Decode What Does One Check Mark Mean on WhatsApp?

| Updated on May 17, 2024 |
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You may have noticed checkmarks changing on WhatsApp frequently until they turned blue. Well, this messaging app uses check marks to indicate whether the message is delivered or whether the recipient has read it or not. Now you might be curious to know what does one check mark mean on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp keeps on launching exciting features every year, if you feel behind the curve, read our write-up to know what one tick means on WhatsApp.

No worries, take a closer look at one checkmark, two grey-coloured checkmarks, and blue ticks and decode what they actually mean. 

Quick Answer: The one checkmark on WhatsApp means the message has been sent, but hasn’t been delivered yet. The recipient has to check their inbox to read the message.

What Does One Check Mark Mean on WhatsApp?

One checkmark next to the message means it has been sent from your end, but it is not delivered to the recipient. Aside from this, there are several reasons for one grey tick on WhatsApp. Let’s check them out:

The Recipient is Offline 

If the message shows one check on WhatsApp for a longer time, don’t freak out, as there is a possibility that the receiver is offline and has not connected to the internet for a long period. 

However, consider waiting for some time, and if something is urgent, call your friend. 

Network Connectivity Issues

Under certain conditions, network issues can be the reason behind one check mark on WhatsApp. Moreover, one checkmark displays for a longer time, even if the message has been read and delivered successfully. So, to detect poor connection, try running a speed test.

Apart from this, there might be a possibility your WhatsApp is not working, for that, consider using alternative fixes. 

The Recipient has Blocked You

You have been Blocked 

Unfortunately, if you see the single check WhatsApp message for days or an extended period, the recipient may have blocked your number. The best bet to check that is to view their Profile picture and status. If it is showing blank, then consider that they have blocked you. 

The Recipient Notifications are Off

If you can see their display picture, status, and about, and still there is one checkmark on WhatsApp, then the recipient notifications might be off. In this case, the text gets delivered from your end but doesn’t get received until the other person opens their WhatsApp with an internet connection. 

So without panicking, wait for some time until they get back online to the app.

Apart from the scenario mentioned above, the one check mark may also appear, if the user has downloaded the third-party modded version of WhatsApp to prevent the double tick visibility.

Understanding WhatsApp’s Grey and Blue Checks?

The WhatsApp message status changes, according to the recipient’s response. The ticks have three identities, 1 grey checkmark, 2 grey check marks, and 2 blue tick marks. Now let us see the detailed explanation of them. 

  • One Grey Checkmark: WhatsApp One checkmark states that the message was sent from your end, but has yet to be delivered to the recipient. However, it will not change if the person has blocked you. 
  • Two Grey Checkmarks: The two grey checkmarks indicate that the message sent from your end has been delivered to the receiver successfully.
  • Two Blue Ticks: The two blue ticks denote that the message has been successfully read by the viewer. 

However, it is worth noting that the group messages will remain grey until every participant reads the message. 

Can You Delete a Message With One Grey Check on WhatsApp?

Have you ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message to your friend and wanted to delete it before it got blue ticks? It is worth noting that WhatsApp allows you to delete a message whenever you want to. For better clarity, take a look at the process.

To delete a message:

Open Chat>> Long press on Message>> Select Delete>> Delete for everyone

In addition, in some cases, when your WhatsApp is not working on iPhone or Android devices, you may face some glitches while deleting the texts. 

Comparison Between One Grey Check Mark and Two?

Now that you know, one check mark means that the message has been sent from your end but is yet to be delivered to the sender. On the other hand, when the one tick turns to two, it means that the text has been delivered to the targeted receiver. 

WhatsApp Hidden Feature: Read Receipt

It is known that the two grey tick marks will automatically change to blue ticks when the person reads the message. But what if it does not happen? Don’t stress, this means that the recipient has turned off the Read Receipts. 

However, they can be toggled off from the default privacy settings on your WhatsApp.

Here’s how to do that:

Open WhatsApp>> Privacy>> Toggle off Read Receipt

Bottom Line

Now you know the mystery behind WhatsApp ticks, so the next time you see one check mark on WhatsApp, you will know that it is not the reason for panic. 

Apart from this, if a problem arises from your end and doesn’t get resolved for a longer time, try contraction WhatsApp support for further assistance. 


What does one tick means in WhatsApp?

The one tick on WhatsApp means that the message has been sent successfully from your end. 

Does 1 GREY tick on WhatsApp mean I’m blocked?

If the 1 grey tick doesn’t get changed for extended days, then it may indicate that you are blocked.

Why am I only getting one check mark on WhatsApp?

You might get one check mark on WhatsApp due to the following conditions, including that the recipient has been offline or might have blocked you. 

What does ✔ mean in WhatsApp?

The checkmark sign indicates the response of the recipient to the message you have sent to them. 

Does one tick on WhatsApp mean the phone is off?

If your text shows one tick for a longer time, it can mean that the receiver phone is off and has not connected to an active internet connection. 

What do two blue ticks on WhatsApp indicate?

The two blue ticks on WhatsApp mean that the recipient has read your messages. 


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