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How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Installing Software?

You found out your kids spend all their spare time on their phones. You have no idea what they’ve been doing lately. Your responsibility is to ensure your kids are safe from scammers and fraudulent persons out there. However, your kids most likely won’t report every conversation to you. There are monitoring solutions that let you read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone.

According to a 2019 survey, 35.6% of US children spend between one and two hours daily on the phone. While that may not be alarming, the same study reports 15.1% spending above 4 hours daily on the phone. Now, that needs some caution. Children need exposure to mobile devices to aid their development, but too much time could wrongly expose them. Let’s see some apps that can help you monitor your targets without installing software on their device.


mSpy is an effective web-based spy application that allows you to track your target’s messages privately. With mSpy, you’d find out that monitoring software doesn’t have to carry minimal features. Even if your kids have other conversations outside their regular SMS apps, you can still track them. mSpy has over 25 features, and the following are the most popular ones:

  • Tracking SMS and social media messages without ever holding their phone.
  • Monitoring their device’s current GPS location.
  • Using the Keylogger feature for retrieving passwords if you have to reach their device.
  • Overseeing the browser history of the target device.

Installing mSpy to read someone else’s text messages is pretty straightforward. Purchase a subscription plan for a token and follow the instructions from mSpy about remote installation. With only the target’s iCloud details, you’d be ready to begin monitoring your targets in 5 minutes. In the case of Android, you’ll need to get physical access for 15 minutes to install the app on the phone. 


If you’re wondering how to receive someone else’s text messages, XNSPY is an app that is worth considering. Millions of users from around the world use the application in monitoring their targets’ mobile devices. However, you don’t need professional training in IT to watch your kids or staff during work hours. The app’s design is user-friendly to assist novices in monitoring target devices. Here’s a list of some of the qualities XNSPY users enjoy:

  • Tracking Messages and SMS.
  • Monitoring browser history.
  • Setting Geofencing alerts.
  • Spying on someone’s call logs.

To use XNSPY, visit XNSPY’s official website and create a new account. With the target iPhone’s iCloud credentials, you can readily check all forms of information from your dashboard.


Minspy is another spy app that shows you how to read someone’s text messages secretly. Over 1 million people use Minspy around the world. You can monitor your kids’ or employees’ phone activities through your Control Panel from any browser. The app is easy to use to monitor modern intelligent mobile devices. Let’s see some of the features of Minspy:

  • Monitoring text messages remotely.
  • Spying on Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp conversations.
  • Tracking browser history.

It doesn’t take long to install Minspy remotely on your targets’ devices. After registering for a new account, you’ll receive an email containing setup instructions. Within a few minutes, you’re ready to monitor your targets’ text messages remotely.


You’ve seen how to receive text messages from another phone remotely using different spy app suggestions. With various cloud-based monitoring software on the market, you could readily track someone’s mobile phone usage. Choose the product that resonates most with you and start monitoring your target devices.

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