Google Display Ads Banner Sizes: What’s this, and Why Do you Need it?

| Updated on March 22, 2024

Suppose you’re launching a new product or putting banner ads on your website. In that case, you’re probably wondering why there are different banner sizes and what sizes are perfect for your campaign. 

Display ad banners are practical marketing tools that can be used with a wide range of applications. They take up small space and are considered straightforward ad formats. Most Google display ad sizes are rectangular and remain visible even when users use the app. You can set them at the top or bottom of your pages, anchored or in line with the content.

What is Google Display Ads Banner?

These are display ads banners on a website you’ve recently visited or on an application you’re currently using. These Google Display Ads Banner are advertisements for businesses or brands. They are tools for virtually promoting a particular product. 

These display campaign materials on the Google Display Network deliver visually appealing advertisements.

Is the Size of a Google Display Ad Banner Essential? 

It is crucial to consider the size of the image you use when posting your banner ads on the Google display network. 

Here are the aspects you’ll need to consider when setting up your Google ads banner: 

Consider the Display Network Requirements.

Most display networks are in charge of deciding where your banner advertisements will appear on their page. Some of them want to place your ads at the top, bottom, or sides of their website; it wouldn’t work if your ads banner had a wide or large size that appeared to take up the entire half page of the display network or was too small to view. 

Choose the Right Size for Your Banner.

A display ad banner size is critical for any brand advertisement. Choosing an incorrect size limits the reach of your campaigns. It renders your ads ineffective, especially if you run a brand campaign in a niche sector.

Optimize your Google Ads Banner

The truth is that setting your display ad banner to two or one size is insufficient to get everything you need for your campaign to succeed. Different websites have different banner specifications; some prefer a small banner, while others favor larger ones. Other websites may limit your banner ads and disregard smaller or larger variants. 

Optimizing your Google ads banner should be your main takeaway. Nevertheless, you may consider the mobile version display ads banner because millions of mobile users are starting to notice mobile ads banners today. 

The Importance of Google Ads Banner Advertising 

Google ads are a tried-and-true way to boost website traffic. Visitors to your website may generate leads and eventually become potential customers if your advertisements are successful. After all, if someone comes across your ad while searching for something related to your business, they are already interested. 

The benefits of the Google ads banner are listed below: 

Greater Exposure and Sales

Banners are one of the most effective materials in any campaign. They are the most visible and are easily noticed by people no matter where they are in place (online or offline). When a large number sees a product of people, it always drives sales and increases your ROI (Return of Investment). Consumers will have an idea about your brand or business, and even if they do not act quickly, your product will be in their minds. 

Get More Leads

Banners are practical marketing tools for increasing lead generation. People will become mindful of your brand as a result of it, and as they use and enjoy it, word of mouth will spread to potential customers, producing more leads. Hundreds will see your advertisements on strategically placed banners for thousands of people. 

Budget-friendly, Simple, and Quick

Google ads display banners are easy to set up. Once you are done with your desired ads banner size, you can easily set up or place them in any display network. Moreover, it is quick and more cost-effective than Television advertisements, tabloids, or press releases. 

Wrapping Up

Optimizing your Google ads banner for a successful campaign is a good idea. It can help you improve the effectiveness of your advertisements. The good news is that optimizing and preparing your Google ads banner sizes for release doesn’t take long. Furthermore, when creating ad creatives, remember to follow Google’s size guidelines so that they look great on any screen size. 

If you optimize size and design, your next Google Display Ads Banner campaign could help your business grow.

Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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