What is Lead Generation in LinkedIn? How to Get Leads?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

The professional social network LinkedIn has more than 400 million registered users, representing 150 business sectors from 200 countries. 75% of B2B users worldwide use LinkedIn to find useful information. It is an inexhaustible source of clients. The peculiarity of this social network is that people fill out profiles like resumes. They indicate places of work and study, positions, professional skills and generate this info on LinkedIn. All this data is available to advertisers. The BrightestMinds.io LinkedIn lead generation service offers a quick overview of how the site works:

  • Flawless user experience. Lead gen forms look like banner ads in the feed and users’ inboxes.
  • No worries. The user opens a form with just one click. Its fields are automatically filled with the information taken from the user’s profile (name, contact information, company name, position, and location). By clicking again, the user submits the form.
  • Ease of operation. Why complicate an already complex set of marketing tools? LinkedIn has a built-in lead generation form editor where you can create, edit, and optimize leads. It is intuitive: you can start using it immediately, without preparation and looking for examples on the Internet.
  • Personalization. Even though LinkedIn’s lead generation forms have a consistent look, there are many other ways you can stand out and make your ad more attractive. Personalization can be achieved by customizing additional form fields such as companies’ names, descriptions, etc.
  • Full tracking and optimization of results. All relevant data is collected in one place and presented in the analytics section. It includes cost per lead, breakdown of leads by audience type, etc.  

Turn to the Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

Lead generation is the receipt of contact information for potential customers interested in your products or services. BrightestMinds.io LinkedIn lead generation agency conducts an advertising campaign with the help of the sites, landing pages, and other Internet resources. You pay only for the result of work after getting high-quality leads! How does it work?

  1. Contact us. You contact us via online chat or forms on this site or call the specified phone numbers.
  2. Data refinement. Our specialists will clarify the data for calculating the cost of the lead generation using LinkedIn.
  3. Negotiation. The BrightestMinds.io agency negotiates with you, choosing the best option for getting leads and discussing other important things.
  4. Payment. You pay for the agreed number of automated leads.
  5. Setting up ads. We customize ads.
  6. Advertising. BrightestMinds.io launches an advertising campaign. You receive calls and applications from potential customers. Everything is done perfectly.
  7. Constantly monitoring. Our expert constantly monitors the progress and carries out daily adjustments to obtain an excellent result.
  8. Result. Our sales departments get leads from LinkedIn; our company processes incoming requests, “turning” them into your customers.

Then everything depends on you. In personal correspondence with users, you can find out key needs, learn about what they want to buy, what current business problems they want to solve, and offer a specific solution in the form of your product.  

Angela Tague

Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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