• An All-inclusive Guide About Suspended Twitter Accounts Including Recovery Process

    | Updated on August 10, 2023

    Getting your Twitter account suspended can certainly freak you out especially if you were using it for years. Creating a Twitter account and expressing your political, social, or economic views is in trend these days. Most of us directly go on Twitter and tweet whatever comes to our mind regarding something. But Twitter has its rules and regulations in place that you need to follow unless you want your account to get suspended. A single tweet that doesn’t go the Twitter way i.e. either it is abusive or spam can get you off this social media platform. Not only this impersonating someone or creating a fake profile can also get you suspended on Twitter. Apart from this, if Twitter notices your account has been hacked or compromised, they will suspend your account for security reasons. 

    So many reasons leading to one major consequence i.e. Account Suspension. Recently, the majority of Twitter users found their account suspended; you must be familiar with the recent Donald Trump’s Twitter account suspension. So Twitter has a common habit of suspending accounts whenever it finds something distasteful. 

    Twitter always has a reason for suspending users’ accounts and in case it has happened mistakenly, there is an option to unsuspend the Twitter account as well.

    So if you are here to get some help regarding Twitter Account Suspension, keep on reading as you are going to find a lot of important information. You can directly go to the suspended account recovery section using the table of contents provided here.

    What Does It Mean By a Suspended Twitter Account?

    A Twitter account gets suspended for a number of reasons; such as due to suspicious activity, violation of a rule, etc. And it depends on the severity of the violation whether you are going to get your account back or not. 

    You may be able to log into your Twitter account but aren’t able to perform any action is one form of account suspension and not being able to login to your account and getting an email regarding account suspension is another. 

    In my situation, “I normally logged into my Twitter account one day and was asked to verify my phone number that I don’t have access to. So, I tried to reset my password using my email address but still, it asked me to verify my linked phone number to continue using my account. And after several failed login attempts, I was able to login to my Twitter account but to a suspended one. My followers and following were reduced to zero and upon submitting an appeal, describing the issue, I got my account back after a few days.”

    So that was about how suspension looks like and my story of a suspended Twitter account. Now, let’s have a look at the causes and recovery methods.

    Why Your Twitter Account Got Suspended?

    It is important to know what can get your account suspended so that you can avoid making such mistakes in the future. Maybe you know where were you mistaken but if you are not sure about whether you were mistaken or not; have a look at some major causes of suspension and see if you have committed any of the mistakes:

    1. Suspicious Activity

    Twitter can also suspend your account if it smells suspicious activity. If someone else is trying to access your account from a different location, Twitter may prevent this login attempt and in order to do so, it can suspend your account.

    2. Over Engagement

    Twitter asks for engagement but if you will keep on liking, commenting, or retweeting, Twitter will think of you as a bot and not as a human and eventually this can get your account suspended. 

    3. Spamming

    Spamming is another factor that can get you suspended and Twitter has set a clear policy regarding the same. So if you are sending DMs to people containing suspicious links or are posting the same links to your website with the same text over and over again; all such activities are considered spam. 

    4. Abusive Behavior

    Abusive Behavior includes harassing or discriminating against someone on social media platforms including Twitter. If you misuse your freedom of speech once and get reported for that, they will surely suspend your account.

    5. Exploiting Privacy

    If you are leaking someone’s personal information like their phone number, address or even photos that should not be uploaded otherwise, this is one of the reasons for Twitter account suspension.

    6. Impersonating Someone

    Representing someone else on social media is not at all acceptable and if you get caught in this act, you will surely get your Twitter account suspended. 

    All these reasons can get any Twitter account suspended; make sure you are not doing any of these activities.

    For more information about a suspended Twitter account, you can read the official article here- https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/suspended-twitter-accounts

    How to Get your Suspended Twitter Account Back?

    Depending on the reason for suspension, it is not always possible to unsuspend your Twitter account once it gets locked. But still, you can give it a try by using the information given further to unsuspend your Twitter account.

    Having said that, it is not always possible to unsuspend your Twitter account once it gets locked. But still to give it a try, here is how to unsuspend your Twitter account.

    NOTE- For severe violations, you may get your Twitter account suspended permanently, in that case, submitting an appeal may not work. This method is only applicable when your Twitter account has been suspended by mistake or for minor violations.

    Scenario- 1 When Twitter Account is Suspended for Violating Rules

    To recover your suspended Twitter account when suspended for violating rules, follow the given instructions:

    1. Try to log in to your Twitter account at- https://twitter.com/login using your phone, email, or username and password; click ‘Log in’.
    Go to twitter.com and click on log in
    1. If you are not able to login or after logging into your Twitter account, you are getting a notification that your account has been suspended, if you think it was a mistake, you can submit an appeal. It depends on the violation that what message you are going to get from Twitter. Here are a few examples of messages you may get:

    “your account has been suspended. please contact customer support.”

    “this account has been suspended.”

