How to Stop Creating Boring Content and Wasting Your Time & Money

| Updated on March 27, 2024

How do you stand out from all the clutter and bring it to the attention of your audience? People are constantly exposed to different content on the internet to the point where it becomes noise.

There are basics to consider, such as taking the time to identify and define your niches and target audience, but it’s also no more important to know what type of content will grab their attention. Marketers, business owners, SEO professionals, and content writers often worry about creating content that is different from everyone else in their field. They want to save their money on something that works. So they mostly turn to Get A Copywriter for professionals to do the work for them.

There is a time and place for safe content, but there is also a time to be interesting, different, and even unique. Below are how you can do this:

The Brand is Not the Most Important Thing

The minute you make your brand the center of your content. Your customer is the hero – bring them into your brand story, and show them the integral role they play. Having well-defined customer personas or segments will help you determine what is important to your customer and how to engage them.

It’s not just about the keywords

If your content creation strategy is based solely on keyword research, there are better things to do.

You should analyze your keyword research through the lens of your content strategy (match between brand goals and audience needs). Only then can you determine which keywords will resonate with your audience and get back to your business goals?

Stand Out from the Crowd

Does everyone create AI content? GDPR? You’re contributing to the buzz if you can’t provide a unique perspective on hot topics. If you want to avoid groupthink, look at what your competitors are doing and do the opposite!

Learn from Your Mistakes

You need to measure what content performs and what content fails, and you get valuable signals. If your recent list or downloadable white paper didn’t get the traction you hoped for, your audience will most likely try to tell you something.

Be Varied

Evergreen content is an important part of any SEO and content marketing strategy, but it rarely can capture trending topics or cultural vagaries. Make room in your editorial planning for special content that uses topics that are important to your audience at specific (and possibly fleeting) points in time.

Mix Up Your Editorial Planning

Do you create editorial calendars on your own or with a team of strategists and writers? It’s time to mess it up. Great content stories are hidden at every level of your business (or your client’s business) – you just need to create an environment where they can thrive.

  • Invite a call center member to your next planning meeting.
  • Ask the marketer for input on some topics they care about.
  • Plan an interactive editorial brainstorm.
  • Invite a representative from each department to participate.

Getting an outside perspective is a great way to add a variety of voices to your content and your editorial calendar will feel fresh and exciting in no time.

Why is Quality Writing so Important?

Great writing is important for this, and also because it is a real tragedy for any business or organization to work hard to create a useful product or deliver meaningful services, but then not explain it in a way that resonates with stakeholders (not just customers, but also with employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which you operate and serve).

What Innovations Have You Seen in Your Sector?


The traditional approach has been to tell/show your products, call action, and wait for sales.


Now we are sharing our story to talk not only about what (the product or service we sell) and how (the process we use to create the product or service), but also why (the reason).

Fairy Tales

We see it more and more. Sharing your purpose through thoughtful storytelling and delivering events that show your brand understands and aligns with how customers want to interact with you. This creates a more immersive, emotional, and transactional experience for your customers in both the online channels they are on and the offline experiences they value.

Look Outside Your Field

We are taught to pay attention to our competitors and what they are doing. This is sound advice, especially when it comes to SEO. However, looking beyond our competitors when it comes to content topics can help uncover a goldmine of ideas. For example, if you come across a great article that has nothing to do with your field, go through it. Analyze it. Reshape it. In other words, think about how you can use this article as a guide to creating your content masterpiece.

Embrace Uniqueness

This tip depends on your industry because it won’t work for all of them. Making something edgy or shocking can grab your attention, for both the good and the bad. If you are going down this path, you need to first consider the risks and rewards associated with creating this content.

How Not to Lose Money?

Create the Type of Content Your Audience Won’t Ignore

It means research. It doesn’t look for high-volume keywords, so you can create content about them and rank them in Google. Instead, research here means looking for questions your audience is asking that other publications or organizations haven’t answered. Then answer them completely and thoroughly to make your business stand out.

Distribute Content to Reach Your Target Audience

Effective content distribution is all about finding channels where your audience spends quality time every day and strategically distributing your content there – without being spammy.

Get Actual Business Results from the Content You Publish

Finally, extracting business results from your content means sales. These can be direct or indirect sales. Direct sales come from people buying/subscribing to your product or service at or after reading or viewing your content. Indirect content sales come from people who see your content and come back later to buy your product or service.

Share what makes your company special. Don’t fall into the trap of only creating safe and boring content. Stand out. Be brave. Be unique.

Akansha Singhal

EdTech Writer

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