Netflix is Ditching Its Cheapest Ad-Free Plan: Plans to Phase Out the Cheapest Plan Starting from Canada and the UK

| Updated on January 25, 2024

It’s the end of the cheapest ad-free plan of Netflix which costs 11.99 USD a month. 

Netflix revealed this information in its Q4 2023 earnings report released on January 23, 2024. They plan to phase out this bundle internationally from Q2 2024. Since July 2023, US users have been unable to sign up to its basic tier, now Netflix plans to remove it as an option in other countries as well, starting with Canada and UK.


The Streaming giant hasn’t set a date for removing this option, nor revealed which countries will bear the brunt first. 

Once Netflix phases out the basic ad-free tier, users are left with the USD 15.49 per month option as the cheapest plan. That’s a jump of three and a half dollars per month, a pretty big one. There is no middle ground for subscribers, users can either go for a $6.99 ad-supported plan or $22.99 per month for the premium tier. 

Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters said in an interview that the ad-supported offering is now 23 million strong and they are prioritizing it. They are making add-supported plans more attractive. They bumped up the resolution to 1080p last year, added multiple streams, and switched on downloads as well. 

Netflix also announced that it added 13.1 million new subscribers during the Q4 of 2023. Now, Netflix boasts a total number of 247 million subscribers globally. 


Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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