[2023] Best Sad Status Video Download for Free With Songs

| Updated on October 31, 2023

Like many other social media platforms, WhatsApp has allowed users to put a status on their accounts. We may feel sad, depressed, and anxious at times, and expressing our feelings on WhatsApp is a great way to release them. Now and then, you come across sad status videos by a friend or colleague. Ever wished you could do the same?

Will you think it difficult to sad status video download on your phone? You might be searching here and there for your sad song status to download so you can share your thoughts with your friends. Worry no more, as we have covered how you can download WhatsApp sad status video with easy and simple steps.

Sad Status Video Download Using Snaptube

While downloading a status, bugs and redirections get into your head. I know how frustrating it is to close multiple tabs just because you want a 30-second sad status download.

What if I told you that Snaptube, a brand-new, utterly secure WhatsApp status video download app, allows you to download any type of status straight away? SHOCKED? My response was EXACTLY like yours, I promise!

So, What is Snaptube?

Snaptube is a video and audio downloader app that allows you to save videos from 50+ platforms. With the Snaptube app, you can download multiple files easily and quickly. 

Download Snaptue apk here. 

How to Download Sad Status Video Download Using Snaptube?

Say goodbye to your old methods of downloading a sad story for your status. Getting a very sad status video download can be easy if you follow the steps mentioned below. 

STEP 1: Get the Snaptube App

The first step in sad video status download is to install the Snaptube app on your phone. Thinking it might be hectic work? Not at all!

Go to the Snaptube (https://www.snaptubeapp.com/) official website, and click on the Download button.  

When the download is complete, click on it, install the apk file, and your app will be ready to launch.

STEP 2: Search for Sad WhatsApp Status Videos

sad status

In the search box of Snaptube, search “sad status video”. You’ll see many results connected to your search, so choose the one you want to download.

Tip: You can directly paste the URL of your video on the input bar if you already have one. 

STEP 3: Download Videos

Download Videos

Click on the download icon on the lower right side of your video. Choose your favorite format, and your video will be ready to download.


Snaptube offers two formats, mp3 and mp4, for sad WhatsApp status download.

STEP 4: Go to Downloads and Share Your Status

After the video downloads, Snaptube will notify you.

Go to the My Files in the Snaptube app and click on the three dots on the video.

Select Share; this step will show plenty of options on your screen.

Choose WhatsApp and then share your status with your friends.

Enjoy reading the replies on your status!

Sad Hindi Songs WhatsApp Status

 Sad Hindi songs are a popular choice for WhatsApp sad status video download. In these Hindi song statuses, a specific part of the song plays for around 30 seconds. Moreover, the lyrics and background of the songs make the song more interesting.

 Here is an example of a sad status video for you to download. Please copy the link, and paste it into your Snaptube app input box to get it on your phone. 

Sad Motivational Songs for Status

What would you do if you felt down and needed a little nudge in the right direction? Fortunately, several YouTube statuses are both inspiring and sad simultaneously. As I said, most of these WhatsApp statues feature quotations or sad songs.

We have found a perfect status of such type for you. Paste this URL into the Snaptube app on your phone to download the status.

Express Your Feelings Through Sad Video Status

When sharing your emotions with others, do you find yourself at a loss for words? Everyone can relate to specific sad quotes which mirror their lives. Instead of hiding your emotions, it’s best if you can ‌express them to others around you through your status update.

We have searched for one such quiet video for you to put on your WhatsApp status. Please copy the link, paste it into your Snaptube app, share the downloaded video, and Snaptube will save your video.

Hindi Poetry Status for WhatsApp

When words fall short, poetry fills up the blanks. Do you have good taste in poetry? Well, if yes, then you might find sad poetry status very fascinating. With sad poetry, you can express your thoughts indirectly in a soothing tone.

Just paste the URL into the Snaptube app’s search box to download this Hindi poetry status.

To Sum Up 

Downloading a WhatsApp status is not a big deal if you use the right platform. Snaptube is a tremendous and fantastic app when it comes to sad status video download with no fuss.

The app is a free, 100% safe, and fast way to download videos for your WhatsApp. Enjoy the fun of putting status with no fluster. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to have your WhatsApp status updated!

Jeremy L. Price


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