Best Genres of Mobile Games to Cure Your Boring Commute

| Updated on March 27, 2024

We love all genres and games. However, statistics show that users spend more time playing games that do not require the Internet, a constant online connection, and do not take up much time. Mobile games were originally invented to cure your boring commute, pass the time, and have fun. Shooting games and sim rigs uk, races, collecting games, etc. immerse the player in a world of adventure and fantasy. And time flies.

Infinite Runners

Undoubtedly, this is one of the simplest and most popular genres. It’s easy to play, but the game is fascinating for a long time. The main thing that keeps in these games is the desire of the player to break records again and again. And the endless gameplay allows you to do this. Both regular runners and all sorts of platformers on the reaction can be attributed to this genre. The meaning of them is the same – to run forward and dodge obstacles.

The best in the genre are Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Geometry Dash.

Social Strategies

The game Clash of Clans made a lot of “noise” and became almost the most popular game on all mobile platforms. Every third developer considers it their duty to make another clone, in which players will leave their money, buying paid improvements. Thanks to social and strategic features, all sorts of simulators of restaurants, farms, and other games have become popular in this genre.

The best in the genre are Clash Royale, Homescapes, Coffee Shop business Simulator.

Clickers and Timekillers

The simplest genre of all. Just tap on the screen and everything will happen automatically. Cookie Clicker was one of the first of its kind. It set the desired vector. The developers realized smartphone users don’t want to play complex games on a mobile phone. A simple arcade game that takes a few minutes, but requires regular entry into the game – that’s what they need.

The best in the genre: Knife Hit, Vlogger Go Viral Clicker, Tap Titans 2.

Logic Puzzle

If you haven’t played any puzzles, you’ve probably tried three-in-a-row puzzles. This is also a kind of logic game in which you need to understand how to place blocks on the playing field to win in the least number of moves. Other types of puzzles are not so popular. But they at least make you think and move your brain, which some users do not want to do.

The best in the genre: World Of Goo, Transmission, Candy Crush.

Survival and Battle Royale

With the arrival of PUBG, the genre was filled with all sorts of survival-action games. Survive on the island, survive in the post-Apocalypse, survive after the war… Players had to survive in many different locations and worlds. Today, the genre boasts an abundance of games, and the newfangled Battle Royale is no exception.

The best in the genre: PUBG Mobile, Rocket Royale, Trial By Survival.

Adventures, and Simulators

Adventures – one of the most popular genres where the user will play as a hero who copes with enemies and obstacles. The simulator genre includes both racing and sports games. In simulators, developers try to recreate the actions of football players on the field or the behavior of the car on the track as accurately as possible.

The best in the genre are Pes Club Manager, NBA LIVE Mobile.

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