All About Dissociation of Yahoo Mail from AT&T Communication Service

| Updated on February 13, 2024

With the news of AT&T and Yahoo mail getting unmerged, it became obvious that the AT&T and Yahoo users were going to face difficulty. Moreover, the reason for their partition was seen as security and to offer better security to their users, both of them decided to work separately. 

This partition gave rise to a lot of questions and users have been left wondering what happened to their AT&T and Yahoo email account.

Nevertheless, this article is going to answer all such queries that have been lingering in the user’s mind regarding the validity of their accounts.

AT&T account serves as a personal email account and works best for sending and receiving emails. It even allowed you to have your Yahoo mail account merged so that you can manage both the accounts under one roof. Signing up for an AT&T account lets you manage all the settings, billings as well as preferences of your account. 

The Merger of AT&T and Yahoo

When Yahoo and AT&T merged, people got to use a merged account i.e. a combined account where they can access the services of both AT&T and Yahoo accounts.

Here is how you can check if you have a merged account:

  1. You can use the same password for both accounts.
  2. Sign in to your AT&T account using your Yahoo email address.
  3. You can sign in using your Yahoo as well as the AT&T email address.
  4. You are getting emails from both accounts at the same place.
  5. Resetting the AT&T password will also reset the password of the Yahoo account
  6. If you try to login to Yahoo mail, it will redirect you to the ‘AT&T’ webpage.

That was the case when both the email services were merged, but that’s not the situation anymore. Reportedly, Yahoo and AT&T users were not very excited about their association and continued using ‘MY AT&T Page’ and ‘My Yahoo Page’ separately rather than using the ‘MY AT&T Yahoo Page.’

The reason behind this is most of the users are associated with Yahoo accounts for a very long period and are used to the functioning of Yahoo email services. Also, some users reported issues when they started using Yahoo and AT&T after their association. Also, when the association happened, it affected the user’s experience as the Yahoo website that used to offer only Yahoo features changed completely as Yahoo page also got AT&T logo, features, and log in. 

Now, to avoid the frustration, users are keen to know how they can get back to using Yahoo and AT&T normally again and that too individually. 

So to make it easier for the users, here is how you can unmerge Yahoo from AT&T. Also, after you separate Yahoo from AT&T; whatever will happen is not going to disturb your normal usage of both the email clients.

How to Separate Yahoo Email from AT&T?

Here are the steps that will help you separate Yahoo Email Account from AT&T:

  1. On a browser, go to Google and in the search box, look for the official website of AT&T.
  2. Navigate to the AT&T website and you will see the AT&T Sign-in page. Normally, sign in to your AT&T account using the login credentials.
  3. Once you are logged in, select the ‘Profile’ option provided under ‘MY ATT’ that you can access from the top navigation bar.
  4. Under ‘AT&T Email Accounts’, click on the ‘Account Profile’ option. 
  5. Thereafter, go to the ‘User Information’ tab and then click on the option ‘Delete Account’ given at the right side of the ‘Member ID’.
  6. Wait for a while and when you see the ‘Delete Email’ confirmation message, click on ‘Ok’ to confirm the deletion.
  7. Thereafter, go to the Yahoo Sign-in page and log in to your account using the credentials and click on ‘Sign-in’.
  8. Now, to use Yahoo mail separately, you have to click on the ‘Unmerge’ option given at the bottom-right corner of the Yahoo page.

That was the last step of the process; your Yahoo mail and AT&T account will get separated.

If the above steps didn’t work for you, you can take help from the official support team to get help to separate the Yahoo account from AT&T.

After the unmerge process is over, you can simply do the registration for a new AT&T or Yahoo email account.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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