Apple Allows Sideloading Apps on iPhone: All You Need to Know About it

| Updated on February 2, 2024

The EU (European Union) is forcing Apple to make changes to its mobile operating system. The EU has come up with some regulations regarding mobile devices to be more open and accessible. In order to comply with the EU regulations Apple is now allowing Sideloading apps on iPhones in the EU. 

Apple App Store

This new change will come with iOS 17.4, primarily targeting EU countries. The company is aiming to enhance user flexibility while maintaining security standards. Check out our report on what features iOS 17.3 offers

Apple is making a bunch of changes to the App Store, along with some updates to the iPhone and iPad software with iOS 17.4. For Sideloading apps, developers can now use APIs and tools that will allow them to offer apps from third-party app stores or alternate app marketplaces. These third-party app stores will be able to use the new APIs to install and manage app updates on behalf of developers. 

It was reported that Apple would charge developers for sideloading apps. However, Apple announced that they would charge a sum of €0.50 as a core technology fee from developers for each install per year over a 1 million threshold. This technology fee would be applicable to all the iOS apps distributed through the App Store or a third-party app store. 

Apart from sideloading, Apple is also introducing the option to add external payment options in the App Store. Now, developers will be allowed to process payments within the app without having to open the App Store. App developers can also inform the users in the EU about the promotions, deals, and discounts available outside the app.

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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