9 Creative Ways to Use Custom Mailer Boxes

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Custom mailer boxes don’t necessarily have to be used to mail items through the post office or shipping service. Instead, many people and organizations use them for more creative uses every day. Custom mailer boxes are a valuable tool for many, from workplaces to schools to celebrations like weddings and holidays. 

Employee Welcome Kit

New employees have a lot to take in, from new people with names and departments to how they will do their new jobs. A custom-designed box of goodies can help them feel welcome to the team and give them something personal to get started in making their workspace feel less empty if they are working from the office. If they are working from home, including some branded items will remind them they are part of something bigger. 

New-Year Student Welcome Boxes

A new school is exciting for some students. For others, having the school supplies needed is stressful, or meeting a new teacher is frightening. Welcoming students to your class with a custom box filled with supplies and non-school items can help break the ice and set the tone for a great school year. Custom boxes can boost school spirit and bring students together. 


End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

Teacher gifts are an excellent way to thank them for their dedication through a long and sometimes difficult schoolyear. Whether you are a parent, a fellow teacher, a principal, or a school district, presenting these teacher gifts in a custom box shows the extra mile you’ve gone for them as they’ve gone for their students. Items can include pens, paper, stress balls, candies, and other more personalized items for the teacher you have in mind. 

Wedding Favor Boxes

Wedding favor boxes are found in many styles to match the theme or decor of your wedding reception. Now, you can look to custom mailer boxes as a way to create a personalized box explicitly designed for your special day. These boxes can be kept as mementos, reminders of the cherished moment when the bride and groom said, “I do.” You can purchase the quantity appropriate for the size of your wedding, as few as 100. 

Holiday Gift Boxes

If you give or send many gifts, you might already be purchasing quite a few boxes. Instead, look to custom mailer boxes to ship your holiday gifts to friends and family. Not only are their presents meaningful, but the package itself is a special surprise that can be kept as a gift as well. You can use mailer boxes instead of gift boxes, gift bags, or wrapping paper, or they can be used as shipping boxes.

Jewelry Boxes

Custom mailer boxes may be great for storing or selling your items if you own jewelry business. Custom mailer boxes can be made relatively small, with exterior designs ranging from simple to complex. With custom inserts and dividers, you can use these small mailer boxes to store jewelry items safely. Mailers are ideal for personal use, brick-and-mortar stores, or online businesses.

Custom Subscription Boxes

It’s safe to say that subscription boxes are not just a trend anymore, they are here to stay. We love our subscription boxes, from toys and treats for your pet to the latest fashions to solving crimes. Custom mailer boxes can help yours stand out from the crowd. A unique design in a sturdy box that can be used for storage is an excellent investment in your subscription business. It can help generate excitement when your customers receive them, leading to word-of-mouth advertising and new income. 

Non-Profit Resource Sharing Events

Many non-profits gather resources from the community to share with those in need. These resources are divided among boxes and bags to be distributed through events. By sharing these resources in custom mailer boxes, the organization supporting the community can effectively advertise its efforts and help raise awareness. Those receiving the packages, helping to fill them, or even watching on social media or the local news, can recognize the organization supporting their community. 

New Baby Keepsake Boxes

With the arrival of a new baby, there are many keepsakes that parents love to keep, but that often get lost over the years. With the right-sized box and a custom design to make it recognizable, it’s more likely that these new baby keepsake boxes are not lost along the way and can eventually be passed on to them as they reach adulthood. Keeping hospital bracelets, hand and footprints, commemorative birth certificates, hats, and other small items are easier in a custom-designed box. 

Using Custom Mailer Boxes

As you can see, there are many ways to use custom mailer boxes instead of mailing off a package. We would love to see how creative you can be with your custom mailers and how they help you get the most out of your business or event. Contact Box Genie to discuss your size, material, and design needs.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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