Vladimir Okhotnikov: In the Era of Blockchain Tech Giants May Become Extinct Like the Dinosaurs

| Updated on May 27, 2024
Vladimir Okhotnikov

It is a time When Everyone Is Against Decentralization, But Buys Crypto Quietly is devoted to the medium-term prospects of blockchain technologies. The advantages and vulnerabilities of DeFi have been considered, and the possibility of using Bitcoin as a means of payment has been analyzed. The dynamics of the capitalization of tech giants have been shown in comparison with the cryptocurrency segment of the world market.

Vladimir Okhotnikov, the CEO of the Okhotnikov company, is a well-known analyst in the fields of blockchain technologies, finance, and DeFi. He talks about important issues affecting the interests of every investor. 

Among these problems are the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the US and the European Union, the abundance of speculators and manipulators in the digital currency market, as well as the choice of a competent strategy that will not allow you to lose money during an inevitable major financial crisis.

The article opens with a discussion of the tough stance the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken on the cryptocurrency market.

According to Gary Gensler, chairman of the SEC, soon all decentralized exchanges with a liquidity pool exceeding $50 million will have to go through a complex registration procedure. Vladimir notes that the approach of the European regulator in this matter is more lenient, and gives specific examples of such a policy.

Mr. Okhotnikov then moves on to the dramatic consequences of the Commission’s tough stance. Among these consequences, he notes that the clumsy actions of the regulator – the SEC and the FRS – may be aggravated by the debt crisis:

“Excessive money emissions, carried out against the background of the flow of liquidity from fiat to crypto, will inevitably increase inflation. This could lead to a crisis that would make the events of 2008 seem like nothing.”

In his discussion of the future of the cryptocurrency market, the expert emphasizes the need to differentiate between the cutting-edge technology that the blockchain industry offers and the speculative schemes that are out there to defraud unsuspecting investors.

The article lists some of these scams that fall into the typical pump-and-dump scheme.

Touching on the topic of using Bitcoin as a means of payment, Vladimir analyzes the rhetoric of Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of the magazine of the same name. 

The expert agrees with Steve that due to its high volatility, Bitcoin is inconvenient for settlements, especially in long-term contracts. 

But until then, the advantages of the first cryptocurrency, such as divisibility by 100 million satoshis, reliability, and the deflationary tokenomics model, allow “digital gold” to be a valuable asset in the portfolio of any long-term investor.

Mr. Okhotnikov pays special attention to the global role that the young cryptocurrency market can play in the world of big capital, where today tech giants dominate.

Vladimir happily quotes Chris Dixon, author of the famous book Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet, who outlined the emerging confrontation between the leaders of the NYSE® FANG+ Index and the new industry with the meme “technology versus casinos.”

Summing up, the expert points out that the widespread adoption of blockchain technologies can only be built on a transparent and decentralized foundation. Bitcoin and a number of other zero-level coins (such as Polygon or Cosmos) provide the user with such guarantees.

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