    Twitter suspended error message
    1. To submit the appeal, you need to go to this link- https://help.twitter.com/forms/general but make sure you are logged into your suspended Twitter account. 
    • First, you need to mention the device on which you are experiencing this issue
    • Next, you have to give a brief description of the problem, make sure you are able to explain everything in a few words. Here is an example for reference:

    I tried to log into Twitter but it asked me to verify my phone number that I don’t have access to, so I tried to reset my password and then access my Twitter account but still, Twitter wanted me to verify my phone number. After several attempts, my account got suspended; I haven’t violated any rules, please help me get my account back.

    Appeal form for twitter account suspension
    • For the next part, you have to enter your information like your Full name, Twitter username, Your email, and your Phone number (it is optional, but I would recommend you to enter the one that you have access to).
    Enter your personal information and submit the appeal form
    • Once you have submitted the appeal, you will get a message like this- “Thanks! Your request has been submitted to Twitter. We are usually able to respond within a few days, but some issues may take longer. Please check your email inbox for an email from Twitter support. If you don’t see one, try checking your email’s spam and trash folders.”
    Suspension appeal submitted to Twitter
    • After this, make sure to check your inbox and see if you have received an email from Twitter. Carefully read the instructions provided in the email and then act accordingly. 
    • In my case, I was asked to verify my email address by replying to the mail I have received from them to prove that I can access my email address; then after two days, I was able to login to my account without facing any issue and that’s how I got my Twitter account unsuspended.

    Scenario-2 When Twitter Account is Suspended for Suspicious Activity

    If unusual login activity was noticed on your Twitter account and that’s what got it suspended, here is what you can do to unsuspend it or to get it back:

    • Go to www.twitter.com and try to log in to your Twitter account.
    • If your account is suspected to be compromised, you will see an error message stating “There was an unusual login activity on your account. To help keep your account safe, please enter your phone number or email address to verify it’s you.”

    You will need to confirm your phone number, email address, or other personal information; click ‘Start’ to begin the recovery process.

    • Enter the required personal information to verify your account; tap ‘Verify’. Follow the instructions provided on the screen and answer any questions asked about your account. 
    • Enter your phone number or email address linked to your Twitter account and thereafter, you will receive a confirmation code or instructions via your email. Check your phone or email linked to your account and see if you have received a new message from Twitter. The message will have a verification code that you have to enter to unlock your account. 
    • After entering the code, click on ‘Submit’.
    • Then you will get the option to change your password to secure your account.

    You can also use the above steps in case you do not have access to your phone number or email address that you used to create your Twitter account, as in this case, you just have to use the email address that you have currently access to.

    Scenario-3 When you Can Log In But Cannot Perform Any Actions like Tweeting, Commenting, etc.

    Sometimes it may happen that you are able to log in to your Twitter account, but your activities have been restricted. Here is how you can get your Twitter account unsuspended in that case:

    • Log into your Twitter account and after logging in you will see a message at the bottom of the screen, click on ‘Learn More’.
    • Click on ‘File an Appeal’ 
    • For the option ‘Where are you experiencing this issue?’, select ‘Desktop Web Browser’.

    In the ‘Description of problem’ field, explain why you are facing a suspended Twitter account and ask them for help.

    Appeal a suspended Twitter account
    • Next, fill in the required information such as full name, Twitter username, email address, and phone number (which is optional). If you do not know your Twitter username, you can check any email from them and at the bottom of the email, you will see your username.
    Enter your information and submit it to Twitter
    • After submitting the appeal, you will see a message like this- “Thanks! Your request has been submitted to Twitter. We are usually able to respond within a few days, but some issues may take longer. Please check your email inbox for an email from Twitter support. If you don’t see one, try checking your email’s spam and trash folders.”

    Hopefully, all the information provided regarding suspended Twitter accounts will be of help to you. You can also check out the FAQs section if you still have any queries lingering in your mind.

    Or watch this video:

    Hopefully, all the information provided regarding suspended Twitter accounts will be of help to you. You can also check out the FAQs section if you still have any queries lingering in your mind.


    Ans: Normally, the Twitter suspension lasts up to 48 hours but if you have violated a major term, your Twitter account can get suspended for longer or maybe forever.

    Ans: If you want to view a suspended Twitter accounts, you simply have to type their username in the search box, and on their profile, you will see the message ‘Account Suspended’

    Ans: Twitter can be used by someone who is 13 years of age or older and if you break that rule, your account can get suspended. Even if you are now 18 but you created your account long back when you were not even 13, this can get you suspended too. Don’t worry follow the instructions provided by Twitter to recover your account back-https://help.twitter.com/en/managing-your-account/account-restoration

    Ans. Twitter has its reasons for permanently suspending an account and if you create a new account after getting permanently suspended, Twitter is going to suspend all your new accounts. Here is the message that you get from them upon permanent suspension:

    Ans. No, you cannot delete a suspended Twitter account; you need to unsuspend it first in order to delete it.

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