X Launches New Feature for Premium Subscribers: Users Can Now List Open Jobs on Their Personal Profiles

| Updated on January 30, 2024

After X launched audio and video calls on Android, the job listing feature was available on X for quite some time but only for business profiles. Via X’s 1000 USD per month verification for the organization plan, businesses could post job openings on their profile. 

Now, this feature will be available to the rest of the premium X users. It is kind of an expansion of the already available feature on X. All the premium subscribers in the US will now be able to display open roles on their personal profiles as well as on business pages. 

This is part of the professional services push to entice new users for premium subscriptions. Which is part of the broader plan of Elon Musk for X to become the Everything App. X is looking to compete with all the social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Messenger, and more.

With this feature, LinkedIn is the obvious target. Till now, the feature has been well received by the users. It also makes sense to add these kinds of features to X because the platform has served as a business connection tool for years. 

And now, X has formally implemented a feature required for quite some time. With this businesses and brands can now maximize their candidate search. 

Will it become a viable alternative to recruitment? Only time will tell! X has given brands and individuals the ability to use the app to search for potential candidates. How many roles are being filled with X posting is the real test of the platform. 

It will be interesting if X shares the data on the job posting feature in the future. If they do not, then we’ll have to look for job ads on the platform. This could be a good indicator of how much interest a feature is getting.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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