2024 Top 5 Vtuber AI Voice Changer, Make You Sound Like an Anime

| Updated on July 2, 2024

VTuber is easily the most popular and high-profile thing among youngsters and teens. Thus, you might be willing to make your sound recognized in the online ranks courtesy of the voice changer. Since many people have become VTubers, the quality could set you apart from others. 

With the changing times, the tastes and preferences of viewers all around the world. But you can definitely be a part of it. For that, if you’re looking for a voice changer for VTuber, this post introduces 5 absolutely joyful options.

Top 5 VTuber Voice Changers

Part 1: Top 5 VTuber Voice Changers

As promised, this section will cover some of the best voice changers present out there on the internet. It is pertinent to understand that all of them have unique features and cater to unique functions:

1.1 MagicVox Voice Changer for Vtuber

MagicVox is a brilliant VTuber voice changer that makes replicating the sound of the VTubers look simple. With MagicVox, you can explore the thousands of amazing audio effects, and a brilliant user interface is icing on the cake, making things look simple for newcomers. MagicVox is a perfect choice for gamers and producers who want a quick method of adding effects to their voices.



  • MagicVox allows you to modify the voice in real-time
  • Lets you switch between several notes courtesy of a single click
  • Select from the wide variety of voices, including the Loli voices, cold, and gentle voices
  • Improve your content by applying up to 600+ sound effects.
  • Supports various online platforms
  • Rely upon the studio function to fine-tune and customize the voice

Rating: 4.8/5

1.2 MorphVOX Voice Changer for VTuber

MorphVox is a top-notch AI voice changer VTuber that prompts advanced sound effects and morphing options. It also comes up with a built-in analyzer supporting the various file formats. Luckily, MorphVox lets you customize the sound in real-time, supporting multiple gaming chatting and streaming platforms.

MorphVOX Voice Changer


  • Explore the variety of voice effects easily
  • Access the stunning built-in voice editor
  • Supports various online platforms.


  • Limited free trial version

Rating: 4.7/5

1.3 Voxal Voice Changer

Another user-friendly changer for VTuber you can aim at is Voxal Voice Changer, offering commendable voice-changing filters and effects. The program is integrated into various online platforms and helps you perform several audio editing operations.

 Voxal Voice Changer


  • Customizable voice presets
  • Stunning effects
  • Real-time operations


  • Some technical issues could occur

Rating: 4.5/5

1.4 Clownfish voice changer

Clownfish won’t be a bad VTuber AI voice changer. It empowers you to customize your voice and apply several sensational filters to recorded audio at the very moment. From offering a simple user interface to enabling you with exciting audio customization options, Clownfish VTuber voice changer emerges as one of the most popular voice-changing tools.

Clownfish voice changer


  • Easy to use
  • Prompts the exciting voice effects
  • Compatible with the text to speech conversion


  • Limited voice effects

Rating: 4.5/5

1.5 Voicemod voice changer

Voicemod provides you with a plethora of voice-changing options including animal sounds, robot, and alien sounds. Apart from being compatible with platforms like YouTube and Twitch, Voicemod also empowers you to adjust the several audio customization options enabling you to download the audio in a couple of popular file formats.

Voicemod voice changer


  • Offers a simple user interface
  • Integrated with the various chat apps and online games
  • Supports voice morphing and background noise removal


  • It could misbehave with the less powerful computers.

Part 2: How to Create Your Vtuber Voice with Voice Changer?

  • Step 1: Install the MagicVox on the computer and start the program. Select the microphone as the input device and the headphones as the output device.
     Install the MagicVox
  • Step 2: Search for the filter you wish to use and click the Custom Voice button to create custom voices.
    Search for the filter you wish to use and click the Custom Voice button
  • Step 3: Launch the platform on which you intend to use the voice-changing filter and select the Virtual Audio Device as your voice input device. Now, you can speak into the microphone and alter your voice to sound like your chosen filter.

Part 3: FAQs about Vtuber AI Voice


What is a VTuber ai voice?

VTuber AI voice is an artificial intelligence technology that allows virtual YouTubers to produce the most dynamic and realistic voices, enhancing their interactions and presence with audiences.

How does VTuber AI voice operate?

VTuber AI voice depends upon the machine learning algorithm to replicate and analyze the tones, human speech patterns, and expression. It tends to produce the speech live, enabling you, the VTubers, to match the virtual avatars through lifelike voices.

Can you customize VTuber ai voice?

VTuber AI voice prompts the customizable parameters that assist the VTubers to fine tune the speed, pitch, and various other aspects of your generated voice.


This post reveals the 5 amazing VTuber AI voice changers that help you to make your voice sound like other voice characters realistically and effortlessly. Of the 5 tops mentioned in this post, MagicVox appears to be the best voice changer for VTuber. With this voice changing tool, you can transform your voice completely without getting the audio distorted.

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