Google Assistant with Bard Demo Video Leaked: What You Need to Know

| Updated on January 30, 2024

A few months back Google announced their intention to integrate Bard with Google Assistant, they dubbed it as a step towards a more personal assistant. 

Google Assistant with Bard

Now, new leaked footage on Twitter is demonstrating Google’s Assistant with Bard (Google’s AI-powered chatbot) features. According to a video posted on X by Nail Sadykov, after discovering the feature on the Pixel Tips app, the integration of Assistant and Bard is almost ready. Have a look at the tweet in question. 

Google didn’t want to release the aforementioned video, apparently, they accidentally did it. So, it’s safe to say that it is a legitimate video and not some hoax or elaborate prank. The video looks like a promotional campaign video but unfortunately, there is no audio in it. 

By looking at the video, we can determine that there are two ways to access the Assistant with Bard; either by opening the Bard App and saying ‘Hey Google’ or long pressing the power button. It looks like users will get a native Bard app that might replace Google Assistant. 

The demo shows what Google Assistant with Bard can do with photos. In the demo, we can see how users can upload a picture with instructions, ‘I bought this plant. Give me tips and YouTube videos to take care of it.’ After that Bard provides detailed tips to take care of the plant and some YouTube videos as well. 

In my opinion, this is pretty sick! Now, we will be able to leverage generative AI right on mobile devices without needing to subscribe to a premium service. 

There is no confirmation for the release of this feature but according to another X user, Mishaal Rahman, the source code in the Pixel Tips app shows a potential March 2024 release date. 

Himanshu Kumar

Tech and Software Writer

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