Top 9 Free AI Tools for Research Paper Understanding and Writing in 2024-25

| Updated on June 24, 2024

Key factors:

Here are 9 effective AI tools for your research paper writing tasks.

  1. Bit AI
    • Documents management 
  2. Scholarlcy
    • Summarises the sources 
  3. Research Rabbit
    • Spotify for papers
  4. Connected Papers
    •  Creates visual mapping 
  5. Assistant
    • Researches scientific documents
  6. ProofHub
    • project management tool
  7. Consensus AI
    • AI search engine for academics
  8. Wordvice AI
    • grammar, clarity, and plagiarism checker
  9. Lit maps
    •  literature mapping

We have explained the features and benefits of these tools below; reading them will give you a better understanding of their uses. 

AI tools have been pretty beneficial for people in different fields of life, but they have also changed the whole scenario of research and writing. Writing has always been a demanding task, and writing a research paper is especially a haunting assignment. Academic writing itself has quite high standards for papers, but research papers require double research, double focus, and double effort. 

However, the research process has been streamlined with the revolution of AI tools.  Human efforts toward the research process have decreased, but it still requires proper knowledge of structuring, grammar, punctuation, thorough research, and understanding of formatting. 

In this article, we will share some freemium AI tools for writing and understanding academic papers. These tools will ease the paper-writing process for those like you, but one must have proper command over them before these tools help in research. If you are using them for the first time, hiring a research paper writing service from a UK-based platform is better for making the effort worthwhile. Keep reading the article to familiarise yourself with these amazing tools.

A List of Top 9 AI Tools for Research Paper Writing 

There are hundreds of thousands of AI tools available in the market for document management, writing, and research purposes. Most of them will waste your time, and while deciding which tool to use, your assignment deadline might be reached. 

That’s why we have compiled this article to find you the best tools for research paper writing in the AI world. 

1. Bit AI

Due to its collaborative features, Bit AI can be game-changing for team collaborations on research projects. These features were built to help teams cooperate on wikis, knowledge bases, and documents. It’s more than just a document-sharing platform; users have the facility to share audio, videos, and cloud files, just like Google Drive. 

Apart from creating and collaborating on the documents, Bit AI allows you to build outlines, templates, and PDFs to easily collaborate on the research process. Another good thing about this tool is that you can integrate more than 100 different apps to streamline the procedure. 

2. Scholarcy

Scholarlcy is a personal assistant for research papers. It summarises complicated articles, book chapters, and reports. Scholarcy assists you in pointing out the key factors of writing work and evaluating its relevance to the research, which saves effort. This amazing tool helps you quickly grab the research results and determine relevant sources. 

These are the main features of Scholarcy:

  • Visual aids like images, figures, and charts help you understand the research better and quickly,
  • Chrome extension to summarise the article directly from the browser. 
  • The option to assemble a searchable database of summarised research sources makes it possible for you to revisit the desired information later.
  • It provides key research factors at a glance; you can organize this information into simple categories and easily get the main idea by referring to it. 

3. Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit is the best tool for research purposes, as it assists you in exploring a large number of scientific literature. It has a nickname as well—yeah, “Spotify for papers.” It has built-in article collections to find related information and suggest new research papers that resonate with your interests.

Anyone who researches Google Scholar or other online sources can understand how time-consuming it is to find relevant sources on the Internet. This tool will act as your personal assistant, knowing everything about your sources. 

Here are the main research features of this tool:

  • It allows you to build your own research library to organize your favorite readings. 
  • Based on the study interest, Research Rabbit suggests new readings published in your field. 
  • It shows connections between the literary works, which help you asses how the authors, ideas, and research areas are connected to each other. 
  • Allows you to collaborate with the research team or partners. 
  • Allows you to manage citations.

4. Connected Papers

Another innovative research tool is to assist scholars and researchers in analyzing their academic writing papers related to literature. Its visual mapping of the sources based on the relevancy of the related academic papers makes the process smooth. It represents different papers in such a fun way that makes the research process a bit light. 

