Try This 10-Step Troubleshooting Guide if Facebook is Not Loading

| Updated on March 4, 2024
Key Takeaways:-
  • If Facebook is not loading, there can be issues with your internet, the browser is full of junk or the security software is interfering with it.
  • You can also check if Facebook is down right now and that’s why you are not able to use Facebook.

    Facebook has entirely changed the way the world communicates now. With all the useful features that this social media platform provides, it has become an inescapable need of the hour. Though sometimes Facebook encounters several issues, that can be resolved by using some troubleshooting techniques.

    One such problem that can annoy you while using Facebook is when you see nothing is loading whether you are using Facebook on a computer or mobile device. So, if you are also suffering due to the ‘Facebook not loading’ problem, try these 10 troubleshooting steps given here and see what fixes this issue for you. 

    Step-1 Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

    Do you remember the last time you cleared the cache files or cookies of your browser? If not, then it is high time you should do it now. When you work on a browser, it collects a lot of temporary files known as caches when you visit different websites; that needs to be cleared as it is of no use to you but can affect the speed and performance of your browser and probably that’s why Facebook is not loading.

    Most of the browsers let you clear cached data from their ‘Settings’ or ‘History’ section. 

    If you are using Google Chrome, here is how you can free up some space:

    1. Tap the three-dots menu icon placed in the top-right corner.
    2. Click on ‘History’
    3. Then click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ 
    4. Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and select all the items 
    5. Also, set the ‘Time Range’ as ‘All Time’
    6. Finally, click on ‘Clear Data’

    After doing this, try loading the Facebook website and hopefully, it will open without any issues.

    Step-2 Update your Browser

    If you haven’t updated your browser for a while, this can create issues with it and this could be one reason Facebook won’t load on your computer. Older versions of the browser often have issues or bugs in them that don’t get resolved unless you update the browser. To check if you are using the updated of the most commonly used browser Google Chrome, here are the instructions to follow:

    1. Tap the three-dots menu icon placed in the top-right corner.
    2. Take the cursor to the ‘Help’ option, new options will appear, click on ‘About Google Chrome’.
    3. It will automatically start looking for updates and will show if you need to update it or not.

    Step-3 Switch to a Different Browser

    If Facebook is not working or the desktop site is still not loading, chances are the browser you are using has gone corrupted or Facebook is done. So, to find out the culprit, you can change your browser and then try to log in to your Facebook account

    The reason is that sometimes the browser may not find itself compatible with the new features of Facebook and hence are not able to load it. So, just to be sure, you should try using it on a different browser and see if it works there; if not, there are a few more solutions you can try. You can also try the Facebook app if the desktop version is not working for you.

    Step-4 Restart the Facebook App

    A basic step to take but an important one if the Facebook app is not working as restarting the Facebook app has the potential to fix minor glitches with Facebook. You also need to ensure that no other app is running in the background. Using too many apps at the same time can also stop Facebook from loading properly. 

    Step-5 Reinstall the Facebook App

    If restarting the app didn’t work for you, you can go on uninstalling the Facebook app and then reinstall it from the Play Store. Deleting the app will also delete the temporary data including the files that are causing issues. So when you will install the app again, you will be able to use Facebook without any error. 

    Step-6 Re-Connect your Device to Internet

    Even if you are getting the required signal strength, restarting your network can fix a lot of things. So, if you are connected to Wi-Fi or using your cellular data, put it off for some time and then turn it back on. You can also restart your mobile device so that it gets a fresh start and the network will automatically reconnect. Also, if you are receiving poor internet connectivity, you might see an error message by Facebook like this feature isn’t available right now”. So you can connect your device to a better network 

    If Facebook is taking too long to load, taking all these steps will surely help.

    Step-7 Update the Operating System

    Using Android or iOS devices with an outdated version of the operating system can hamper the performance of your device and if you find Facebook taking too long to respond or load, this can be one of the reasons. Check if an update is available for your device’s OS version and install it immediately. 


    It is always recommended to use the latest OS version on your mobile devices as it enhances the overall functioning of your mobile device as well as the apps you have installed on it.

    Step-8 Check Settings of Security Software

    At times, it can happen that the antivirus or security software that you have installed on your device to protect it from virus or malware is not letting you use it properly. The reason is the software may detect some Facebook files as bad ones and may stop them from loading on your device.

    In this case, the easy way out is to check the settings of the software and make sure it gives all the required permissions to use Facebook effectively. If you don’t get the option to do that, you can uninstall the antivirus and use a different one to protect your device.  

    Step-9 Disable VPN

    If you are using a VPN on your device, this can also create some problems while accessing Facebook. This can be the reason why Facebook is not loading pictures. So turn the VPN off and then see if Facebook is loading properly or not. If this helps, then you should keep the VPN off whenever you use Facebook. 

    Step-10 Is Facebook Down?

    If you are still wondering what’s wrong with Facebook and can’t use your account even after doing so much troubleshooting, you should check if Facebook is down right now. At times, Facebook becomes inaccessible when its server is down, so you should also check the server status from this link here-

    If Facebook is having any problems, you should wait till everything gets back to normal.

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