All You Need to Know About Daily Mail Ads and How to Cope with Them

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Daily Mail, just like other online newspapers, is packed to the full with advertisements. Covering up to 80% of the page, ads piss off even the most patient Internet news surfer. Besides regular ads, Daily Nail also serves sponsored posts with click-baiting headlines that lead to untrustworthy and often fishy third-party websites. What’s more frustrating is that this website has an anti-AdBlock wall. 

The simplest way of avoiding ads on the Daily Mail website is not to use it. Albeit, there’s a workaround. You still can bypass the anti-adblocker wall and block Daily Mail ads with ease.

Nothing Comes Before Profit

Not even consumers. Yep, that’s the logic behind Daily Mail’s advertisements. On the one hand, ads help them sustain, on the other — there’s too much commercial content all over the platform. Especially, when given that Daily Mail shares visitors’ data with associated marketers who then blast you with ads everywhere you go on the web. There’s a limit to everything but Daily Mail ads. 

Okay, that wasn’t funny at all. While people tolerate low-pressure promo sections on other news websites, they can’t take Daily Mail’s reverse strategy — content sections in between ads.

Stop Annoying Ads on Daily Mail

Adverts are distractive, annoying, and in the majority of cases hinder Internet users from consuming the content they want. And while they’re vital for keeping the free content, there’s still good reason to avoid them.

Blocking Ads on Daily Mail Website

Generally, a good ad blocker is enough to cope with the majority of ads on one’s browser — whether it’s an extension or a full-fledged blocker. Extensions are lightweight, fast, and free of charge but have a restricted ability to maneuver. Technically, extensions are limited by the browsers they operate in. Still, Adblock extensions handle whole lotta adverts including pop-ups, autoplay videos, etc. They won’t block everything though. And when it comes to the Daily Mail website, chances are an average extension would get detected so you’d have to disable it to get the content.

To admit, there’s an extension that does surprisingly well when it comes to avoiding detection and blocking the lion’s share of commercials. Available through official add-ons stores like Chrome Web Store, it’s quite a find. Despite being completely free of charge, it has no slippery spots — the AdLock extension doesn’t collect any data and doesn’t participate in the “Acceptable ads program”. 

How to Block Ads on Daily Mail Application

The application by Daily Mail is an exotic species rarely seen on the plains of the app market. It doesn’t offer a “prime” subscription for users to get rid of ads for a certain amount of money. Just like the website, the Daily Mail app makes a pretty penny by serving an enormous amount of advertisement. 

What should you do to block dozens of flashing ads there? Let’s consider the most popular methods starting with free solutions.

Free Methods

Just like any other app on startup, Daily Mail buffers content in the cache. Ads can be served only if there’s a connection to the Internet, right? Therefore, you may turn on airplane mode on your smartphone to outplay commercials. Of course, this trick is not very convenient as it would make you unavailable for callers, but it would definitely come in handy for a quick news check. 

Next, you can disable data permissions. Daily Mail application has a lot of vendors who access your browsing data. On iPhone, you should go to privacy settings on the Daily Mail app and manually toggle off all vendors in Purposes/Features. There’s no “reject all” option, so you’ll have to tap a lot.

On Android, you should go to “Settings”, then “Apps” and proceed to permissions given to Daily Mail. There you’ll have to tap a lot too since there’s no “reject all” option as well. 

Okay. We would also recommend using an ad-free browser like TOR, Avast, Bromite, Brave, etc. You might’ve heard of their privacy protection and built-in adblocking capabilities. Sticking with one of the ad-free browsers would definitely be a good (but not the most convenient) way to view ad-free content on Daily Mail. Why not the most convenient is because it implies viewing content on the browser, not on the app. And as always, some would say it’s okay, while the rest of the users would say it’s way too awkward. Nevertheless, it’s a free solution that would help you stop ad bombardment on the majority of websites on the Internet.

Paid Methods

The first thing we’d like to suggest is a VPN. No, not one of those average free VPN services as they don’t block ads. There are paid VPNs like Surfshark and NordVPN (yeah, blown ones) that come with a built-in adblocking feature. Enabling this option, you prevent the Daily Mail (and not only) app from showing ads — pop-ups, and banners. Of course, VPN’s adblocking capabilities are not the most efficient, but given that it’s also a VPN, it’s okay.

The second one is an ad blocker. A full-fledged ad-blocking application is the best solution to the ad problem. There are “free” and paid blockers on the market and it would be proper if we told you not to trust free software right off the bat.

There is a bunch of reasons for that, and the major one is data security. Free software makes profits for its developers either by collecting and then selling data or by participating in the “Acceptable ads program”. And while the “Acceptable ads” thingy is not that scary, stolen sensitive data is a disaster. Please note it’s also applicable for desktop adblockers. You want your data to be safe and secure. Luckily, some adblockers care.

Use AdLock to Stop Adverts on the Daily Mail App

What can be more efficient and reliable than a full-fledged standalone adblocker app by AdLock? Literally, nothing.

AdLock is a silver bullet solution to any ad problem you may face. Being developed to work systemwide, this ad blocker removes all ads across your apps and browsers, no matter what you use. All you have to do is to download the app, follow the onboarding hints and then press the “On” button.

AdLock is created by cybersecurity experts with a vast experience in the field of data protection. As they say, their main goal is to protect users’ data from being read, collected, and sold without their consent while neat adblocking is an additional feature of the application. Unironically, AdLock’s adblocking capabilities are impeccable. We’ve tested it all over the Internet from news platforms to video streaming platforms and games — we’ve not seen an ad. It’s also cool that doesn’t leave any ad placeholders whatsoever. 

Being completely secure, AdLock deals with all types of ads existing today without a hassle. Not a single detector can spot this adblocker in action, which means with AdLock on your device you can access ad-free Daily Mail.

Final Thoughts

Adverts are frustrating and distracting. Although there are free ways of reducing the number of commercials popping up here and there, they won’t remove ads forever. What would though, is a reliable and trusted adblocker. 

It’s up to you whether you want to mess with settings, adjustments, permissions, or get yourself AdLock. By downloading AdLock, you kill two birds with one stone. The stone that never misses.

Prakhar Shivhare

Internet & Technology Expert

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