How to Recover a Permanently Suspended Twitter Account?

| Updated on March 1, 2024 |
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Getting your account on X (formerly known as Twitter) suspended can certainly freak you out, especially if you have been using it for years. The platform surely allows you to express your political, social, or economic views. But, if you tweet whatever comes to your mind, you may unknowingly violate the rules and regulations resulting in the suspension of your account.

So, if you’re facing the same issue and want to know how to recover permanently suspended Twitter accounts, reading this write-up can help!

Quick Fix

If you have your X (Twitter) account suspended, you must:

  • Confirm your identity. 
  • Delete any content that violates the rules.
  • Change your password.
  • Submit an appeal.
  • Wait for the suspension to pass. 

Why Does a Twitter Account Get Suspended?

Before you get to the solutions for how to recover a suspended Twitter account, it is better to know why it gets suspended. So, the most obvious reasons would be: 

  • Unverified Account –  X will surely suspend your account if you fail to verify your identity and continue using an unverified one. So, you must confirm your phone number or email address for the verification of your ID.
  • Compromised Security – If your account’s security has been hacked or compromised, X will suspend it. The platform does that to avoid potentially malicious activity on your ID.
  • Spamming – If you are sending DMs to people containing suspicious links or are posting the same links to your website with the same text over and over again; all such activities are considered spam.
  • Violation of Rules – Violating any rules set by the platform may get your Twitter account suspended. This includes abusive behavior, harassing or discriminating against someone, provoking violence, hate speech, or sexual content.
  • Exploiting Privacy – If you are leaking someone’s personal information like their phone number, address, or even photos that should not be uploaded otherwise, this is one of the reasons for X account suspension. Also, if you try to impersonate someone, it will give the same outcome.

X’s Ban Evasion Policy

If you try to circumvent a ban or account suspension by creating a new account or repurposing your previous one, X will permanently suspend it on the first detection.

Hence, considering these reasons, you must be careful while using X or any social media platform with caution.

How to Get Unsuspended From Twitter?

As there could be multiple reasons behind the suspension, the question of how to get unsuspended from Twitter may make you a bit puzzled. 

However, the good news is there are solutions for the type of ban you’re facing. That said, the platform will lift the restrictions on your suspended profile if you try these methods:

Verify Your Identity

X can suspend or limit your account and request additional personal information. This is done to ensure that you don’t abuse anonymity and harass other users by creating multiple IDs.

For that, you need to confirm your phone number and email address by sending the verification code you receive. Also, if X suspends your ID due to verification of your identity, you need to log in to Twitter and follow the on-screen instructions.

Suspended Twitter Account

Change the Password

As mentioned earlier, your X account can get suspended over security concerns. This can also happen when your ID is hacked or compromised and the authorities notice something unusual that points to spammy behaviour or bot actions. 

In that case, X will send you an official mail requesting to reset your password and block any unauthorised access. 

Twitter password reset

You can either do that by opening the link you received in your email or visiting Twitter’s password reset page. This will unsuspend your account.

Wait for the Suspension to Pass

X often suspends accounts temporarily. It usually happens when your ID is on the verge of getting hacked. Then, you’ll be able to run the platform in read-only mode.

So, the best option you have is to wait for 12 hours to seven days until the suspension expires.

File an Appeal

If you feel like the suspension of your ID on X is unfair, and you can’t think of any possible cause, you can file an appeal to dispute the suspension.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your suspended X profile.
  • In the fields given, mention why you think the suspension is unfair. For example, if you’re facing suspension because of a tweet, explain why that tweet doesn’t violate X’s rules.
    Appeal a locked or suspended account
  • If required, attach a copy of a government-issued ID. You can use your passport, driver’s licence, or any valid/recognized ID card. 
  • Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page, and you’re done.

Wait for a while, and see if the X’s support team decides in your favor.


For severe violations, you may get your X account suspended permanently, in that case, submitting an appeal may not work. This method is only applicable when the ID has been suspended by mistake or for minor violations.

Comply with the Platform’s Demands

According to Business Standard, X announced that it will take ‘less severe action’ against users that break rules. So, the platform may ask you to remove a tweet violating the rules. All you need to do is comply with the demand and save your profile from getting banned.

Try Using a VPN

Many X users agree to the fact that they were locked out of their accounts when they were on a vacation or business trip. The sudden change of location is also a sign of suspicious activity and may create issues.

Hence, to avoid this, you can use one of the best VPNs for Android or iOS. As there will be several options, looking out for things when you need a VPN is highly recommended.

So, the methods mentioned above surely answer how to unsuspend Twitter accounts. However, it is always better to avoid this situation.

How to Avoid Twitter Account Suspension?

Instead of wasting your time and efforts in figuring out how to unsuspend a Twitter account, avoiding such a situation is always the best option. Here are some tips that can prove to be helpful.

  • Improve the profile’s security by using a strong password. Moreover, you can also activate two-factor authentication. 
  • Do not post the same tweet again and again, as it will result in spamming and ID suspension.
  • Read the rules and policies of X before you make an account and start posting.
  • Use a VPN if you need to use X outside of your country.

So, keeping these tips in mind you can surely avoid account suspension on X.

Final Words – Your Account’s Security is in Your Hands!

There’s no doubt that X is one of the most popular social media platforms, but you must never forget the risk factor it comes with. Keeping your account secure is the only option you have. So, use a strong password and keep it away from hackers. 

Posting mindlessly is another thing that must be avoided at any cost. It will lead to suspension and will ruin all the work you did to increase followers and reach.


How long will Twitter unsuspend my account?

Normally, the Twitter suspension lasts up to 48 hours but if you have violated a major term, your Twitter account can get suspended for longer or maybe forever.

Can you access a suspended Twitter account?

If you want to view a suspended Twitter account, you simply have to type their username in the search box, and on their profile, you will see the message ‘Account Suspended.

I just made a Twitter account and it got suspended. Why?

Twitter has its reasons for permanently suspending an account and if you create a new one just after getting permanently suspended, it will get suspended.

How to delete a suspended Twitter account?

No, you cannot delete a Twitter account that has been suspended; you need to unsuspend it first in order to delete it.

Can permanently suspended Twitter accounts be recovered?

Yes, it can be recovered if you believe you didn’t do anything wrong. You can file an appeal and wait for further action.

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