As its name shows, it connects the different sources in a circle to represent the papers as per the occurrence of the references by other researchers.  If you provide one paper related to your field, it will show you all the relevant sources that resonate with the paper provided, connected with lines and placed together. The thickness of the line demonstrates the strength of the connection between documents. 

Here are some outstanding features of Connected papers:

  • Visual similarity graphs feature the same as citation trees. It focuses on semantic similarity, which means the documents with mutually shared citations are considered more connected
  • Multiple sources connected graphs features allow the user to provide multiple reference sources, which will enable CP (connected papers) to create a combined graph, demonstrating the relationships between them. 
  • The derivative work feature identifies the prior research that played a role in shaping the current research scenarios. It also provides the works derived from the original research ideas. 
  • Saving the papers and graphs is also a valuable feature so you can revisit the sources when required. 

Remember, it seems this tool is to help you in your study paper writing, but its interface may confuse new users. If you are not used to these types of tools, we suggest you not risk the assignment and hire an expert research paper writer for your academic pursuit from some respected services providing website. 

5. Assistant 

Scite is an AI tool that helps you search, read, and understand scientific documents.  With the help of AI, it can pull out the desired parts like research methods, key findings, or discussion part. Researchers can also use this tool to find related research papers.

It also solves a common problem of researchers, yeah you guessed it right, unreliable citations. Scite provides you with original published article citations. It’s possible to be confident of the information. Plus, one unique feature that makes it stand out is; that it evaluates your submitted research and provides you with sources that support or oppose the idea discussed in the research. 

Here are the standout features of;

  • You can create a user-friendly dashboard to organize your sources 
  • Provides overview and insights into the reputation and credibility of your source. 
  • It gives you an evaluation of the strength of the source’s claim. 

6. ProofHub

ProofHub assists researchers in streamlining the research process. It is a project management tool specifically designed to make research teams more productive. It provides everything a team might need for collaboration in the research paper writing procedure. 

Here are the main features of ProofHub:

  • Task management is made easy using tools like Gantt charts
  • Collaboration center to keep your research team on a single page for discussions, file sharing, and reviews
  • Time tracking and scheduling ensure you do not miss a deadline and stay on top of the research process. 
  • You can automate the tasks and build workflows 

7. Consensus AI

Consensus AI is a powerful tool that acts like an AI search engine to provide reliable and accurate information about the subject. It analyses millions of diverse academic sources, studies, and publications, finds required information, processes that information, and provides customized information that answers the exact question. 

Here are some of the best features of Consensus AI:

  • Verified results are guaranteed as Consensus only sources the information from reliable sources like journals, scholarly works, and reliable authors. 
  • Reliable search provides credible information to the user quickly to save time and energy.


Wordvice AI is another helpful tool for research purposes. It streamlines your workflow and saves time consumption. It helps you produce polished and original academic papers by checking grammar, clarity, and plagiarism. 

Here are a few features 

  • comprehensive editing with fluency checks
  • Boosts your vocabulary by suggesting phrases and synonyms
  • Ensures originality by checking millions of sources online to avoid plagiarism

9. Litmaps

Litmaps is a helpful tool for literature mapping. It assists researchers in finding relevant research papers and visualizing the connections between documents. It works on the connectedness theory, which allows users to compare and find related sources. To keep users up to date, Litmaps notifies its users of reading lists. 

Here are a few helpful features

  • Mind mapping visualises your research ideas by creating maps of connections between them, and notes them for better understanding.
  • It examines the research from multiple angles by rearranging the document’s position of maps. 
  • You can collaborate with students, colleagues, and teachers,


To wrap up the article, we can state that with the advancement of AI technology, it has become easier for students and scholars to manage their research process and write a good dissertation. Many AI tools for academics are available in the market. Choosing which one can be helpful for you is quite difficult in the saturated market. In this article, we have provided readers with a list of AI tools that can help you complete the research paper and get good marks. If you still have an ambiguity left, we recommend you avail yourself of research paper writing help from a reputed platform to get this important assignment done because a professional writer can better assist you than AI tools.

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