Easy Steps to Fix ‘Facebook Not Responding’ Issue on Desktop and Mobile

| Updated on March 4, 2024

Facebook is something where we love to keep ourselves engaged by scrolling through the news feed, but what if it stops responding all of a sudden. This can surely put you in a great dilemma as to what could have gone wrong. And for an amateur like me, it took me an entire day to figure out what went wrong and why Facebook is not responding. So here’s what I have learned after I experienced the ‘Facebook not responding’ issue.

If Facebook is not responding, your first step should be to check if Facebook is down for everyone, or only you are facing the problem. And if it is not down and the servers are doing fine, then you can proceed towards the troubleshooting tips provided further in this guide as per the device you are using.

Part-1 Facebook Desktop Site Not Responding

If Facebook is not loading or responding on any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari, you can apply the following troubleshooting tips:

1. Update your Browser

Browsers need to be updated from time to time so that they can function properly. If you haven’t updated your browser for some time now and Facebook is not responding, and you don’t know the reason, this could be the answer to your ‘Why’. 

2. Clear the Browsing Data

If you think your browser has gone too slow, this could be probably due to the caches and cookies that have piled up in its history. You should clear the browsing data from time to time as too much of it can stop Facebook from responding, or it will take too long to load even if your internet speed is great. 

3. Use a Different Browser

If Facebook is not opening in Google Chrome, you can switch to a different browser as sometimes some unexpected issues can arise with your browsers so this way you can ensure that if the problem is with your browser or something else. 

4. Remove Third-Part Applications or Plug-ins

Facebook may not respond even when you have installed a lot of third-party applications or plug-ins on your device. So you can remove them one after another and see what was causing the error. 

Part- 2 Facebook App is Not Responding

If the Facebook app is not responding on your Android or iPhone device, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Check the Storage Available

If your mobile device has insufficient storage space, this can be the reason why Facebook is not responding. Clear the storage space by deleting the unimportant files and photos and then try getting back to Facebook. If Facebook is still not opening, you can try the next solution.

2. Update the Facebook App

Not updating the Facebook app is going to make you face issues and can even cause the app to crash. So just go to the Android Play Store or Apple Play Store and install the latest version of Facebook. After updating the app, see if it starts responding. If still Facebook is not available, go to the next step.

3. Fix your Internet

If Facebook is still not working, or it is taking too long for FB to respond, you need to check your internet. If the signal is too weak, try moving to a place closer to the router or if you are using the cellular network, you can switch to a Wi-Fi network with better bandwidth. You can also try reconnecting to the network by disconnecting it first.

4. Restart the Facebook App

This can also fix the issues with Facebook and you should restart the app if it is taking too long to respond. You can also exit all the other apps that are running in the background as this can also result in the Facebook app taking too long to respond. 

5. Delete the App Cache

The Facebook app tends to accumulate cache files over time and not clearing the cache can result in Facebook app freezing, crashing, or not responding anymore. To fix this, open the FB app from the Settings of your device and then from the Storage section, clear the cache. After that, check if you are facing the same error. 

6. Log Out and Restart your Device

Once you have cleared the app cache, your next step should be to log out of your Facebook account and then restart your mobile device. After this, log in to your Facebook account again and see if it is responding normally. 

7. Update your Android or iOS

The last thing you can try is to ensure that your mobile device has the latest operating system installed. This way you can ensure that all the apps on your phone will perform their best. So, if you haven’t updated your Android or iOS device for long, it is the right time to do it.

Khushboo Chhibber

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