WhatsApp is Launching Exciting Features in 2024. Find out more.

| Updated on March 27, 2024
WhatsApp is Launching Exciting Features

New things are invented every day, and so often, we are exposed to better versions of cars, phones, laptops, and apps. There is so much evolution; it is sometimes hard to keep up but amazing to see. A particular app that has evolved a lot is the messaging app WhatsApp. 

When WhatsApp started in 2009, it had very few features compared to now. It has become easier and better to use because of the great functions that have been added year-in, year-out. Let’s dive into a few of the new upcoming features:


Reels have become the hottest thing on social media, and everybody loves them. They are short and fun videos that users create to showcase various types of content. Like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is working on possibly having these Reels on its platform. We know everyone is not on Instagram, so this will be a nice way to get everyone in the loop. Imagine wanting to show off your new clothes or a neat recipe from the Aldi catalogue to your friends and family. WhatsApp Reels would be a great way to do this. WhatsApp users will be able to watch the Reels directly from the application.

Hiding Your Last Seen from Specific Contacts.

Life can get very busy sometimes that most people wait till they go on lunch or get home to respond to some “not so urgent messages”. A late response can be offensive to other people, especially when they see you online. A solution to avoiding multiple questions in this situation is this new feature that is currently being tested. Most of us are aware of the last seen feature where everyone can’t see what time you last got onto the app and vice versa. This upcoming function allows you to choose specific contacts you want to block from seeing your last seen. It makes it easy for the users.

Signing Out of WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp is also testing a new logging out function to replace the ‘Delete Account’ button. This allows the user to log on and off the app, just like how Instagram, Facebook, and other social media applications work. It might also enable the app to be used on multiple devices simultaneously. 

No Time Limit on Deleting Sent Messages.

The delete message function was a lifesaver for many people who tend to send messages to the wrong person or group. When it first came, it had a time limit to when you could delete the message; once that time passed, you couldn’t delete it anymore. Now the Meta-owned app is looking at bringing on a new delete feature on the beta version that has no time limit. This will be quite a game-changer if it is successful. 


WhatsApp continues to move with the times, and the company is making sure that it’s more than two billion active users are getting the best out of this incredible app. From Reels to non-timed delete options, we are sure the changes will be welcomed by many.  What do you think of the upcoming features? Do get in touch to let us know. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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