you acquainted with these two features: Snap Score and Snapcode on Snapchat? If not, then they are one of the exciting features of the Snapchat application. Let’s dig into this topic one by one.

Snapscore: Same as you used to get final grades at the end of the semester of your academics, Snapchat provides you, with its calculation, a snap score for your public profile on Snapchat. It is calculated through the number of snapchat you have sent and received stories you have created, and much more. The more activity you do on Snapchat the more your snap score increases

Any ideas on where it might be displayed on the Snapchat application? Well, it is right below the name of your profile.

Snapcode: Snapcode is similar to barcodes, which can help you unlock links, and images, add profiles as friends, discover new lenses, reach  websites, and much more.

Wondering how to use Snapcode then all you need to do is open your camera in front of Snapcode, press and hold it. Guess what with the blink of an eye you will reach the destination of that code. 

Interesting fact: You can scan any standard code on Snapchat through its Snapcode feature to discover exclusive content and stuff.

Options to Report Someone or Someone’s Content

Snapchat report centre

It is one of our imperative duties to acquaint ourselves with the authorities of Snapchat if we find any misleading content on the platform of Snapchat. Being an audience entertainment application, it should be clear of all the filthy contents, thoughts, and ideas.

Taking the right steps by informing the authorities is important. Snapchat has various options and routes where a user can let his issues get registered and make Snapchat a user-friendly platform.

Steps to Report a Story

Stories feature has been provided in Snapchat for sharing your memories and fun-loving moments with your loved ones. If you find someone’s Snapchat story heinous then walk through the simple steps below.

  • Tap and hold the content that you consider heinous.
  • Click on Report.

Steps to Report a Snap

People do share and send their snaps to a specific person and if you have got one that is inappreciable and lacks morality, then Report it. 

  • Through your Snapchat account, reach the snap that has been shared.
  • Tap and hold it.
  • Among various options, click on the Report tab and notify your complaint.


Either it’s a public profile on Snapchat or a private profile, every user has the power to report any content that they find misleading.

Steps to Report a Snapchat Account

Reporting a Snapchat Account that is producing content against the community guidelines is crucial. If you find one such account and are wondering what to do next, then reporting is the only answer to it.

  • Login to your Snapchat Account.
  • Search for the person on your Snapchat.
  • Press and hold that person’s name until a series of options appears in your gadget.
  • Among various options, find Report and tap it.

Kudos! The following public account has been reported. Snapchat authority will take the right steps towards removing any content and account that is heinous.

That’s it, you have made the right steps towards being a true member of the Snapchat community by complaining about content that is nefarious.

Contact Info of Snapchat for Reporting Queries and Knowing the Solution

Problems follow everywhere and if you are stuck with one such on Snapchat then there is a whole community desk to help.
From facing any bug to reporting anyone’s account, Snapchat has answers to numerous queries. Browser “Snapchat supports” or click here to know the right fix to any of your Snapchat entertainment hurdles.

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