Yahoo Messenger was giving goals to group chat lovers but the discontinuation of the “Yahoo Messenger” app created chaos among users. So, to meet the expectations of users Yahoo introduced a similar application for group chats and it is named “Yahoo Together”. Though, after the massive breach that took the event in the past, many Yahoo users turned their faces away, yet Yahoo didn’t lose hope and rolled its dice in 2018 by producing “Yahoo Together”. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Many critics of the IT industry have called “Yahoo Together” a cheap dupe of Slack (a well-known platform for enterprises to keep their employees together in one chat room). It is said that Yahoo Together is highly influenced by Slack, in terms of outlook and functioning. But does it really as good as Slack, it is still a topic of debate and every individual user has his/her own perception on this topic. However, if we talk about the visual scheme, it is undoubtedly very similar to that of the Slack. These two identical apps share some features too, but Yahoo lacks in few, such as third-party app integration and voice calling. Furthermore, Yahoo does not offer its app to desktop and web browser users. So, clearly slack is platform-wider than Yahoo’s app.

Without a Yahoo account, Together can not be used. But unlike other group chat platforms, Yahoo doesn’t ask you to sync contacts to the cloud, and this is a big “YAY”. Furthermore, the user can invite people to chat group using a particular code that the participants need to enter after signing in.  

Well, the Chat Rooms for both the app work in a very similar manner, and the similarity can be seen in both public and private rooms set for a group. Yahoo Together offers smooth access to media and files and thus it is an ideal way to share official and personal data. In addition, Yahoo claims to offer a highly-efficient “search” option to find a particular item from the entire heap of chats. Likewise, the activity view and mute-chats make it a decent choice. 

The extra star that Yahoo has added to its “Together app” and the thing which is entirely unique is; its Smart Reminders. And, the feature is quite impressive indeed. It enables you to set a reminder for a group and a notification will be sent to every group-member at the specified time. The next important feature in the row is the “color-scheme” for the messages as every message pop-up in an eye-popping color so that no one can miss it.

We all know the agenda of both the apps (Slack and together) is no different. Both are meant to replace the formal and annoying process of emailing and making it short and cut to the chase with group messaging. 

Choosing Yahoo over Slack is entirely a personal choice. Slack has been more promising throughout the journey, But Yahoo has also made applauding efforts. This newbie of  Yahoo deserves a fair chance and see if it is the dream chat app or just a Slack rip-off. 


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