How to See Dislikes on YouTube Via App or Browser?

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Being an avid YouTube user, you might have noticed that the dislike count on the platform has vanished for some time. Well, yes, the largest renowned video-sharing website with a global user base of more than 2.5 billion people no longer allows you to see dislikes on its videos, even for YouTube Premium users.

However, dislikes generally serve as feedback to decide what videos you should watch. But considering the latest update, you may wonder how to see them.

That said, read the article to discover how to see dislikes on YouTube via an app or browser as a viewer or as a creator. 

Quick Answer

YouTube removed the dislike count from all the videos in November 2021, but you can still restore the feature using a browser extension or third-party apps. 

Why You Can’t See Dislikes on YouTube? — The Real Reason

This video sharing platform allows users to like, comment, dislike, or download YouTube videos without any restrictions. However, you can see the count of others but not dislike them. 

To answer why, the platform has released a public announcement claiming that after running an experiment on small-scale influencers. From the results, it has been observed that creators are facing a massive backlash by being unfairly targeted in the form of dislikes.

It is safe to say that the main purpose behind removing this feature is to provide freedom to every creator to express what they feel openly without any fear of harassment.

After some time, in January 2022, the CEO stated in a blog that creators could find the dislike count in the YouTube studio section. In contrast, viewers could still dislike the video enough to submit their recommendations.


You can still view the dislike count on the YouTube shorts. 

How to See the Dislikes on YouTube Using Browser?

If you’re using Google Chrome, you can download the Return YouTube Dislike extension, which allows you to check YouTube dislikes. Apart from this, some third-party tools can prove to be useful but cannot be trusted blindly.

Well, the process to add an extension is pretty straightforward; you just need to follow some instructions to do so:


The extension can be installed on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Bravo. However, the app is under active development; in case you face any issues, consider reporting them to Google’s GitHub page or Discover server. 

  • Open Chrome and type Return YouTube Dislike in the Google Search.
    Type Return YouTube Dislike
  • Click on the topmost result of the query.
    Click on the very first result
  • Click on Add to Chrome.
    Click on Add to Chrome
  • Now, click on the Add extension that appears in the confirmation dialog box that says it can read and change your data on a number of websites
    Click on Add extensions
  • That’s it; you can now see the dislike count.
    The extension has been added

Even though the decision was controversial, it has shown a positive impact over time. So, it can be predicted that the original feature will not come back anytime soon in the future. 

In case you want to remove the Extension:

Open Google Chrome>> Click on the Jigsaw Icon>> Navigate to Return YouTube Dislike extension>> Click on three vertical dots beside it>>  Select Remove from Chrome.

How to Show Dislikes on YouTube Using Android and iOS Devices?

Being a creator, you always aim for likes and appreciation rather than dislikes and trolls. Whether it’s about creating an intro for your YouTube video or giving your 100% to editing it, you never settle for less. 

Therefore, feedback is also compulsory. For that, to see how many dislikes a YouTube video has, follow the steps mentioned below:

For iOS:

  • Open the App Store on your device.
    Open the App Store
  • Type YouTube Dislike Checker in the search query.
    Typer YouTube Dislike Checker
  • It is worth noting that the app requires a subscription for $0.99.
    The app requires a subscription
  • After purchasing and installing it, simply paste or enter the link to any YouTube video in the box.
    Paste or enter the link
  • Tap on the thumbs-down icon .
    Tap on thumbs down icon
  • Or, you can directly tap the Share button located under the video itself.
    Tap on the share button
  • Select the app.
    Select the app
  • See the number of dislikes of the video.
    See the dislike count

For Android:

  • Open Play Store on your device.
  • Type YouTube Dislike Checker in the search panel.
    Type YouTube Dislike checker in the search box
  • Download and Install the app.
    Download and install the app
  • Next, simply paste or enter the URL of any YouTube video in the box.
    Paste or enter the URL
  • Tap on Get statistics.
    Tap on Get Statistics
  • Or, you can directly tap the Share button located under the video itself.
    Tap on the share buttons
  • Tap on More to select the app.
    Tap on more
  • See the number of dislikes in the video.
    See the number of dislikes

The above-mentioned apps will help you analyze the count of dislikes as a viewer to make an informed decision.

How to See YouTube Dislikes on Your Posted Videos?

As a creator or budding influencer, it is crucial to keep a watch on analytics to monitor your YouTube performance. But how do you see YouTube dislikes for your posted videos? Follow through the steps to find out:

  • Simply log in to your YouTube account.
  • Navigate to your YouTube Studio.
    Click on YouTube Studio
  • Click on Content under Your channel.
    Click on Content
  • Click on the video you wish to see the dislike count for.
  • Then, click on Analytics.
    Click on Analyticss
  • Click on Engagement under video analytics.
    Click on the engagement tab
  • You’ll see the Likes (vs. Dislikes) section at the bottom right.
    Likes vs dislikes section
  • Tap on SEE MORE to see a detailed breakdown of analytics of your likes and dislikes. 
    Tap on SEE MORE

Now you can see the detailed count of dislikes on video. Being a creator, you might ask yourself, Do dislikes matter on YouTube? Well, the answer is yes, as they provide you with a clear insight into other people’s perspectives, which helps you improve your skills.

Do Dislikes Matter on YouTube?

Dislikes are a synopsis of reviews as they help in improving your content.

On YouTube, several creators and viewers communicate indirectly by liking, disliking, and commenting on the videos. 

Considering the number of dislikes, they hold importance because of the following reasons:

  • They are considered essential metrics for both content creators and viewers.
  • The number of dislikes serves as feedback on the content that requires improvement.
  • It can be used to measure whether the video was helpful to the users or not.
  • Likes, dislikes, and comments are considered powerful tools to measure active audience engagement besides views and subscriptions.

Checking out the demographics to know what kind of audience is engaging with your content can be crucial in the journey of growth. However, before that, you should always try various methods to maximize your content reach, like sharing your YouTube video on Instagram

Is the Data Shown by the Tools/Extensions Authentic?

The results you’ll see from tools and extensions may not be 100% authentic. 

There is no official way to see the exact count of dislikes as a user. Hence, the data shown by the extension is somewhat accurate, as it is predicted by user and historical statistics. Whereas, the creators can see the true and accurate count of thumbs down on their posted videos. 

Apart from this, you can rely on comments and likes to determine the accuracy and value of the video.

Conclusion – Restore the Dislike Count

The announcement of the removal of dislikes is surely a topic of debate, as some creators support it and some don’t. Hence, the article introduced the method to intel the dislike count of any video using the web or app. Therefore, expecting likes is pretty obvious, but dislikes can also encourage engagement and serve as feedback.

Whereas, the only concern raised by eliminating this issue is that of the evaluation of the video and content quality on the platform. 


Does YouTube have hidden dislikes?

Yes, the YouTube dislikes counts are unavailable from November 2021 on the videos.

How do I see YouTube dislikes on Safari?

To see dislikes on Safari: Open the video on Safari>> Tap on the share option>> Select YouTube Dislike Checker. You will see the count beside the thumbs-down button.

How to see who disliked my video on YouTube?

You cannot see the names or IDs of the people who disliked your videos. However, you can see the count using the extension.


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