A Fully-Featured Guide on Deleting Yahoo Email Account Permanently

| Updated on April 5, 2024

Deleting or shutting down your Yahoo Mail account services is just a matter of minutes. It includes losing access to email addresses, emails, saved folders, and important contacts. You can effortlessly delete the Yahoo email account by visiting the Yahoo account termination page. To make this process simple and smooth, we have formed a complete guide on the topic of; “deactivating or terminating the Yahoo account permanently”. 

Steps to Delete Yahoo Mail Account on a Web Browser

Here are the steps you need to follow to delete your Yahoo account using a web browser:

  1. First, go to the Yahoo account termination page
  2. Type your email address and click on ‘Next’
  3. Then, type your password in the given field and again click on ‘Next’.
  4. Read everything carefully on the page that says ‘Before continuing, please consider the following information.’
Go to the Yahoo account termination page, click on Next and read everything on the page that says ‘Before continuing, please consider the following information
  1. After you have carefully read the instructions, click on ‘Continue deleting my account’ 
Click on ‘Continue deleting my account
  1. Again, enter your email address to verify your identity and then click on ‘Yes, terminate this account’ option.
Click on ‘Yes, terminate this account’ option
  1. You will get the message as Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion’; click on the option ‘Sounds good’ to go back to the Yahoo homepage.


After scheduling your Yahoo account for deletion, you can reactivate it within 30 days of doing so. For countries including India, Australia and New Zealand, the time period is 90 days, however, for Brazil, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the period is 180 days during which you can recover your account by simply signing in. Once the period is over, you can only create a new Yahoo account.

How to Delete Yahoo Email Account on Mobile?

Yahoo lets you delete your account using your mobile as well; you just need to follow the given instructions:

  1. Login to your Yahoo account on the mobile app
  2. Tap the profile icon given on the left and then tap ‘Settings’ option
Log in to your Yahoo account and tap the profile icon to select the ‘Settings’ option
  1. Scroll down and tap ‘Privacy Dashboard’
Scroll down and tap on ‘Privacy Dashboard
  1. Again enter your email address and password to login to the privacy dashboard
Enter your Yahoo Email Address and Password to login to the privacy dashboard
  1. Scroll down on the privacy dashboard page and at the bottom of the page, you will see the option ‘Delete my account’; tap that.
Tap on the ‘Delete my account’ option
  1. Read all the information provided about what will happen when you will delete your Yahoo account and scroll down and tap ‘Continue deleting my account’
Tap on ‘Continue deleting my account
  1. Enter your email address again and click on ‘Yes, terminate this account’
Enter your Email Address and tap on ‘Yes, terminate this account
  1. You will get the message as Your account has been deactivated and scheduled for deletion’; click on the option ‘Sounds good’ to go back to the Yahoo homepage.

Important- Yahoo automatically deletes those accounts that are inactive for 12 months continuously.

What Happens When You Delete Your Yahoo Account?

Deleting a Yahoo Mail account is quite easy but it is important to know what happens after that. It is obvious that once you delete your account, you lose access to it and all your emails also get deleted but apart from that, you must be aware of how it will affect your other activities related to Yahoo:

  • You will lose the access to your Yahoo settings, Flickr account, photos, and other data stored in Yahoo’s services.
  • Anyone who will try to email you on that address will get a delivery failure message. 
  • All the services linked to your account will get terminated including: 
  1. Yahoo! Small Business data
  2. Yahoo! GeoCities data
  3. Yahoo! Briefcase data
  4. My Yahoo! data
  5. HotJobs data
  6. Yahoo! ID 
  7. Yahoo! Mail data
  8. Yahoo! Address Book data
  9. Flickr account (as well as photo library, stats, and metadata)

 Other Considerable Things

Every Yahoo user must be aware of the things that he/she has to face after closing the account:

Impact on the Username and Email address:

Your username and email address will be available for other users. They will likely get your emails if the sender has your email address. So, you need to update your contacts about your email termination.  

Reactivate the Deleted Yahoo Account

Once you scheduled your Yahoo account for deletion,  it takes 90 days (if you are from India, New Zealand and Australia) to delete the account and 180 days (if you are from Brazil, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) to completely remove all the services linked with the account. Hence, if you want to revive the canceled Yahoo account, you can sign into the account within 40 days of scheduled deletion. Once you have a sign in you can start receiving emails, but won’t be able to view the emails of the closed period. 

What Happens to the Emails You Sent While Deactivation Period?

The sender will get the delivery failure message if he/she would try to email or message on your email address. Hence, you wouldn’t have any emails to recover.

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